The Final Sunset Of War

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This is a short story about a girl living in World War II, her town gets attacked by Germans, this is a short story that popped into my head when my English teacher gave us a color and told us to write about it (I got red) we’ll hope you enjoy! 🙂

Action / Thriller
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My final sunset

I looked up and noticed the sun was setting, it was blood red. Though I didn’t mind, it seemed right, or rather appropriate for the mood of this sunset. It was unlike the other sunsets I’ve witnessed in my short life, they meant a new day, a new beginning, a new life. My eyes moved forward to see the weapon pointed in my direction, at my heart. I knew this would be the last sunset I would witness but miraculously it didn’t scare me. Or maybe I was done with being afraid. My ears could hear the sound of firing and screaming all around me, I knew my screams would soon be joining theirs, but not at this time. I inhaled, and immediately smelled the strong stench of gunpowder, I retorted the impulse to gag. Today will be the finishing chapter of my story, and many others around me as well. But maybe in our deaths their will be knowledge, maybe in death their will be understanding, maybe in death people will learn from their mistakes and never do this again. I do not hate my captors, nor do I wish them harm. For they have families too, wives, sons, daughters, and husbands. Like my father before me I will too die in this war even though I am a women and have never taken another human life. I don’t believe I am unlucky just my town, which was in the path of angry people, wishing to cause pain and harm. I will miss my brother whom was sent away a month ago due to his age of nineteen, and my mother but she was close by somewhere awaiting the same fate bestowed upon me. My only wish is that people learn from this tragic event and do not repeat their mistakes, the generations to come will be better!. So as this bullet will be the period of the last chapter, of the last page, of the last book in my story I will die. Before the fatal trigger was was pulled I looked down to see a ladybug on the ending tool, my mother always said “Ladybugs symbolize good luck, and good fortune, but also sense of future prosperity for all generations to come”. My captor looked up at me and yelled in a unfamiliar language “ Auf Wiedersehen”. So as the darkness erupts the sky, my final sunset will be gone, I will die, and World War ll will end.


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