Death’s love and Life’s Hate

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With the universe in danger of falling into darkness can Life and Death work together to save it? Or will Life’s mind change when he learns more about Death?

Action / Romance
Rosalie Haynes
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Death’s Sadness

“No! Leave me alone demon!” Screamed a young woman laying by the tree that brought her to me. I stood in front of her with a frown. ‘She’s so young still’ I thought as I knelt in front of her “ I’m not a demon miss. I’m here to take you to a better place” I spoke calmly to her as I would a frightened animal. She tried to back away more to escape until I lowered my hood and gave her a small smile. She froze in place, slowly relaxing as she looked into my eyes. “W-who are you? Are you the r-r-reaper?” She asked never looking away “yes my dear I am. Would you like to see a wonderful place?” I extended my hand to her as I stood still smiling. “....ok” she stood taking my hand as a golden door appeared to my right. I lead her to the door as it opened with a gentle humming sound. Without a glance the young woman walked through the door releasing my hand. After the door closed with the woman entered it vanished leaving a single pink rose in its place. I picked up the rose with a gentle hand. I signed placing the rose into my hair and pulling my hood to cover my face. Looking down into the puddle of blood flowing from the tree trunk that ended the young woman’s life. In the blood I saw my reflection. Even in the crimson red I could still see my bright blue eyes and pale complexion. I stood up and looked back to the tree “No matter how long I’ve lived or how long I’ve done this. My job never gets easier” I turned to watched as the world continued like nothing has changed. “It only seems to get harder and harder as the world turns.” Feeling a small weight land on my head I smile knowing my friend anywhere. “Hello my dear raven” she greeted me with a loud caw. She jumped from my head to my shoulder, digging into my hood to pull the pink rose out of my black hair. “Now now. You know better” I teased taking the rose from her beak. Holding the rose delicately in my scared hand. In the rose’s petals I could see her smiling. The rose was a remembrance of the poor girl for me to keep. A way for me to remember those who had no one to remember them, so they shall never be forgotten. A small flame enveloped the rose sending it with the others I keep hiding from the dark. My friend gently pulled on my hair drawing my attention to her. Chuckling I petted her soft head with my finger till I felt a heavy pulse way on me. “Damn” sending my raven away I called my scythe taking a stance just in time before a large claw sliced me in two. A demon growled at me with razor sharp teeth crashing together in large, powerful jaws. Pushing back against the monster I slammed my forehead against it’s muzzle. It realed back with a screech black blood drip from its nose. It looked at me with empty eyes glaring at me hungry. The demon stood tall and skeleton thin, long, large claws hung loosely by its sides. A scavenger that ate the souls of the living and the dead. It’s never ending hunger drove the beast even to try and attack anything it sees including me. It ran full speed and swiped at my legs to knock me off, till it’s swipe ran into my scythe’s blade. Cleaning removing the appended leaving streams of blood in its wake. As the creature screeched at the loss of its limb taking my moment to end the fight with a singe slice cutting it in half. Taking a moment to breathe I watched as it melted into the ground forming tar to cover the ground. This creature was once human except it changed once it past through the red door. It’s fate was sealed to be the monster it was in life. Taking an old rage from my pouch I wiped away the blood on my face. Taking one last look at the tar I changed into a large black wolf, with a last look to the tree I turned away as sirens were heard in the distance. I ran with my friend soaring above me to the east. I looked to the rising sun as I ran as fast as the wind would take me. After a day’s journey I stopped at the edge of the grand canyon just as the sun started to set upon the large cavern. The sky turned from orange to red to purple hues along the clouds. Sending my raven to the trees I lowered myself to one knee removing my hood allowing my dark locks to fall along my face. Taking one last look at the sun I summoned my scythe and held it firm hitting the ground 3 times and waited. “Good evening Death”

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