The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 19

Damons pov

We'll never tell you anything.

Fine be that way, klaus smirks.

I hear the gun go of and elena screams in pain.

Agh is yell as her pain hits me.

Elena I'm sorry I hear Stephan say.

It's okay stephan ill never tell him how to make his hybrid minions.she says loudly.

Klaus shoot again. I hear elena scream.

Leave her alone klaus! My eyes start changing. He hurt my mate!

Ok then we will change this up. Each time you refuse to tell me how to make hybrids I shoot all of you, klaus sneers.

Three more men walk in all with a gun full of wooden bullets.

Answer the question, klaus demands.


He shoots all of us.

I hear Stephan holler in anger and pain as klaus minions shoots all of us. Stephans eyes start to change when he hears Lexi scream.

I feel the bullet pierce my skin and go into my flesh I start to pass out.

Klaus walks over to me.

Hmm this one needs a break he has to watch elena suffer now.

He moves my chair to where I'm facing elena. I know I'm not dying the wooden bullet has to go into my heart to kill me.

Answer the question elena, klaus demands.

No, elena answers fiercely.

Klaus shoots elena three times. I flinch as I hear her scream. Then it its my turn to feel the pain.

Aaargh I scream as I feel the pain from elena.

She'll never tell you and neither will they. I now toward Stephan and Lexi.

Ok then I want all of them hung until they answer. Klaus smirks taking the dart gun

I see him shoot Stephan and Lexi with 1 apiece, then he shoots elena with a bout 30 darts before she passes out. Then its my turn he shoots me with 3 darts.

I wake up to my hands tied together with chains and my feet off the ground.

I look over to my right and I see elena. Her feet are a few cenimeters off the ground.

I turn to my left and see Lexi and Stephan also hanging.

I see klaus walk in with a gun and a bag. He walks over to elena and demands a answer for his question.

I'll never tell you, elena says.

Then your mate will never see the light of a nother day, klaus sneers.

I watch him pick up a stake and walk up to me.

Wait! Elena shouts. If you kill him I'll die to then you'll never know how to make your hybrids.

Damon I need human blood to complete the transition. The 24 hours are almost gone, elena mind links me.

I'll find a way to get you human blood.

Hmm very well I'll just leave you here hanging until one of you will tell me how to make hybrids. Klaus say smirking.

He walks over to me and rips my shirt off then he grabs a piece of vervain and wolfsbane. He takes the pieces and he slides the tips across my chest.

Ahgr! It leaves a burn mark on my skin.

I hear elena scream as klaus wipes witch hazel and wolfsbane across her cheek.

Don't touch her!

My eyes start to change.

Someones fiesty, klaus says looking at me.

He cocks his gun and shoots me, almost hiting my heart.


Elena growls then he shoots her to.

I feel her pain through the mate bond.

She doesn't move. She hangs unconscious.

I want to rip klaus to shreds.

Klaus walks over and shoots Lexi and Stephan until they go unconscious but he leaves me with only one more bullet.

He walks out the door and I go unconscious.

I wake up and see a woman walk through the door. She looks at us and mutters something.

Who are you?

I'm klaus' sister, my name is rebbeca. What happend?

I was turned into a hyrbid and won't tell klaus how.

Don't worry he left. Klaus always wanting to make others like him. We can't let that happen ill help you. Rebbeca smiles at me.

She walks over and breaks the chains. I collapse onto the floor. I sit up and pull all the bullets out of my flesh.

Elena, I cough.

She turns to where elena is and stares in shock.

How could he do this, rebbeca says shocked.

She walks over to elena and breaks the chains. She falls limp into my arms.

She needs a blood bag, she's transforming into a vampire and the 24 hours are almost up.

Rebbeca walks over to a table and grabs a blood bag. She hands it to me.

We need to get the bullets out.

We start pulling the bullets out halfway done elena wakes up.

She looks at rebbeca and her eyes start glowing a beatiful purple.

Get away from my mate, elena growls.

Calm her down her wolf is in control, Rebecca tells me.

Take calm down Tala this is rebbeca she helped me down. Can we please have elena back?

Ok, tala says.

Elena's eyes turn back to normal but then turn silver.

Uh oh someones mad.

Get tala might have let you off the line but not me. Get away from him! Faith growls.

Faith let elena back in control.

No! Faith growls.

Faith let elena back in control or you cant sleep with me for a week.

She growls as she lets elena back in control.

Damon sorry I couldn't control them, elena says.

Elena its fine don't worry.

She wraps her arms around me in a tight hug.

Elena lay down so we can get the bullets out.

She winces as she lays down.

It takes us a hour to get the bullets out.

Damon I'm hungry and why is everything so bright? Elena asks.

Drink this it will help. I pop the top of the blood bag off and hand it to her. She takes a drink and then starts coughing.

Damon why aren't you healing, she asks.

Its becuase I'm weak nothing to worry about.

Damon I'm weak but I healed, you need blood, elena Says handing me the blood bag.

Elena you and Stephan need this more than I do.

I hand the blood bag back to her.

Ok well im not a vampire yet so use my blood. Elena demands.


No arguing. Elena demands.

She gives me her wrist. I look at her unsure about this but she nods her head.

I take her wrist and as gently as possible I put my fangs in and drink. I only take enough to heal and get a bit stronger.

You need more, elena says.

No I'm fine right now we need to help Stephan and lexi down.

Rebbeca breaks the chains and me and elena catch stephan. We gently set him down.

Me and rebbeca move on to Lexi but but elena stays with stephan. I watch her as she starts to pull out the bullets.

We set Lexi beside Stephan and I start to pull the bullets out.

No wonder she passed out so quickly, theses are silver bullets.

I hear Stephan wake up.

About time brother.

He sits up and grunts in pain.

Lay down, elena demands.

Where's Lexi? Stephan asks.

She's right here Stephan.

Is she ok? Stephan demands.

She will be after I get all the silver bullets out. Lay down so elena can help you.

He finally gives in and laysdown.

I finish getting getting the bullets out of lexi's arm. I move over to help elena with Stephan.

There's a bullet by my heart, Stephan whispers.

I can't get it out damon, elena says looking up at me.

Her eyes are filled with worry and love for him. Good she needs someone like Stephan to look after her when I can't.

I gently pull out the wooden bullet so it doesn't break of and pierce stephans heart that would kill him.

I got it. Was it the last bullet?

Yeah Stephan says as he sits up.

Take it easy brother. You need to heal.

Elena hands Stephan the blood bag. He takes it.

Damon you and elena need this, Stephan says.

What do you mean I'm fully- not fully healed.

I look down at my chest which is a bloody mess and defently not healed.

I grolw at Stephan and elena laughs.

I turn to rebbeca.

Is there any extra shirts around here? Klaus ripped mine to shreds.

Rebbeca leaves and returns with a shirt.

Here put it on before Lexi wakes up and looks at you then a fight starts up between the two of you.

I slipp the shirt on then look over at Lexi.

Stephan! Lexi isnt healing!

What! Stephan shouts.

Stephan runs over and bites his wrist.

Stephan no! I push him backwards and his eyes change.

Damon, stephan warns.

Stephan if you do that it will kill you let me. Werewolf bites have no effect on me anymore. Sit and watch her die or let me heal her.

Heal her, Stephan says his eyes returning to normal.

I bite my wrist and feed her my blood. I see her wake up and I stop. She sits up and screams then slaps me.

Oww! Way to thank someone who saved your life the same day you killed them.

Sorry, Lexi apologizes. Where's stephan!?

Refusing to dring the blood bag we gave him he wants me to instead.

Drink Stephan, i hear elena demanding.

Lexi gets up and walks over to were Stephan is.

Lexi, stephan says getting up.

Lexi pushes him down.

Drink she says pointing at the blood bag.

I start laughing.

Your getting teamed up on Stephan.

Damon needs it, Stephan argues.

No he doesnt, elena argues back.

I smirk as he finally give in and takes it. When he is done elena walks over to me.

Drink elena says holding up her wrist.

Damon just drink she won't leave you alone until you do rebbeca says.

Hah who's getting teamed up on now, stephan smirks.

I take her wrist and gently sink my fangs into it. After I'm fully healed I stop.

Let's go, elena says wiping the blood off her wrist as it heals.

I turn to face rebbeca.

How do we get out?

Follow me, she replies.

We follow her through a bunch of doors. I start to feel pain in my side as I hear someone hit the floor.


She's finishing the transition, Stephan says.

Stephan im going to shift put her on my back.

I shift into my wolf and Stephan places elena gently on my back, im glad werewolfs are bigger than normal wolves.I run out the door and I see klaus.

Well well I return to check on my prisoners and I find my sister helping them escape, klaus sneers.

He takes a step toward elena and I growl.

He points a gun at me and shoots.

I fall sending elena rolling across the ground. I try to get up but I can't move. The bullets are silver.

Klaus lunges for elena but rebbeca steps in front of him. I grolw at klaus and he shoots he again.

I yelp in pain. Stephan runs over to me and pulls the two bullets out.

I stand up and whimper as I walk. I stand in front of klaus and growl. He cocks the gun but rebbeca stops him.

It you hurt any of these people I will wake father, rebbeca challenges.

Fine but only if I get to shoot this little wolfie one more time, klaus agrees.

Ok but only if you never speak injure or touch anyone here, Rebbeca agrees. I'm sorry damon but this is the only way she whisper to me.

I look klaus in the eyes and I growl. I hear the gun go off and the bullet hit me. I whimper but dont go down. I jump on him and I rip him to shreds, this will teach him to mess with my mate.

I shift back and run to elena.

That won't kill klaus, I hear rebbeca say. He cant be killed.

I pull the bullet out. It heals quickly.

Thank you for helping us rebbeca but its now time for us to leave.

She nods and walks into her house.

I shift back into my wolf and walk over to elena. Stephan gently places elena back onto my back and then he picks up Lexi.

Let's go, I mind link him.

He nods and takes of using vampire speed. I run using hybrid speed and I easily beat him. Luckily elena didn't fall off.

Stephan finally gets here and opens the door for me. I walk to the couch and I gently roll elena off my back and on to the couch. I start licking her face like a dog and she finally wakes up.

Damon! What was that for? She asks.

I just lick her again and give her a wolfy smile.

Ok ok you win now shift back.

I shift back and kiss her forehead.

I love you.

I love you more, elena challenges.

I growl and she laughs then stops.

I'm hungry realy realy hungry, she says worried.

I know I'll get a blood bag.

I walk to the basement and grab two blood bags.

I give one to elena and I take the other.

You have to learn how to control the hunger only take a drink at a time and drink it slowly.

I watch her as she take little sips slowly. Most new vampires would have already gone through 10 and still want more.

I'm going to call Jeremy.

What no! You can't bring him into this! Elena shouts madly.

We won't we'll just tell him what happens and ask him to help with your blood lust and thats all he won't get involved in anything else.

Fine but he will not know about the incident with klaus, elena argues.

Ok fine with me.

I call jeremy and he comes over.

He walks in the door and stares at me and elena.

Why are your clothes soaked with blood, Jeremy asks suspicious.

You tell him I'm gonna go change clothes, elena mind links me.

Uh oh I mutter.

What did you do to my sister! Jeremy demands.

He raises a stake.

Wait if you kill me elena will die!

Your lying! Jeremy says bringing the stake down.

I freeze. Then I see a blur of red and Jeremy falls.

I see a fox on top of Jeremy growling.

Faith calm down its ok.

I watch faith shifts in to human form not letting elena in control.

How dare you raise a stake at my mate! Faith yells angered.

Faith lunges for Jeremy's neck but I pull her back.

Faith! Stop let elena back in control now!

I see Elena's eyes turn that magnificent purple glow.

Tala don't hurt him.

Hurt him! Why would I do that? Tala asks confused.

Because he tried to stake me?

Well faith stoped him didnt she. Tala says.

She runs to Jeremy but he scoots backwards covering his face.

Hey I won't hurt you, tala says soothingly.

Y you tried to kill me, Jeremy mutters slowly uncovering his face.

Hey that was faith I'm tala im so sorry I couldnt control her. She was realy mad you tried to hurt damon.

W who's damon? Jeremy says.

My mate the one you tried to stake.

S sorry, he mutters.

Hey I would have done the same if someone hurt elena.

Yeah you should have seen what he did to klaus,tala barks.

Don't talk about klaus in front of me also Jeremy needs to talk to elena now.

Ok fine with me, closing her eyes.

She opens her eyes again and they're there normal beautiful brown.

I'm so sorry Jeremy I couldn't control faith!

She goes to give him a hug but I stop her.

No hugs. Not until you learn to control the urge to fee.

urge to feed! Elena's not a vampire is she!? Jeremy asks shocked.

Jeremy ill explain every thing just don't put any pressure on elena right now.

I explain every thing to him he stares in shock.

He goes to give elena a hug but I push him back.

No hugs. Your bleeding. How did I not notice this earlier. What happened.

Faith bit my shoulder but I'm fine, he says causiuly.

No your not your bleeding bad. Elena you need to heal him.

She bites her wrist and makes Jeremy drink a drop of her blood.

How can I help? Jeremy asks. Your going to use me aren't you.

Damon! You didn't tell me about this., elena shouts.

Elena its fine I'll do it, Jeremy says calmly.

But what if i -

I cut elena off.

You won't. Ready?

Jeremy nods and pulls down his sleeve. I gently sink my fanks into his wrist and then pull them out.

Elena looks at the blood on Jeremy's wrist but doesnt make a move. Its as if she isn't a vampire but she still dinks human blood.

Elena do you have a urge to feed?

Im hungry but no there's no urge to feed, she answers surprised.

Thats weird most new vampires would have ripped jeremys head off by now.

You called Jeremy here knowing I might kill him!! Elena yells.

Whoa! I could have dragged you off of him.

No you couldn't I'm way stronger that you, she challenges.

Game on.

She picks up a stake using her mind and it comes flying at me. Uh oh I forgot thats shes a witch.

Before I have time to react the tip of the stake is touching my chest right were my heart is. I push with all my might but the stake won't budge.

I'm hardly trying, elena laughs.

Fine fine your stronger.

The stake drops. I pick it up and run over to elena I prees it to her chest where her heart is. I see her close her eyes and then I shoot backwards. Elena picks up the stake and walks over to me. She presses it against my chest and draws blood then stops. I hold my hands up in surrender.

Ok I give up you win.

She smiles and takes the stake away from my chest.

You cheated, she says.

You still one didn't you.

Elena we need to go now! Jeremy says sad.

What is it?

Aunt Jenna is in the hospital, he says quietly.

I'll drive lets go.

We all get in my car and I drive to mystic falls hospital.

We jump out and run into the hospital. I go to the desk were they tell the room number.

We're here to see jenna Grove what room number is she in?

I'm sorry but I'm afraid your to late she passed a few munites ago, the desk lady says sadly.

Elena who is standing beside me runs out the door.


Me and Jeremy runs after her.

Elena wait!

She runs to the car and gets into the passenger seat. I get into the drivers seat and Jeremy gets into the backwe is the perfect mate


Take me to your house, she cuts me off.

I start the car and drive to my house. By the time we are a quarter way to my house elena is sobbing.

Its been several days since I met elena my time with her has been amazing she is the perfect mate. If only I hadn't been taken over by black magic maybe I would have met her sooner.

We arrive at my house and I stop the car i get out and walk over to elena's side. I pick her up and carry her into the house. I sit down and she sobs in my arms.

Stephan get over to the house now its elena, I mind-link stephan. He doesn't answer, but he never does when he is worried.

After a few minutes I hear stephans car pull into the driveway then stop. Stephan opens the door and rushes over.

Damon what happens?! Stephan mind links me.

Her aunt died, I mind link back.

Stephan sits beside me then stands up.

Do you hear that? Stephan asks worried.


I look over and see Jeremy on the couch across the room.

Stephan where is Lexi?

Stephan is gone and back with Lexi in two seconds. Elena's eyes start glowing and she gets up.

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