The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 2

Elena's p.o.v

I grab a my bag and run out the door, I just want to be left alone ecept for stephanI walk until I see a man.

Catherine? He asks.

N no I'm im elena, I answer him. Well Elena you shouldn't be alone at night.

I'm waiting for my friend Stephan Salvatore to pick me up.

Stephan salvatore? I ask.

Yes do you know him?

He is my brother, I tell her.

Elena I want you to forget I was here no one needs to now I'm in town yet,he says then he zooms away.

I see the headlights of stephan's car, I run toward them afraid of the strange man who said he was stephans brother.

Stephan stephan!

What is it?! He asks

I met some man he tried to compell me but I have the vervain necklace you gave me.

Did he say his name?! Stephan asked clearly worried.

No but he did say he was your brother.

Damon, Stephan say worried and angered. Did he hurt you, I will kill him if he hurts you.

No Stephan im fine just nervous.

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