The vampire and the werewolf

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Into Elenas past.

Elena's p.o.v

My dad swerves to miss the tree that crashed onto the bridge. The car spins out of control because of the slippery road and goes off the bridge. The car starts to submerge. We all try to get out trying the seatbelt the door and every thing.

It will be ok we will get out of here, my dad says.

Jeremy looks at me his eyes filled with terror as the car fully submerges and the car is filled to the top with water. I take a deep breath as the only chance of surviaval is taken away from us. After a bit my mom passes out from lack of air and my dad continues to bang on the window. After about a two minutes my lungs burn. No longer able to hold my breath I open my mouth. Water rushes into my lungs and I start to choke. I hear jeremy screaming my name but his mouth is closed weird..

Stephans p.o.v

This is still in the past on the same day same time.

I hear a splash from the cemetery im at putting flowers on my parents grave. Using my vampire speed I get to the bridge were the splash came from and i see a glare from a car in the water.water. I dive in but.. Its to late. I swim to where the car is and see a man he waves his hands pointing to the back seat. I rip the backseat door open seeing two teens. The one that is still awake is pushing a girl toward me. I yank the seatbelt off and grab her. I swim to shore and I leave her on the bank returning for the others. I swim back and grab the boy who is now unconscious and I take him to the bank.

I swim back the third time but it is two late both of the parents are.. Dead. I go back to the bank and I make sure the teens are ok.


She looks so much like Catherine? How is this possible catherine is dead and this girl is human? I hear an ambulance come. I do CPR and the girl wakes up. The ambulance arrives and takes the boy then comes back for the girl. The sherif who knows what I am comes up to me.

Stephan do you know what happend, she asks.

I shake my head.

No I was at the cemetery when I heard the car go over, who is.. She?

Thats elena Gilbert, she says.

She looks like... Cathrine.

What about there parents are they alive? Sherrif forbes asks.

I shake my head. Didn't get here fast enough sadly.

Do you.. Wanna talk about Catherine, sherrif asks.

No im fine it was over a hundred years ago.

You wanna come with her then, the sherrif asks.

Sure I wanna make sure shes going to be ok.

After this the two became best friends and spent everyday together Stephan told her his secret and all about Catherine stephan has kept her safe ever since and.. Well you know the rest she met damon who happend to be stephans brother and are now living happily.

Hey guys so how do you lime this chapter should I do more? No this is not the last chapter there is much more and maybe a 2nd book in the future ready for tommorws chapter cause I am! Thank you to this music that kept me awake to make this chapyer lol - luna_wolf

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