The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 4

Elena p.o.v

Stephan!! I scream

What?! He slams on the brakes

It hurts!

Umm ok we are almost to my house Stephan says realy worried.

We can get there faster on foot, Stephan says. Using his vampire speed he picks me up and we are at his house in seconds.

AHHH!!! I scream. It hurts!! Slowly but very painfully I become a beautiful snow white wolf.

What the heck! Stephan shouts shocked.

Suddenly I hear a voice, ahh I scream. Who are you?!

I'm your wolf the voice says calmly.

My wolf?! I ask freaking out.

Yes my name is Tala. Consentrate on what you look like to shift back to your human form. Tala explains.

Ok,I say calming down. As I shift back

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