Indiana Gnomes - The Montaloui cave.

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Action / Adventure
Mr Britain
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Bruchetta town

You start in bruchetta town, where you have been spending your past holiday. You have heard myths about the Montaloui caves that are said to be an adventurers dream place. That is where you wish to spend your last few weeks before your holiday comes to an end.

You are currently walking down the pie trail. Sudddenly, a group of gnomes leap out of the strawberry forest, armed with blueberry bombs. Three of them dash towards you with their celery knifes raised. Another three stay back, launching their blueberry bombs. What do you do?

After the six gnomes have been defeated, you see a large mountain to your left. You could probably get a good view of Cheddar (The small city that you are in) but it would be a long fall if you were to trip. What do you do?

You finally make it to the top. You can see Pavlova cottage - a small Victorian house with horses are carts - , the boat store, caramel ocean - infested with toffee sharks and chocolate whales - and the Montaloui caves. You start to descend down the mountain. (Roll die to see if you fall) What do you do now?

You crash onto the floor, your food supplies being scattered along the ground. You struggle to your feet but it’s no use. Panlova cottage is close by and they have a cart and horse that you can ride on. But you’ll have to stay behind and wait for your friends to get it. Just hope that the gnomes don’t come back. (Roll die to see if the mission is successful.) (From now on, to have a successful mission, you must get a 8, 9 or 10 because you are injured.)

Pavlova cottage
Roll die to see if you obtain the Horse and cart.

Go to the boat shop
You ride along the trail towards the boat shop. When you arrive, there is no one serving you and you find that your money had been stolen! What do you do?

You get washed up on an island... infested with lions... oops.

Day 2
You decide to set off towards the Montaloui cave. You have 3 rations, 2 golden coins, 1 crossbow, a wooden 2 sticks, 2 ropes, 2 stones, 1 knife and 1 spear.If you have not obtained to boat, read Swim. Half way across the ocean, you find that the waves have picked up. They are knocking your boat around, tipping the rations into the sea. Your motor has stopped working and you are feeling sea sick. What do you do?

Swim the rest of the way
You get washed up on a lion infested island... oops...

Try and sleep ( successful )
You fall asleep with ease and wake up to have washed up on the Montaloui beach.

Try and sleep ( fail )
You try and sleep but it just doesn’t seem to work. However, after a few days, you wash up on the Montaloui beach.

Roll die. ( fail )
However, there are no caves. There are no trees. Just lots and lots and lots and lots of GOBLIN GNOMES! oops.

Roll die ( successful )
You look around. However, not only are there caves, but there are lots and lots and lots and lots of cabins. There are food shacks, drinks, cool water, deck chairs and much more. Crazy Tom was right. This is an adventures dream.

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