The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 24

Elena's p.o.v

Where is bonnie?

Did someone say my name, bonnie asks walking down the stairs that lead to guest rooms.

Bonnie! Are you ok wht happend?!

Im fine it was just witch hazel, she says.

I hear the door bust down.

Jeremy and damon step in front of me stephan steps in front of Lexi and bonnie stands in front of all of us ready to use any magic if necessary.

I push damon and Jeremy behind me.

Emily, bonnie mutters.

You know her!

Shes my great great grandmother, bonnie says.

How are you alive, damon growls.

Well damon as you may know witches have different gods than other supernatural creatures and mine every time I die she brings me back to life to kill elena, Emily says.

Damon growls and Jeremy grabs my arm and pulls me back.

Over protective little brother I mutter.

I heard that, Jeremy says.

Why does every one want to kill me today?!

Emily looks at my blood soaked clothes

I see you had a run in with nicklaus, Emily says.

Yea and he just about crushed every bine in my body then dealt with the goddess.

Moon goddess, Emily corrects me. Her name is selene.

Is this a goddess lesson or are you trying to kill me?

A stake appears out of nowhere and goes through my shoulder.

Why arent I healing!?

The stake is spelled you can't heal, Emily explains.

Elena!! Bonnie screams running toward me.

My child why do you side with them? They are monsters, emily says.

I fall against the wall and damon stagers backward as a stake goes through my leg.

You two are linked, Emily says looking at me and damon.

Another stake comes flying toward me but Jeremy steps in front of it it hitting him in the shoulder. My fision goes fuzzy from the blood loss. Luckily its not a full moon or I would be dead. Jeremy pulls the stake out of his shoulder and drops it onto the floor.

A stake hits damon and he falls. I see a blonde colored wolf leap through the air. Then a brown one? Stake hits me in the heart. I gasp for air.

Just so you know the stakes are also spelled to kill hybrids, Emily says.

She's trying to kill damon! I pull the stake out and shift into my wolf. I blonde wolf I reconise as Lexi comes to my side. Then the brown wolf. I smell Jeremy on the brown wolf.

Jeremy? I mind link the wolf.

Its me elena, the wolf mind links back.

He lunges at Emily and pinns her to the ground. A stake hits him in the neck. I shift back.


He shifts back barely breathing, choking, dieing...

I run toward him but a vampire beats me grabing him by the arm and dragging him out the door.


Damon grabs me holding me back. Stephan chases the vampire that took Jeremy. I fight damon trying to get out of his grip.

He's fifteen damon fifteen!! He can't die! I yell sobbing.

Emily walks out of the house. Bonnie runs in.

We are surounded I took out as many vampires as I could, she says. What happened?

Jeremy, I whisper sobbing.

Bonnie runs out of the house chasing them. Lexi shifts back and runs to me.

Hey Stephan will find him ok, she says.

I nod my head. I start to feel realy weak and colaspe.

She's lost to much blood, I hear Lexi say.

Why isn't she healing I healed, damon asks.

I fell a hand grab mine.

My child you are healed now go save your friends, a voice says.

I feel myself heal and my strength return. I open my eyes.

Where's damon?

He went to find Jeremy after you healed, Lexi says.

E-elena, a voice mind links.

Jeremy! I mind link.

elena i-im dieing, Jeremy mind links.

Jeremy where are you!?

At the river were we used to play. they threw me down here after I wouldn't tell them any thing, Jeremy mind links.

I'm out of the house and at the River in two seconds. I see Jeremy laying at the edge of the river.


I run to him. Blood pours down the side his mouth as he fights to keep his eyes open and to keep breathing.

No no please Jeremy please don't leave me, this is all my fault! I say tears flowing down my face.

Please help me please, I cry out.

My child do you think I would let my own son die? selene says.


Elena you are my daughter and Jeremy is my son, she says.

I stare at her in shock.

Come on we must hurry. But the only way I can help is by turning him to a hybrid.

I nod my head.


She takes Jeremy's hand and removes it from his neck. She places her hand above Jeremy's neck and does a spell.

Its done the transition is complete hes a hybrid now.

Thank you!

I wrap my arms around her in a tight hug.

You should go now damon is just about ready to kill someone if he doesn't find you, selene says.

Jeremy sits up and I hug him.

I love you Jeremy.

I love you to elena, jeremy says.

Lets go before damon decides to kill Stephan.

Yea lets go, Jeremy says.

We walk back to damon and stephans house.

I see bonnie on the ground blood coming out of her mouth.


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