Into The Depths Of Scarlet Hell

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When everything was unfamiliar, I sought something which brought me peace. When the light became corrupted, I turned to darkness to help me. When I couldn't outrun my demons, I turned around and gave them hell. When everything went wrong, I became the 'Karma' that set them right. And if I must, I will wreak havoc to show them, that they were messing with the wrong person.

Action / Fantasy
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His Promise

'In the shadow of the night, the stars were twinkling ever so brightly. The clouds were like a thick blanket, covering the moon, not even letting a single ray pass through. The night held a certain tranquility, bringing peace to my mind and body. Yet my thundering heart, nothing could bring rest to.

Hearing the light pitter patter of footsteps, I turned around to face the newcomer.

“Thea! I’m sorry, did I make you wait?” Aiden huffed, “This cliff was hella long.”

I turned around and smiled softly, “No, I just came early. You’re not late.”

He smiled back and sighed, “Enjoying the view?”

I looked back over the cliff; the sea was gently crashing against the rocks. “I guess so. It really is beautiful, I must admit.”

He nodded and came to stand beside me. “How are you feeling?

I shrugged and sighed, “I don’t really know. I don’t feel anything. Absolutely nothing. I’m numb from inside. I don’t know what to express. Pain? Sorrow? Sympathy? It’s as if they’re alien to me.”

He put his hands on both sides of my face and turned me to face him. “Thea.. I can’t say I understand you.. but all I can say is, I’m here for you, always will be. And I myself will make sure he gets better! Soon, everything will be normal.”

I smiled at him gratefully and hugged him, “Thank you so much Addie!”

He just shook his head and said, “No need to thank me. I’m always here for you.” '

I jerked awake, soaked fully in sweat. My breathing was shallow and my heart was hammering painfully in my chest. It had happened again. These nightmares had returned, haunting me once more. Each time, becoming more and more ghastly.

Beep beep

I looked at my clock and saw a huge 3:00 a.m written. Just an hour’s sleep. Sighing, I got up and went to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water and sleeping pills. I had to rest and conserve energy otherwise I would get weaker, and that was certainly something I didn’t want.

I took the pills in my hand and put them in my mouth, instantly swallowing them as the water filled in. Soon, my eyes became heavy with exhaustion, closing on their own. I curled back on the bed and let sleep take over me.

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