The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 20

Elena's p.o.v

I lay in damons arms sobbing then I feel tala try to take control, I allow it and sit in the back of my mind while faith cheers me up a bit by doing silly tricks.

Tala's p.o.v

I take control and get up. I listen for any sound.

Vampires, I whisper.

How do you know that? Damon asks.

I can tell by the sound of how they move.

You can hear that?! Stephan asks surprised

Damon get Jeremy to safety take Lexi too.

Im not leaving you elena, damon says stubbornly.

You can come right back now go.

Fine, damon mutters.

What no! I'm not leaving stephan! Lexi says.

Damon grabs lexi's wrist and disapears then reapears by my side.

That was fast where did you put them?

I locked them in the storm shelter, Damon says.

Suddenly the door is busted down and a bunch of vampires walk in. There is a loud noise and elena starts to take over.

Elena's p.o.v

Damon! No!

Damon lies on the floor a wooden bullet in his heart. Its not that easy to kill a hybrid he'll be fine in a few hours, I reasure myself.

Stephan get behind me, I mind link him.

He looks unsure but then does it.

What do you want.

You, one of the vampires sneer.

Stephan starts coughing and i look around and see why they are spraying vervain wolfsbane and witch hazel into the air. I start to feel tired and I fall. Must.. stay.. awake....

Jeremys p.o.v

I bang on the storm shelter door trying to open it but nothing works not even lexie's werewolf strength, damon must have sealed it good. I give up and sit in the corner trying to stop the tears that well up in my eyes but I can't jenna the last person I have besides elena is gone and I'm stuck down here not being able to protect elena what if I lose her to?

Elena's p.o.v

Damon! Damon?

Elena, damon whispers.

I look around but it is pitch black and I am cut off from my wolf, fox, and using mind link beacause I was exposed to wolfsbane. I'm basicly a human except for my vampire traits.

Damon where are we I can't see any thing.

Me either, they injected me with wolfsbane earlier when I woke up.

I look down at my necklace maybe I can use it to talk to damon? I think back to when we first met he called me Catherine.

Who is Catherine?

You realy wanna discus this now? Damon asks.

Fine but after we get away from where ever we are you got some serius explaining to do.

Ok ok but first we have to get out of here.

All of a sudden the lights come on and I see damon, blood covering his shirt and a stake in his heart.

I see stephan with a stake barely missing his heart.


I'm fine Elena, Stephan mutters.

I feel burning all over my body and look down at my hands.

Vervain! I cough.

The vervain stops but burn marks are left all over my skin. It feels like I was being burned alive. I look up and see the vampires that attacked us.

What do you want.

We want are spy back and we want to kill you, a Vampire plobaly rhe leader says.

Your the one who used the black magic on damon aren't you!

Very smart, we got are witch to cast a black maguc spell to take over his life he doesn't have any memories of what he did but some how he knows everything that he should have learned the spell didn't work properly so we are going to try again and then he will kill you and watch but he won't be in control.

I fight against the chains that holds me in a chair but they are coverd in vervain. A witch walks into the room and she stares at me.


I scream in pain as she does a spell. The pain is unbearable.

Stop please stop!

Emily stop! Damon yells fighting off the pain, he can't feel it as bad because it is a spell so it is just like a bad headack for him.

I cry as the pain gets worse then stops.

Elena! Damon fights against the chair.

What did you do to her! Damon screams.

I see stephan trying to get out.

Stephan stop I'm fine. Your just hurting yourself when you don't need to, I whisper.

Stephan tries one more time the stops.

How are you even alive! What do you want!?

Silence, the witch says who I guess her name is Emily.

She start doing a spell and damons eyes turn black.

Stop!! I feel new energy and I shift into my wolf and tackle her. I shift back and run over to damon. His eyes turn back to normal and he fights against the chains again. I rip the cahins off and help him up.

Ahgh. I drop as the same pain spreads throughout my body.

Emily stop leave her alone! Damon shouts as he picks me up.

Damon make it stop please, I sob.

Emily why are you doing this? Damon asks.

I have to I don't have a choice, Emily says.

I did everything that you asked me to when I was human what else do you want?! You promised if I ever found my mate you would protect her! Damon shouts angered.

I'm sorry damon but your mate should not exist I am changing her she will be fine, emily says.

They said they will kill her, damon shouts getting madder every second.

Ugh I thought I could convince you but now both of you must die, she sighs. I was hoping this would end up differently, good bye old friend.

Damon gently sets me on the floor and his eyes glow.

Yes good bye old friend, damon sneers.

He shifts into his wolf and jumps onto Emily. He bits her neck and squeezes until I hear a snap. He turns to the vampires and lunges. He bites one of the vampires shoulder and the other ones leg.

Damon it hurts, I sob.

He shifts back, runs over to me and picks me up. He walks over to Stephan who has been fighting against the chains this whole time. Damon breaks the chains and Stephan stands up. Damon pulls the stake out of his heart then Stephan pulls the stake out carefully so it doesn't pierce his heart.

Ouch, damon grunts. Lets get you home.

I nod my head and try to use my wolf and fox to heal but I can't. I feel weaker and i go to sleep in damons arms. I wake up on the couch surrounded by people.

Damon? I whisper.

I'm right here elena, damon says. Jeremy go grab a blood bag.

I turn around and start coughing up blood.

Elena! Damon yells worried.

Damon's p.o.v


I run over to her and pull her into my lap. My throat starts to burn and I fall off the couch onto the floor.

Stephans p.o.v

Damon fall on the floor taking elena with him. I use my vampire speed to run down to the basement and back with a couple of blood bags, Jeremy is taking too long.

I give one to damon who is now on the floor coughing up blood. I help elena back onto the couch and hand her a blood bag. She takes a drink and looks down at it and sets it down. Damon get up and sets next to her.

I can't talk to my wolf or my fox, Elena says sadly.

Tell Jeremy he can have the guest bedroom when he gets back up here I'm taking elena to bed, damon says.

Elena's p.o.v

Damon carries me to bed saying how sorry he is that his best friend would betray him like that.

Damon its not your fault you have nothing to apologize for.

Yes it is im the one who put you through that pain I trusted her because she was cathrines friend but in the end she betrayed me and cathrine, she should be dead! Damon yells.

Hey its not your fault don't say that and she is dead. Who's cathrine?

She is the first person I loved she looked exactly like you you are her dΓΆppleganger. But she's dead now, damon says.

What was she like?

Selfish, greedy, beatiful you are the oppisite of her ecept for your beaty, ive never seen a more beautiful girl than you, damon says.

I giggle then it turns into a violent cough.

Elena are you ok!? Damon asks worried.

I'm fine damon its plobaly just the vervain I'll be fine tommorow go to sleep.

Damon's p.o.v

She snuggles up against my chest abd falls into a deep sleep. I'm worried she shouldn't be like this. I'll have to see how she is in the morning.

I wake up and look over at elena. She is sitting up not looking happy.

Whats wrong?

I can't shift into my wolf or fox, I can't talk to either, and my fangs are gone. Whats wrong with me damon, elena asks sadly.

I I don't know elena.

I think I'm human Damon I think the spell that Emily did turned me into a human, Elena says.

Elena don't say that your fine your not human.

Then lets test it, she says.

I follow her into the kitchen and she grabs a knife. She slides it across her hand abd blood flows out.

D-damon its n-not healing.

I bite my wrist and feed her my blood.

Jeremy runs into the room and gives elena a hug.

How are you, he asks.

Elena's p.o.v

Im fine.

No your not you say you are so no one will worry about you but your not what happend to make you like this your never like this, Jeremy confronts her.

Fine Jeremy I feel horrible i just lost two of my best friends because we got captured by the people who used black magic on damon who happend to have a bennet witch with tjen who turned me into a human are you happy, I snap.

No, why would I be happy when this happened let me help you your the last person i have left please just let me help, Jeremy says.

Come here im sorry i didn't mean to snap and you have stephan damon and Lexi now to not just me we will get through this ok.

He nods his head and I give him a Hug.

Can you go get bonnie maybe she can help.

Sure, Jeremy says.

He opens the door and I see someone that looks exactly like me.

Cathrine, damon says stepping in front of me.

Jeremy get back!

Catherine pushes Jeremy and he goes flying and hits the wall.


I run to him and help him up.

Are you ok!?

Yea yea I'm fine, Jeremy answers.

Damons p.o.v

Cathrine. What brings you here I thought you were dead.

Hmm I see you have a new girlfriend that happens to be my dΓΆppleganger, Catherine says.

Stay away from her Catherine.

I take that as an invitation, Catherine says.

She grabs elena.

What are you going to do now, Catherine laughs.

Oh nothing im going to leave it up to my witchy friend behind you.

Before bonnie can do anything Catherine snaps elenas neck in one swift move.

Elena! No.

I run over to her I'm inoring the pain in my neck.

How dare you lay your filthy hands on my mate!!

Elena! Stephan runs out of his room awoken by the commotion.

Stephan's eyes glow and the room shakes.

What the-

Elena's p.o.v

I sit up and gasp for air. What happend?

Damon! No no no damon wake up wake up!

I shake damon and fianally he wakes up.

Damon oh my gosh! Are you ok!?

Elena! How are you alive!? I catherine snaped your neck!! Damon crys hugging me realy tight.

Can't breath, I gasp.

Sorry are you ok? He says.

I'm fi- jeremy!!

I run over to Jeremy.

No no no no no jeremy. Jeremy!! Please no I can't live without you wake up!! Damon what do I do!

Hey calm down he's fine I can hear his heart beat it's perfectly normal he passed out like the rest of us, damon says.

What do you think is next are you exited to see what Stephan is I am I have no idea also elena what do you think Emily did to her and what do you think about Catherine. I know one think for sure I HATE catherine. Leave your thoughts in the comment section and give me and idea il most likely use it.

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