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They're normal, ordinary young adults, tired of drama happening in their lives. They want to have a break, is that so much to ask for?

Action / Thriller
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“Where should we hide it then?” the man hissed. The scar on his right eye followed his pace when he narrowed them. The other man chuckled. His voice was deep but not as hoarse as the scar man’s. The man not only ignored his question but have his eyes spied on something else.

The poster on the wall, it had the elements drawn on them by Alzar Lucifer. Alzar Lucifer was a she. She was one of the most famous architects in the world and her hobby is drawing. Lucifer was a mysterious woman and is good in hiding secrets. She was a mischief back then when she was only a little girl. A loner, really.

He knew better, though. His eyes soon drifted to the other side of the room. A map was displayed with the worlds’ continents. Different colored strings were pinned point and lined throughout the countries. Some pictures of suspects and people, including Lucifer. He couldn’t estimate her plans but he could dodge her traps.

“Why aren’t you answering? Don’t tell me you have another stupid plan that includes the entire world!” the scarred man groaned. He clicked his tongue in disapproval, his plan was not ‘stupid’, in fact, its ‘awesome awesome’.

“What do you have there, Eyez?” he questioned suspiciously when he saw the man holding some files. The scar man, obviously Eyez, raised an eyebrow as he passed the files to him. “Just a few identities I manage to sneak out from the agents. Seems like their planning to hire some…people.” Eyez said rolling his eyes.

Seriously, they should really work on their security. The last time an agent went in there to grab a file, he was making such a loud catastrophe even a tortoise would be alarmed. But it was only to be noticed by the security the next 15 minutes after the agent left.

The man looked through the files thoughtfully. Although their security may suck, their choices in agents are quite experienced, or should he say, what he needed. A smirk crept upon his face as his plan started to form the way he wanted it.

“Eyez, call Lyon and his agents.” He said as he sat the file on the table in front of him. Eyez frowned, Lyon and his agents are only called when ‘he’ wants them summon or recruit new/experienced agents. Then, realization struck him when ‘he’ picked up the pedant. He studied the pedant for a while and smirked wider as he thought of it.

“And to answer your question, Eyez, I found the perfect place to hide it.”

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