The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 5

Hey guys I'm am sorry for the short chapters and I am very clear on the sleeping mistakes and grammar issuses. But please comment on what you think I should add to this story and I hope you like it.

Elena p.o.v

I finally shift back and then I try to talk to my wolf but just as I figure out how to talk to her I felt the same intense pain as I did when I shifted,but only for a second. When it is over I've ended up transforming into a magnificent artic fox.

What just happen?!!

Calm down, says a new voice that is not Tala's.

Who are you?!

I'm your fox. My name is Faith.

So I have a fox and a wolf now?

Yes, tala and faith answer me.

Well this is weird, what about me becoming a fox and a wolf?

Well now you can shift into a fox and a wolf on will, Tala explains to me slowly.

And painless now that you have shifted for the first time, faith says to calm me.

Now all your senses will be heightened, your stonger than a vampire, says tala.

What age of vampire because the older the vampire is it is stronger?

Any age, answers faith.

What about Stephan can I tell him about this?

Well he isn't your mate but he would risk his life for you so sure, tala hesitantly replies.

What is a mate?

A mate is like a boyfriend but you both feel atracted to each other and very protective and...... Well your figure it out, faith replies.

Can I talk to you two whenever?

Yes, but we can block each other where we can't here the other. Well you better get back to Stephan he is going insane, tala tells me.

I slowly start to see my surondings and I feel Stephan shaking me.

Elena! Stephan shouts

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