The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 3

Elena's p.o.v

We drive to stephan's home in silence, Stephan to worried to say a word.

Stephan? I ask.

Yes, he answers.

What is damon like?

He is ruthless a murderer he doesn't care about human kind. He kills for fun. But he wasn't always like this he used to be kind understanding we were best friends.....but that was before both of us turned. Since then he has hated me. I made him turn I couldn't lose him I loved him too much,and he loved me but now he is a monster.

I'm sorry stephan, I told him.

We have to keep you away from him he will turn you into a vampire just to punish me. I want the best for you I want you to live a long human life, unlike me and damon. Damon will now kill you on sight because he knows I love you. I have to protect you from him.

Its okay stephan, I tell him. He won't get near me don't worry.

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