The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 22

Damons p.o.v


I try to move but I'm paralized. Stupid silver bullet! All of a sudden I feel new strengh come over me. I sit up and pull the bullet out. I shift into my wolf form and sniff around for Elena's scent. I follow it out the door and find a trail of bloody fur. I sniff around for hours but the trail ends at the drive way they must have gotten into a car.

I know where they are and Lexi said she would stay here with jeremy, stephan says.

I run to our car still in wolf form and wait for Stephan to open the door. He opens the door then gets into the drivers seat. I jump in and grab the handle and pull the passenger seat door closed.

We drive for a while and my throat starts to burn that's weird its perfectly cool in here its as if I'm having a heat stroke.

I scratch at my throat and whine.

Elena, klaus is hurting her, I mind link Stephan.

We are almost there, stephan says. But we have to walk from here so klaus won't hear us.

He gets out and opens my door I jump out and sniff the ground.

Hurry damon she is this way they nudrove here so you wont be able to pick up there scent, stephan says.

I follow him but here a bunch of cracking. I shift back into human.

The goddess she extended the mate bond what ever happens to one of us happens to both of us.

I start bleeding and feel silver go into my flesh.

Damon you need to go back to the car, stephan says.

No I'm fine.

I shift into my wolf and follow Stephan limping barely able to walk.

Elena's p.o.v

I lay limp on the floor barely breathing.

What do you want? I mind link klaus.

Well little wolfie I want you dead, klaus says.

If you wanted me dead you would have killed damon, I mind-link.

And don't think of mind-linking damon if you do I'll just hold him capture here to, klaus threatens.

You know I can't klaus im to weak to mind link at far distances.

He throws an all silver nice that hits me in the neck. I help the pain unbearable and shift back.i yank the silver nife out of my neck and it burns my hand.

Ouch! How can you touch this!?

Well wolfy ive had thousands of years to develope a immunity to silver, klaus smirks.

I shift back into my wolf I'll be able to heal better this way. Klaus shifts into a grey wolf that towers over me. I stand up and hold me head up high. He grolws and shifts back.

You chalenging me? Dumb move wolfie, klaus says angered.

He pick me up by the scruff of me neck and throws me against the wall I feel pain in my spine and I hear a crack. I lay paralized not healing at all.

Kill me already klaus!! Im not fully a tribrid yet I can be killed with a wooden stake to the heart, I tell sobbing through mind link.

I shift into human. He grabs a stake and walks over to me. I lay sobbing on the ground.

Kill me you coward!! I yell through mind link.

He presses the stake to my chest, he makes it as painful as possible. I feel it scrape my heart. Then klaus pushes it into my heart.....

Sorry for the short chapter guys I just thought this would be a good place to leave the chapter you have to wait till tomorrow to see what happens.

For those of you who wants to know I do not believe in false gods just the one real god jessus.

Tell me what you think about the characters in the comments and give me some ideas ill most likely use them.

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