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An Indian mythological character who is kept in dark by his father's secret about their history but soon his life changes when his worst nightmare comes to life and he struggles to accept the truth!

Action / Romance
Tales of Musafir
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At Cityside Lake [Present time]

It was thundering and lightning in the sky, Aryaan opened his eyes and found himself underwater but the storm was so loud that he could hear the thundering from underwater, everything was dark around him, hopeless that no one will see him in this darkness and save him, he tried to swim up but he felt as if a huge rock is tied by his legs making him impossible to move, filled with regret that he couldn’t complete his love story, he was crying but his tears were fading away with water currents, his voyage was at the end, he looked at his completely burnt body, he was running out of breath and hope. when he looked up to the dark night sky covered by lightning clouds and furious thunders, light in hist was getting dimmer and dimmer, His heart was filled with so much sadness that he was seeing or hallucinating his lover swimming towards him and then she grabbed him at the very end of his life and pulled him out of the darkness towards light.


It was a dark morning, even in daylight dark clouds were covering the whole town of Range hills. it was raining as if a god died, it wasn’t too far, a part of God did die. in a long lonely graveyard, where light could barely penetrate the clouds and reach the tombstone. there our hero was standing, all soaked up. rain dripping from his beard and short hairs, standing aside his great father Pratham’s grave. grieving for his loss and sobbing quietly, feeling lonely. voices were haunting him from all sides, in all those voices, one was his father’s, “son, I have trained you enough if I am dead, and you notice something strange happening around the world, then you know what to do, so now is the time you take your responsibility and do as you were made to do, for what seven gods made us for, its time you do what I trained you for, the world needs you, you are humanity’s last hope”. Aaryan stood up, wiped the rain from his eyes and headed towards his father’s bunker.

Meanwhile somewhere in Antarctica

While many laboratories were working in the chilling coldness of Antarctica, scientists of one lab saw steam coming off from an ice-covered mountain. they were shocked with this abnormal behaviour because there were no thermal vents around that region for kilometres. American scientists sent some officers to personally check the thermal vents. four patrol officers reached the site, their mouth was wide open, they couldn’t speak for a few seconds, they saw a huge hole in the icy land of Antarctica. they got curious so they decided to peep inside, as they came near a huge shark-like creature that jumped out of the hole. the most terrifying thing wasn’t its size, it was the pitch dark red lava-like liquid that was glowing like veins all over its body. it was like lava was flowing in its veins, not blood. The officers quickly took out their guns and they started shooting. it just made the creature more volatile, the creature growled at them as it wasn’t a shark but a Godzilla. It made the officer’s blood go chill, as it opened its mouth and a massive flow of lava came out of that creature and wiped and evaporated the officers along with their guns, there was only lava left there as if there was nothing else besides it. The scientists at the lab were so terrified after seeing that attack that they hid in isolation rooms. holding their dear breath. The ice under the lab started creaking, all the scientists grabbed something that floated because they knew something so big could easily break through the ice. but suddenly everything became silent, scientists were sweating like waterfalls even in that cold environment. they wiped their foreheads and stood up. The second they stood up, a streak of lava penetrated the neighbouring room and splashed on the roof. they came forward to look inside the surface, they became so terrified after seeing what’s coming that two scientists fainted on the spot. they saw their death, the big creature swimming towards them at a speed of a bullet train, and no human could outrun a bullet train, so they were no exception. they accepted their death as it swam towards them. it penetrated the ice with its speed and with one wide open mouth in which lava was spilling, the creature swallowed the whole lab by making a U shape in mid-air and went back into the deep cold blue silent underwater.

Two weeks later

weather was clean again, it been two weeks after his father’s death and the giant creature attack in Antarctica. Aaryan was trying to get back to his normal life. it was very hard for him, as Pratham was like a best friend for him. but he has a life too, college life and a part-time job life to stay alive. he was studying psychology at college and doing part-time at a cafe. though he was an above-average five nine-foot-tall with short hairs medium-length beard and always wear full sleeve clothes to cover up the traditional tattoos that his father gave him. his relationship status was single though there do was a girl in his life, his childhood friend since LKG, his only female friend Preksha, a nineteen-year-old teen, five four foot tall brown sugar complexion and a voice tone like melodious opera singer and hairs so straight like musketeer sword but her eyes as black as it could be of a jaguar. neither of them ever proposed each other but deep inside Preksha had feelings for him but she was too scared to confess. they even used to work together at the cafe.

one morning he was doing his daily routine at the cafe when the news hit him “breaking news, there was a mysterious creature attack on scientists at Antarctica lab and government was hiding it for more than two weeks, officials reports say it was just a shark attacks but since an anonymous videotape found by every news channel this morning which was found footage of CCTV cameras which confirms that it was actually a giant unnatural Megalodon, a lava spilling megalodon. surprisingly megalodons were supposed to be extinct two million years ago, but if they are still alive then who and how someone captured and modified them, can it be government or something much worse, and why is this happening now, what triggered it, if that megalodon is still out there for past two weeks then lets all hope we find all the answers in the right time”, Aaryan knew what triggered it, his all father’s death, something strange happened around the world and he knew if it’s happening then who is behind this and what he has to do now! he asked for an early leave from his boss and headed directly to his all father’s bunker

underground his palace. There he unlocked a giant titanium safe and took out a big old leather pilgrim on which there was written “Itihaas”.

He took the pilgrim upstairs and remembered what his father told him about their history when he turned sixteen. His father’s words were echoing in his head “When our solar system was created, the seven gods allied together to create nine groups of superhuman ability to maintain peace order in their sectors of each planet and we were called “rakt”. We were sent in the Pleistocene Epoch ice age on earth and other eight groups were sent to rest of planets at the same time but seeing the harsh environmental conditions on the other planets they only might have survived a few seconds. I was the alpha one in the group who had supreme powers than any of the group members. We were a group of seven and all had super strength and super speed as a privilege. Because I was the most supreme I was called “Pratham” and others were Jal, Agni, Vayu and so on. There were three men and four women in our group all having similar strength and power. After two million years, seven gods decided that earth’s climate is ready for humans so they delivered a man and women, our next job was to observe them how are they surviving and establishing civilization, whenever there was any injustice among them we secretly bought justice to them, whenever any anarchist tried to unfollow mother nature’s laws we corrected it. but soon everything changed. man-made laws for themselves, punishment for injustice and organizations to protect them such as police, military, court etc. our sole purpose for our presence was banished. there was no need to be among humans now. so we all decided to make our ways apart. I don’t know where rest of my team members are but I assume they all are alive because we all have a gifted power among other things that we have telepathy to ensure our survival, we were given this as a communicational way to communicate between us because the telephone was created in the 19th century and we couldn’t wait so long for Graham bell to invent it. but there is something I need to tell you when we were in around 17th century I noticed a huge change in Agni’s behaviour towards humans, he wanted to dominate on them, enslave them, he even tried to convince other members but thankfully they didn’t get patronized and told me, after that he went rogue, he proposed combat, whoever wins will become Pratham of the group along with his powers, other group members were totally against it. but one night he tried to attack our female member before he could harm her I accepted his proposal for trial by combat then and there only, I had no other choice but to spill the blood of my own, he came raging on me full charged, his veins started luminescing red colour, his every single visible vein starting luminescing, his arm veins neck veins all started luminescing. he moved so quickly that I barely had any time to react and came beside him and he used his super-speed to push his legs against the ground and punched me below the chin, it threw me like hundred meters far, my head started ringing because of it, everything got blurry when I saw that Agni was lifting a giant rock and was almost going to throw at me, as I was trying to stand up he threw the rock and I was only on my knees yet, I saw the rock coming towards me so I also unleashed my inner abilities and my all veins started luminescing Neon colour, I channelled my strength to my arm and punched the rock with my bare fist and the rock shattered into pieces. I quickly stood on my feet and shouted “I don’t want to spill our blood in vain, you still have a chance, stay down and we can talk this through″ but he surely didn’t listen to me and headed towards me, as he came near me I dodged his overhand and slipped behind him and used my arms to lock his neck and started choking him, but he was smart he back kicked me and tossed me in front of him and now I was facing him and he kicked on my chest and crashed onto a banyan tree. It was that time I thought that one of us was going to get killed and if I didn’t do anything then it was going to be me. so I made my mind to neutralize him, I plucked strong and thick roots of that banyan tree and used my super-speed to reach me, I started circling him so that he gets confused but so doing that I quickly started wrapping him with the roots, he was screaming as a devil, I tied him so hard till he suffocates and passes out, but he channelled his power to his forelimb and broke through it, he pulled me towards him with the root I was holding and lifted me up by choking my gut, I was really scared that time, but not for me but for humans and other members, what he is going to do if I die here, it was a do or die moment, I was ready to kill him for humanity, I channelled my all energy to my left fist, but this time I was so energized that with my hand veins my eyes were glowing too, that made Agni nervous, I just looked at his eyes and said “I never wanted you to end this like this, I thought we would die in an honorary battle”, Agni replied with regret and guilt in his eyes ``this a the battle Pratham and you should do what you have to do″, I pushed him to get him on his knees and delivered my deadly punch right on his left eye. that punched made a huge crater on the land and it thrashed him inside the land creating a massive hole, the hole was so deep that he passed through earth’s crust and mantle and lava started coming out of the ground, all saw that and grieved that he would be dead but never confirmed it, after that, we all members decided that we should part our ways for our good, but after separation our telepathy just allowed us to sense if we are still alive or not, and that’s where the problem comes if you are reading this then I must be dead, but after my death be extra careful out there, if something strange happens around the world then do as I taught and instructed you to do, humanity’s survival is in your hands, and don’t give up”, Aaryan read the whole pilgrim and locked it again in that same safe. as he finished locking the safe and started looking at a mysterious gold safe and a leather journal he heard his house bell ringing, “hey Aaryan, open the fucking door and tell me what happened, why you left in such a hurry”, it was Preksha calling him in a concerned tone. He then quickly went upstairs and hid the secret door for the bunker with a mattress. Aaryan opened the door and invited her in. Preksha sat on the sofa and asked while scratching her eyebrows “what happened weirdo? why were you in such a hurry?“, Aaryan thought for a second and sat right next to her on the sofa and made a sick expression and said “ahh I don’t know how to say this but”, Preksha came little closer and made eye contact with him and replied “just say it what happened”, Aaryan made an innocent expression and said “I was feeling sick Golu, my stomach is been troubling me since morning, I hope you understand what I want to mean”, Preksha’s expression suddenly changer from concerned to disgust and she pulled him up from sofa by his collar and yelled, “we are going to hospital sicko! you can’t be so careless”.

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