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It's okay to support law enforcement but it is not okay to support the things being done. "Good" cops who act on their conscious that bad things are happening are treated like they're rats. Snitches, for when they recognize brutality and want to stop it. Forced out of the police force for trying to do what's right. There are unjust things and laws being done. No one should be shot while unarmed, no one should be pinned til they die, no one should have to fear for their life when a car that read "To Protect and Serve" pulls up behind them, and no one should mistreated based on the color of their skin, what they wear or where they come from. No one deserves any of that. But some of you want this about color fine cause it is It's just not your color you should be looking at. All those pretty statistics y'all like to use, fine do it but keep in mind these statistics as well.

Over 70% of Americans identify as Caucasian/ White. 12% is Black/ African American. 18% is Latino/Hispanic. 6% are Asian. 0.2% is pacific islander. Barely 1.5% identify as Native American. About 3% identify as another race (i.e middle eastern, Indian and etc).

Copy that, print it. Keep it in your mind when you look at those statistics. Keep in mind that when you look at the number of cops who died not all of them are white. Keep in mind that in you mind when you talk about supportinglaw enforcement.

I'm not a fucking encyclopedia and anyone who says I'm a fucking sheep or a democrat. Fine, I personally see it as me being a goddamn HOMOSAPIEN who bleeds reds like every one else. But ya know what, I do my research. I see who did studies. I look up things based on neutral thinking. That fucking device in your hand you're reading this one gives you the chance to use that organ you call a brain. Do some fucking research make sure your sources are speaking truth and getting their facts right.

Actually look up the difference between Defunding and Abolishing. What do they mean and what they actually will do. You have the power to make change. Fucking do it from informed point of view. See who's stopping sistemic and systematic change within the problem.

And you can't hide behind the fact of well "Irish immigrants were treated like crap." Fuck yeah they were but... were they ever systemically treated like shit forever? Asian immigrants were treated like shit. All immigrants were/are treated like shit when they came to this country. There's a group of them who's ancestors were given no choice in whether or not they came here hundreds of years ago. The people who lived here for generations before the colonies were founded who are treated like shit.

You want talk about history then look up history. There are AMERICANS who don't know that the Civil War was started over SLAVERY. Look at what has become systemically normal. Look at yourself and if you say you're not racist but don't acknowledge the shit that is there everywhere for everyone to see. Take a long look in the mirror. You want to quote Martin Luther but forget he was murdered for helping to make change and doing it peacefully. Let him rest in peace. He'll want no part of you.

Cause he also said this "Riots arethe voices of the unheard.

I don't care what you do. Unfriend me, unfollow me, disown me, comment (only cause I know you will before you even read the end of this), report this post. You do you, I just want people to learn to make informed decisions. To read. To see the things around them. Get another search engine if you hate google. Download reddit, tik tok, twitter, YouTube. Look up videos of things you think you know. For all the love, equality, and freedom you speak of. Actually see what is happening from a stand point of people there. Not the shit you only see on the news. That's all I ask anymore. "DID YOU LOOK IT UP TO SEE HOW TRUE IT ACTUALLY IS?"

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