The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 21

Stephans p.o.v

I wake up with a maingrane.


I see Lexi laying on the floor unconscious.

Lexi hey wake up baby.

I pick her up and set her on the couch. I look at my surroundings.

W-what happend?

Stephan I don't think your just a vampire, damon says picking up Jeremy and laying him on the couch across from the one Lexi is on.

Elena are you ok?! How are you alive? What happend?!

Stephan im fine but I have no clue what happend all I remeber is Jeremy flying across the room, elena says.

I know what happend on every full moon you turn into a human last night was a full moon and you haven't made your transition back yet, bonnie says standing up. Catherine killed you. Stephan your not just a vampire, you were made to protect elena by the supernatural goddess. She made elena what she is and made you what you are to protect her on full moons when she is human. The spell Emily did made elena turn human on full moons and as soon as Emily did the spell the goddess made you into what you are.

H-how do you know this?

She told me, bonnie says.

Elena's p.o.v

I see a blur and stephan drops.

Before I know whats happening tala has taken control and had Catherine pinned on the ground. I take control back and growl at Catherine.

N-nice little wolfy, catherine says her voice shaking.

She shoves a stake into my side.

Elena! Damon yells as he runs to my side.

Hah you thought I was scared of a werewolf think again I know the cure for a bite, cathrine laughs. Also Klaus demands a meeting with you. See ya soon.

I hear a bang and Catherine walks out of the house while I lay whimpering on the floor.

Damon's p.o.v

I start to pull the stake out of Elena's flesh put every thing goes dark.

Damon you must protect Elena no matter what, a vouce says.

W-who are you?

I'm your creator damon im the goddess, the voice says. Now go protect elena from klaus.

Light slowly starts to fill the space im in and i see elena's wolf with a stake..............

Elena's p.o.v

Damon's face goes blank for a few minutes then he passes out. I try to move but the stake has a silver tip. So I'm paralized until it is removed. I whimper.

Elena there are people coming, bonnie whispers.

She starts to pull the stake out but only pulls it halfway out. She starts taking short breaths like she is choking than she falls not unconscious but to work to move ots like she was shot with a dart full of witch hazel.

I hear chuckling and someone walks through the door.

Looks like catherine did a good job didn't she, a voice a lot like klaus says. Elena little wolfie where are you?

Wait it is klaus! Grrrrr.

I make my growl as loud and threatning as I can laying with a silver / wooden stake in my side.

Klaus walks over and kick my in the ribs and I hear a bunch of cracks. I help loud and high pitched. I halfway heal. Klaus pulls the stake out of my side and throws it across the room.

Come on lets go, klaus says.

I growl a low growl.

Or.... Maybe I could just kill your little brother lying on the couch over there or maybe stephans mate, or even better than stephans mate maybe stephan, klaus threatens.

I run in front of Jeremy and growl as loud as I can.

Now come on, klaus demands.

I hang my head low and follow him. I decide to stay in wolf form so it will be easier to walk with several broken ribs. I stop and look back at damon and Jeremy and whimper. I'll miss them.

Me too, a voice says.

When did I turn back into a tribrid?

When you were dead and Stephan revived you, faith answers.

I'm getting inpatient wolf hurry up before I decide to make a snack out of Jeremy, klaus demands.

I yelp as he kicks me in the ribs again on the other side. I fall and lay limp to weak to heal after every thing. He picks me up by the scruff of my neck and draggs me to his car. He opens the trunk and tosses me in. He starts the car and starts driving. I whimper as we get farther and farther away from Damon.

Klau's p.o.v

After about an hour of driving I hear panting and hard breathing. Stupid wolf. I stop the car and grab a dog bowl I brought I filled it up with water and opened the trunk. I don't know why I care if she has a heat stroke its not like it would kill her she can't die like me... I look down at her her once beautiful wolf form a batterd and bloody mess. She is drooling from the lack of cool air.

I set the bowl down and toss a blood bag in. I think back to my mate it was so long ago that she was killed.

Flash back.

Harper you are so beautiful, I say in love. We stand in the doorway of my apartment.

I'll see you in the morning nicklaus, you know my parents wont let me move in yet, harper giggles.

Your a vampire do it anyways.

Than she drops someone staked her from behind.

End of flash back.

I pick her up and set her in the backseat of the car I walk back to the trunk and grab the blood bag and water bowl. I set it in with her. She trys to refuse the water but the thirst take over and she laps it up. I get back in the drivers seat. I close my eyes then open them its done I've turned my humanity off no more feeling of regret for doing this to her.

Vampires can turn there humanity off so they don't feel guilt.

Elena's p.o.v

I look out of the window to see if I recognize anything. He took me to the woods smart, no one will find us here.

If your thinking of escaping don't, klaus says.

I claw the blood bag open and lick it. I start to heal a bit but klaus stops the car. He get out and opens my door.

Come on get out, klaus says inpatient.

I whimper and lower my head as I jump out i dont want to chalenge him when he could easily kill Jeremy in seconds. He takes me to a building.

Rebbeca will never find us here, klaus says with confidence.

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