The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 25

Elenas p.o.v


"Is she ok?" Jeremy asks.

"Heart beat normal she must have used to much magic."

"I'll carry her," Jeremy says.

"Ok, we need to find damon."

Shift to your wolf I'll put her on your back.

"Elena... I can't shift," Jeremy says. It was selene helping me to shift.

"Ok.. Listen. This will hurt but i want you to focus on your wolf and only your wolf and it won't hurt very long."

He nods then closes his eyes. He yells in pain and I flinch. After a few seconds he is a brown wolf once again. His eyes glow.

"Hello beautiful I'm Dustin whats your name," jeremys wolf says.

I shift into my wolf and growl.

"One you are my little brothers wolf. Two I have a mate. Three if he heard you saying this he would rip your head off."

He whimpers and lets Jeremy back in control. I nuzzle him and shift back.

"You ok?"

He nods. I lay bonnie on his back and shift back into my wolf.

:They are close to the house,: I say sniffing the air. We trot back to the house making sure bonnie doesn't fall off Jeremy's back. After we get back home I walk back and forth sniffing for there scent.

"Elena.... " Jeremy says.

I look over where he is and whimper. I see damon laying on the ground not breathing blood all aroud him. I shift to human and I put him of my back.

"Come on we need to get them home."

I shift back. We run home with damon on my back and bonnie on Jeremy's.

"How did you not feel damons injuries," Jeremy asks.

I ignore him and slow down to a walk. The river was several miles away and Jeremy didnt know how to use his vampire speed we had to go wolf speed which isn't that fast.

"Elena!" Jeremy growls. You were hurt and didn't tell me!

I whimper and lower my head. I should have told him. I look at my side which blood is pouring out of leaving a trail I'm surprised that Jeremy didnt see.

Jeremy's p.o.v

I nuzzle her.

"Come on we are almost there."

She nods her head and we start running again.

Elena whimpers.

"You ok?"

She nods. we walk into the house. I shift back and lay bonnie on the couch. Elena rolls damon off her back onto the other couch. Bonnie starts to wake up.

"Jeremy?" She Asks.

She rubs her eyes.

"Jeremy!" She yells causing damon to wake up.

She throws her arms around me in a hug. I freeze then hug her Back.

Elena's p.o.v

Damon wakes up.

I hug him and he hugs me back. Stephan runs into the house.

"I can't find elena any-," he says then stops.

"Welp this is akward," damon says.


"Well we are going to need a new couch,"damon says looking at the blood soaked couches.


"Umm yea....... none of you have a place to stay anymore and I was thinking that you could live with me stephan and lexi," damon says slowly.

"Of course! Bonnie what about you?"

"Wow I don't get a vote," Jeremy says.

"Jeremy Gilbert would you like to live in the Salvatore boarding house?"

"Whever you live I live," Jeremy says.


"Same here" bonnie says.

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