Keen With Phychopathy

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In a time where America had high crime rates and no support for the criminally insane children of the country, they could only resort to one thing. Making the kids kill the criminals or, as they call it the K.K.C. project. In the time of 2007, in the state of Nevada. 2 kid assassins, known as "K"s, Keen and Dully, survive and thrive in their killing craft. But for how long will their partnership last? For, sudden tension between them had been growing stronger and stronger as each passing day goes by. And Keen's denialist defenses have been weakened by that blue-haired boy. How will it end? Only time will tell.

Action / Romance
Age Rating:

Seduce (1)

"Sit on my lap and show me your moves", I said, seductively. Comfying myself in a red armchair.

Dully, wearing a tight, skimpy, uncomfortable, transvestite, stripper suit walked demurely from the bathroom into the living room to meet my demand.
He suddenly stopped walking towards me "Do I really have to do this?", He asked as he rubbed his shoulder timidly.

The look wasn't really "him". But, he has to learn to get dirty and seductive like all the other "K"s (kid assassins) in the country. After all, that's how we easily get pedophiles and rapists, by making ourselves look easy, just to trap them and take a stab at their neck.

"Of course!", I said joyfully, greatly smiling . "How do you expect yourself to get in? It's a gay bar after all. And he is a gay pedophile".

Dully sighed then nodded, "Okay", he said as he slowly walked and sat on my lap. His face towards me, and his ass and my pelvis nearly touching.

I took a look at his face, our eyes not meeting eachother, for he was looking at my chest, avoiding eye contact.

"Move" I said, "C'mon move!", I said again jokingly, trying not to pressure him into chickening out.

Dully, with much reluctance, started moving his hips round and round. His lap dance lacked greatly. It lacked rhythm, it lacked facial expression, and it lacked the most important thing, insanity.

Men love it when you act crazy and loose. As if you're easy and ignorant. It's rather simple accually. Act like a slut, and you'll be sure to get them to trust you.

I grabbed and squeezed Dully's ass, "Stop stiffening your hips", I said demandingly, contrasting my once joking tone.

Dully, dazed and flustered muttered a little, "O-okay", as he started loosening his movements. Making them more natural and intimate rather then stiff and bordering.

"There you go", I said enjoying myself slightly, "Now for facial expression". I placed my hands onto my partner's face. "Smile".

Awkwardly, Dully's mouth grinned from ear to ear into his seemingly childish smile.
"No", I said, "A naughty smile"."

He started slowing down his movements, "Keen, I don't think I can do this". He looked away from my face as he said it.

"Dully…", I said empathically. "It's really not that hard? Do you mind if I show you-".
"No no!", He said, interrupting me, "I- I just can't I'm sorry".
I grew impatient with his requests to stop the training. I had been trying to understand him, but now I really can't.

As Dully raised his leg up, attempting get off my lap, I grabbed his ankle and pinned him down to the deep red chair I was once in.

"What!? Keen, let me go!", Shouted Dully flailing his limbs.

I held both of his hands in mine and sat on his lap, "You have hormones right?". I leaned close to his ear, "Do you do it often?". I wispered.

Dully doesn't answer, but instead wimpered the words, "Stop… please… I feel sick".
I grinned as I reduce the pressure of his pinned hands,

"Alright. I'm just saying, as long as you have hormones and you know how to use that lewd body of yours, you'll be able to succeed. I'm sure of it".

"D-don't say that", he covered his face.

"It's true. Even I can do it", I adjusted myself on his lap, "Just watch me, I can do it… you don't have to do anything, just look at me".
I moved my hips, round and around, confidently, and stuck out my tougue. Giving this erotic expression of my prostate getting felt. I acted wild. I acted crazy. I acted as it I was as loose as a girl at a bar.

"Put your hands here", I said moving his hands towards my ass. His fingers touching them softly.

His eyes looked shocked and profound. However, he did not look disgusted or uneasy, but more surprised, and unknowing, as if he was under an illusion.

Suddenly, I jumped away from his lap and announced, walking away from the flustered dark blue haired boy, "We have a mission at 10:00 pm. Name: Josh Whiteman. Place: Lucky King Gay Bar. Crime: Molesting and killings of more then 50 kids in Clark county. Here's a picture, and don't be late. Make sure to put those skills I taught you to good use". I looked back and winked as I finished my sentence, just to see Dully's mouth gaping wide open.

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