The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 26

Helloooo! Note any words like this will be whoever the p.o.v belongs to thoughts.

γ€°βœ³Elena's p.o.vβœ³γ€°

It has been a few weeks since we moved in with stephan and damon. Bonnie lived with me and Jeremy, and we lived with aunt jenna. When she died the house we lived in was given to uncle John. Having enough of the house where we lived with our now dead parents and now dead aunt, we packed our things and moved into the used to be salvatore boarding 884house. When Stephan moved in about 50 years ago, the nephew who ran it stopped allowing guest knowing, he knew about Stephan and Damon being vampires and how it was hard for Stephan to be in crowds.

The door opens and before b?can see who it is there are four wolves, a vampire, and a witch ready for battle. Me and Jeremy shift back when we see who it is.


Damon steps in front of me and growls at Rick. I do a quick spell that forces Damon to shift back.

"Elena?" Rick asks, confused.

"Damon, Lexi meet Alaric saltsman. History teacher/ vampire hunter."

"How did you meet," Damon asks, in protective mode.

"Well he was mine and stephans history teacher. He found out about Stephan being a vampire and tried to stake him-"

Lexi, who is still in wolf form, leaps through the air toward Rick. Using vampire speed I push Rick and Lexi lands on top of me, her claws sinking into my flesh.

"Elena!" Rick yells, not knowing of my vampirism.

Lexi hops off of me and shifts back.

"Elena! Oh gosh im sorry-" Lexi apologises.

"It's fine. Now no one kill Rick, please!"

Before I can finish my sentence Damon has Rick pinned against the wall. I am by damon in less than a second. I place my hand on his shoulder.

"Damon please let him go, he won't hurt me."

Damon slowly releases him. I hug Rick.

"I've missed you".

"I've missed you too," Alaric says hugging me back. "Where is jenna?"

I blink back tears.

"Her funeral was a few days ago," Jeremy says sadly. She was attacked.

"What? No! I should have never left. This wouldn't have happened if I had stayed!" Rick says, tears forming.

"You had your own things to do Rick."

"Can we just talk about something else?! Like about what just happened, and why I feel the need to grab a stake." Rick says.

Damon growls protectively.

"Hurt Elena and I will not hesitate to drain every ounce of blood from your body," Damon threatens.

"I highly suggest you don't, he is a hunter damon. If you hadn't had your mind taken over for over half of your life I would call you stupid. There is a hunters curse. If you kill a hunter the curse drives you insane, to kill your self," Lexi says educating damon.

"Says the person who was just trying to kill him 5 minutes ago!" Damon yells.

"I'm not a vampire damon, the curse only works on vampires," Lexi explains.

"No one is killing anyone. Over protective mate," I mutter.

"Elena! You found your mate and didn't bother to call me,``Rick says.

"I didn't know anything about the mate bond until two months ago! Wait, you knew i was a werewolf?!"

"You... You didn't know?" Rick asks, surprised. "I thought your parents told you."

"No Rick. They didn't tell me about being a wolf or fox."

🐺🦊Later That Night🦊🐺

"I don't trust this guy," Damon mutters.

"Damon, he is like a father to me. He won't hurt me."

Rick turns the car onto a dirt road.

"We will go down this road for a few hours, then we will reach my house aamd my wife's research office. She always loved researching the supernatural,``Rick says sadly, for his wife was killed by a vampire several years ago.

We drive in silence for about an hour, the moon at its highest point.

"Stop the car!"

Alaric slams on the breaks, maling everyone lurch forward. I unbuckle my seatbelt and swing the door open. I try to stand but get light headed and fall. I look up at the sky. I scream in pain as the effects of the full moon takes over. Damon is right by my side. I start coughing up blood and the same happens to damon.

"Elena!" Rick yells running toward me.

Don't touch her!,``Damon growls.

I feel a needle through the mate bond and I feel sleepy. I happily let the sleep take over, the pain dimming until it is gone.


I feel someone shaking me, I open my eyes and see Damon pacing.

"How could I have been so careless!" Damon yells.

"Damon," I whisper. My body aches with every movement.

"Elena," Damon says.

He kneels by my side. I sit up and hug him.

"I'm going to have to find a way to make that less painful sooner or later."

"Rather sooner than later," Damon mutters. "I'm taking you home."

"What? No! It's about 5 minutes until we get there! We can't turn back now!"

"It's too dangerous with you as a human Elena, I can't chance you getting hurt," Damon argues.

"We are not leaving until we get more information on me being a werefox."

γ€°βœ³Damon's p.o.vβœ³γ€°

"Once she gets her mind set on something you can't change it," Stephan says.

"Not helping," I mutter. "Next time you decide to make me fall asleep, inject me with wolfsbane and not vervain. It hurts less and works faster."

"Rick didn't have wolfsbane," Stephan says.

"You injected me with something that he gave to you!! What if it had poison in it!! When Elena turned human it would have killed her!"

"Elena is the closest thing I have to family. I am basically her father,'' Rick says with tears filling his eyes.

"Rick, I'm sorry. I should have called you when she died,``Elena whispers.

"It's not your fault, you had a lot to deal with. Jeremy told me about the Klaus thing,``Rick says.

"And Jeremy will not know about me turning human," Elena says sternly. "He is very overprotective.

"Remember the one time he locked you in your room?" Rick asks.

"How could I forget," Elena laughs.

"Do i want to know?"

"You have to hear this," Stephan says.

"So Jeremy was in 1st or 2nd grade, and this boy threatened to hurt me. Jeremy somehow overheard, probably with the werewolf hearing we didn't know we had. Jeremy broke the poor kid's nose then locked me up in my room with Rick's permission. Before you freak out I did know Rick when I was little. He baby-sitted me and Jeremy when my parents went to different hospitals,``Elena says glaring at Rick.

"After my wife died I moved and then came back a few years later to teach history. It just happend that Elena was in my history class," ricks says, being interrupted by Elena's harsh stare.

"Ok I let your little brother lock you in your room because if I didn't he would have only ended up killing the kid. Werewolves have terrible anger issues when they are kids. Plus your parents would have killed me if you got hurt,'' Rick says, trying to convince Elena it was for the better.

"The older sibling is supposed to protect the younger sibling. Not the other way around,``Elena says.

"We are here," Rick says, stopping the argument.

We get out and follow Rick into a building.

"This is Christi. She does research here,'' Rick says.

"Hi," Christi says then walks into a different room.

"She isn't one to talk much," Rick says.

"Lets get what we came for and get out."

γ€°βœ³Elena's p.o.vβœ³γ€°

We search for hours looking for anything about werefoxes.

"Hey damon I found a book-"

Christi walks into the room with a crossbow pointed at me. She pulls the trigger, and I gasp.

γ€°βœ³Damon's p.o.vβœ³γ€°

Elena gasps and I turn around to see an arrow flying toward her. I'm in front of Elena in seconds. The arrow hits me in the stomach.

"Silver," I whisper before dropping.

The silver burns my flesh, Elena screams in pain. Christi kneels down beside me with a silver axe in her hand.

"Now if I've done my research right all I have to do is to remove your head or heart to kill you," Christi laughs.

"Damon," Elena whispers.

Rick tackles Christi, and Elena's breathing becomes shallow. I fight against the silver that paralyzes me, and I pull the arrow out. I let myself heal real quick to keep from hurting Elena more than she already is, then scramble over to her.

"Damon help, please," Rick whispers where only a vampire can hear.

I turn around and see Christi pressing the axe against Rick's throat.

"Kill the girl or I'll kill you," Christi threatens Rick.

"Kill me then, I will never hurt her," Rick whispers.

She pushes the handle of the axe into Rick's throat, choking him. I pin her on the ground and snap her neck, killing her.

"You ok?"

"I'll live," Rick mutters.

"You're injured. Want me to heal you?"

"I'll be fine," Rick says. "What about elena?"

"She'll be fine, she just needs rest."

"How do you know that? What if she isn't,``Rick whispers.

"Mate bond alaric, mate bond. Grab the book, Jeremy might kill me if we don't have it. "

We walked back to the car and I set Elena in.

"Where is Stephan? Rick asks.

"Damon!" A voice yells.

I turn around to see Stephan tied to a tree, I start laughing.

"How did you get there?"

"That insane woman vervained me then tied me up with vervain ropes," stephan says glaring at me.

"Give me the book. You're gonna have to untie him, I don't want to hurt elena."

Alaric unties Stephen, then Stephan drives us home. Stephan stops the car outside of our house.

"We are dead when we go in there."

"Yep, ready to face a mad werewolf and an angry hybrid,'' Stephan asks me.

"Is anyone ever ready to face a mad hybrid?"

"Nope," Stephan says.

I pickup Elena and all of us walk into the wehouse.

"Damon run!" Jeremy whispers quietly,where only a hybrid can hear.

I see the sun rising, and feel elena's tribrid strength return. Before I can take Elena to safety, a dart hits me. I feel weak, and I collapse Elena rolling out of my arms.

No. No! Get up!

"You can't fight vervain, wolfsbane, and liquid silver at the same time hybrid,"

"Elena," I mutter. "Run."

"Sorry pal, I'm afraid that's not an option. You see, we need you and your mate here for Augustine," the attackers laughs.

I watch helplessly as Elena wakes up, is held down by many men,and injected with something. Both of us, too weak to fight, are dragged to a car. They throw us into a trunk. After our strength returns a bit, we scan the trunk for any clues to where they are taking us.

"Damon, look. An air conditioner in the trunk?" Elena says, confused.

The a.c. starts blowing, and me and Elena cough and choke.


"Damon! Stay awake! Hey focus on my voice ok, you can fight it,``Elena yells.

"Easy for you to say, vervain doesnt hurt you as bad."

The vervain stops, them using enough to weaken us until we barely have any strength. The truck stops, and the trunk opens.

"This is going to hurt," a man says to me.

Elena and i fight but the vervain weakened us too much. He injects me with something, a bluish liquid. I yell out in pain as the effects of the liquid take over.

"What did you do to him?!" Elena screams.

"It is like a wolf bite to a vampire but worse, it breaks the mate bond for a short time. This way we will be able to do our experiments without a problem, he will be fine by the time we arrive," the man explains.

"And if he is not, all of you are dead," Elena threatens.

"Ahh, but you see we are not vampires," the man chuckles.

He closes the trunk. i shake violently. Elena turns to me. I feel like I'm on fire, the pain overwhelming.

"Damon! You have a fever,``Elena says, worried.

She bangs on the roof of the trunk. The truck stops and the trunk opens.

"The least you can do is give him some ice," elena screams at the man.

He throws in an ice pack, then closes the trunk again. Elena presses the ice pack to my head.

"I'll be ok elena," I whisper.

"You better be, Elena mutters," mad at the men.

I yell out in pain, memories come flooding back. Of all the terrible things i did, of everything i learned. All of them came flooding back at once, all the people that i had killed. The memories fade, only there when I want them to be.

"Damon!" Elena yells.

"I'm fine, I'm fine, but it's cramped in here."

The pain starts to fade away, but I don't feel the mate bond that connects me to elena. I hug elena.

"Damon, the mate bond is gone," pplaw elena says.

"Hey it will be ok, they said it only for a short amount of time."

She nods her head, her eyes filled with love. I hug her. Vervain starts blowing through the vents, along with wolfsbane. I start coughing violently, so does elena. I fight to stay awake. The car stops, and the trunk opens.

"Get out," one of the men says.

We get out, and I collapse. Weakened by the vervain and wolfsbane. I get up, and they drag me and elena inside. elena and i struggling to get out of there grasp. O manage to get out of a man's grasp. He raises his hand, and it feels like my head is exploding. I drop to my knees, and yell out in pain.

"Damon!! Elena yells, fighting the men.

She flicks her wrist, and the men fall. The pain fades away, until it's not there. I look at elena. Her breath becomes shallow. She fights for her breath.


She drops, I see a stake in Elena's back, piercing her heart. More men come, two grab me and drag me up. I fight them, trying to get to elena.


They take us into a building, and throw us into a cell. I scramble over to elena. I pull the stake out and hold her in my lap.

"Enzo, meet your new cell mates. Damon and Elena," one of the men says then walks away.

"She's dead damon, I'm sorry," the man whose name must be Enzo says.

I'm in front of him in a second.

"She is not dead! But you will be very dead very soon if you make me mad,"

I threaten, making my eyes glow.

Elena sits up, and im by her side.

"Well now i've seen everything," enzo mutters.

"You haven't seen anything yet."

Elena walks over to the gate of the cell, and places her hand in front of the lock. It starts glowing.

"It wont open, it must have been spelled by a very powerful witch. I think I can slip through the bars though," Elena says.

Enzo stares at us like we're crazy. Elena screams in pain. I grab her, and slowly i lower her to the ground.


"Im fine but just a little word of advice, dont try to shift," elena says sitting up.

"Look i dont know who or what you are, but i have no part, in what they do here, exept the getting tortured part," enzo says.

"We are part vampire and part werewolf, well elena is more than that but right now is not the time to discuss that."

"Werewolves are just myths," enzo says, not convinced.

"How long have you been in here?"

"Stoped counting after fifty long years of torture," enzo says.

"We have to get out of here, before the next full moon."

"Or?" Enzo asks.

"Or i die," elena mutters.

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