World Conflict Online

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A world were DMMORPGs or Dive Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games are everywhere yet one game has the world’s attention. During the year: 2034, as the summer begins. World Conflict Online is released. Players at first explore the beginning of the game but as the day of launch ends. A terrifying fact is revealed.

Action / Fantasy
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Prologue: The News

World Combat Online

The year is 2032

DMMORPG or Dive Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games have captured the minds of millions of people around the world. At first, these games were bland and unoriginal as creators sought to recreate past glories of old TV shows, movies, and standard videogames. However, as time passed. Newer and more original ideas surfaced causing DMMORPGs to expand and thrive. Such games were created that allowed players to be in fantasy lands as knights, wizards, and so on to far into the future space rangers and soldiers. If you can think of something or a character arc. There was a game that had it.

However, there was one game type that hadn’t been explored. A game that simulated a world conflict.

August 3rd, 2032

the CEO of Virtual Games Industry and Management: Michael Venary made an announcement that would raise the gaming community and many other community interest and hype to a new all time high.

World Conflict Online.

The game trailer that was released showed combat between ships of the modern era fighting an unknown opponent. Many gamers and theorists figured they were Aliens, AI, or perhaps an advanced nation of Earth or whatever the world was going to be.

Over the following weeks and months. News and sneak peeks were released that made the world excited to the point of crazy.

Janurary 1st, 2033

News of an alpha test of World Conflict Online was released to the public in a surprise press conference by CEO Michael Venary. Mr. Venary went on to say that only a hundred people would be allowed to play the Alpha test.

Janurary 3rd, 2033

The Alpha test submission box online sold out in 2 seconds flat; breaking a record in selling a hundred 100 online items in world history.

February 29th, 2033

News Insider reports that there are rumors spreading that Virtual Games Industry and Management has received massive amounts of funding from several major and minor nation states. An hour later, CEO Michael Venary held a press conference that was open to the public and many news agencies. Mr. Venary went on to say that VGIM was in fact recieving funds and military guidance in the creation of the game. A quote from Mr. Venary: “I wished to create a game of sheer realism while in a fantasy or future setting. With the help of these military professionals. Realism can be achieved.” Many critics believe that the game is dangerous and may perhaps be a possible training simulator for the youth of the world.

March 7th, 2033

The Alpha test begins as the 100 players descend into the newly created world. Only time will tell. Latest reports show that the Alpha test will end on April 7th.

April 7th, 2033

The 100 players were interviewed hundreds of times but news agencies and critics. The players said they were astounded but the sheer size of the game and its future potential. They were locked in one section of the world and to them it was already massive. There were many complaints about bugs and features that would make the game better like better unit commands and perhaps the unit AI to be slightly more intelligent, but all shrugged it off since this was an Alpha test after all.

November 20th, 2033

World Conflict Online Closed Beta was launched for a larger selection of the public. However it is said that many of the Alpha Testers would get to play the Closed Beta as well.

December 20th, 2033

The players of the Closed Beta respond with titanic joyous response. There seems to be a high hope with this game's future.

December 25th, 2033

As a Christmas Gift to all, CEO Michael Venary tweeted that VGIM would be releasing the full version of World Conflict Online on the CEO’s birthday: June 1st, 2034.

June 1st, 2034

World Conflict Online is released to the public. However, due to production issues. Only 32, 000 copies were produced. A terrible blow to VGIM but we shall see if the full release and change the anger of the now angry public.

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