The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 23

Stephans p.o.v

I run into the building that klaus is keeping elena in. I see klaus pushing a stake into elena's heart. I push him off of her and ask the goddess for help. She appears in front of klaus.

Nicklaus how dare you hurt my daughter you mates dΓΆppleganger, the goddess says.

Because she reminds me of Harper too much, klaus mutters.

Stephan take elena home I'll deal with klaus, the goddess says.

I pull the stake out of Elena's heart and pick her up.

S-stephan h-how did you find me, she whispers.

That doesn't matter I need to get you home.

She falls asleep in my arms. I bring her to the car and set her in the backseat with damon who lies in wolf form whimpering. He wags the tip of his tail when he sees elena.

Back at the house

I pick elena up and carry her to the couch. Jeremy runs over to elena. I go back to help damon. He Shifts to human. I help him out of the car and brace him on one side.

Stephan I can't walk, damon says.

Ok hold on.

I use my vampire speed to get damon into the house and on the couch with elena.

Elena hey elena drink this.

Elenas p.o.v

I take the blood bag from stephan and pop the top off. I take a sip and hand it to damon.

Hey you need this elena not me, damon says.

No you need it damon.

Hey if you heal ill heal ok, damon says.

I nod my head and take another drink. I feel my spine and all my other broken bones heal. Damon pulls me into his lap

Damons p.o.v

Damon, elena whispers.

Yes Elena?

I made a plan. I told klaus that he could kill me, and he fell for it. He drove a stake through my heart. But then stephan came in I thought that if he thought I was dead he would just throw my body into the woods. But you and stephan saved me. I love you damon, elena says.

I love you to elena.

Where is Jeremy? Elena asks.

He went to cook.

Jeremy? Cooking? Oh no, elena laughs. You better stop him before he burns the house down!

Stephan runs into the kitchen.

Don't worry about cooking just... Go see Elena, stephan says.

Hey how are you? Jeremy asks.

Good just tired, elena replies. No more cooking for you, not after what you did last time.

What did he do?

He almost burned are house down, Elena laughs.

Hey I was ten, Jeremy says.

Remember mom running around trying to put the fire out? Elena asks Jeremy.

I remeber it luke it was yesterday, Jeremy laughs.

Hey guys sorry for the shorter chapter I wanted to make it at least 100 more words but im already late on posting it please enjoy and I might make another chapter today or it might be out tomorrow please leave a comment and im sorry for the cliffhanger I did lol - luna_wolf

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