The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 29

Or I die," Elena mutters.

About an hour later.

"Elena!" I yell.

The cell door opens and the men throw Elena into the cell.

"Sorry if she acts differently, she has enough wolfsbane in her system to wipe out the entire werewolf population," a man says, closing the cell door.

Elena lays on the ground shaking. I scramble over to her.

"How are you still awake?" I ask, holding elena in my lap.

"S-some sort of s-spell," elena whispers.

I look up and see witches dropping. The cell door swings open, Klaus runs in.

"Elena!" Klaus yells.

I stand in front of him blocking him from elena.

"Stay away from her!" I growl.

"I will not stand by while my daughter is tortured!!" Klaus yells pushing me aside.

"Oh, so you kidnap and tourture us twice and now you claim to want to help!"

"I would never hurt her!" Klaus growls.

Klaus walks to Elena, Elena scooting back. I growl and step infront of Klaus again. Enzo and i get thrown agaisnt the wall.

"Dad hurry, someone is comming," a girl elena's age says.

Klaus grabs elena's hand and closes his eyes. I struggle against the magic holding me against the wall.

"Finn," klaus growls opening his eyes.

"Its nice to see you to brother. Oh, where are my manners? I'm Finn. And you must be our wonderful guest, elena," Finn says, walking into the cell.

Klaus stands up, glaring at finn who looks exactly like klaus.

"Looks like you have a powerful witch to do your illusion spells, an illusion of rebbeca and disguising yourself as me. It would have to be a very very powerful witch," Klaus says to Finn.

"You can thank me for the illusion spells after i kill your daughters," emily says walking in.

"You wont touch either one of them!" Klaus growls.

The witch releases her hold on enzo and i. I run over to elena.

"Ok Klaus, i wont touch your girls," emily says.

She walks up to where i am, klaus standing infront of is ready at any moment to kill emily if she tries to hurt elena. I stand up and give her a harsh glare. I feel the mate bond return, and i fall to my knees from elena's pain. Klaus guessing what emily has planned runs toward Emily, but is pinned against the wall by finn. I fly back and hit the wall. Emily's magic makes it where i cant move. An axe comes out of nowhere, and flies into Emily's hand.

"No! You wont hurt my sister!," the witch yells.

Emily flies backward, the axe hits the ground. She stands up, and the axe flies into her hand.

"I kill him, elena, hope, and Jeremy all die," emily says.

"Witches are merciless," i mutter.

"Elena is a witch," emily says.

"That just shows how horrid witches are, killing their own kind for power. Your suppose to be the peace keepers."

"I am-" emily starts.

"Stop ill kill him myself just to stop this bickering," klaus says, and stops fighting against finn.

"You know what will happen if you kill him, all of your children die," emily says.

"I know," klaus says.

Finn realises klaus and walks over to me.

"Dad, dad, daddy please don't!" The witch says.

"Im sorry hope, but emily is right. Some people in this family is abominations, klaus says taking the axe, and pressing it against my throat...

Please dont kill me. Its just a cliffhanger. Im dead.

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