Bound by Fire (# 1)

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Being the mafia princes all of Daleyza (Lisa) Delgado's life the choices have been made for her. She doesn't always agree with them, but rarely can do something against it. For the first time she has a reason to stand up for her self. Is she going to fight or give in? With each turn secrets and lies spill, unexpected alliances form and trust gets broken, mistakes get made and faith changes. Will Lisa succeed to protect what she believes or will she give in? Sneak peak: Trapped between his arms, his hot breaths against my skin and his intoxicating scent surrounding me was enough for me to give in. I'm no saint and no one cares about my happiness. If I get a few moments of pure selfishness I'm taking it. Fuck it. Is the only thing that came to my mind and I gave in. I pulled him closer placing a chaste kiss on his lips as I unbuckled his pants. I could feel his lips pull up in a smirk against my skin.

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

Downing my nth tequila shot I descend from the VIP area of the club making my way to the dance floor. I lost track of the amount of alcohol I had running through my system. It is my birthday… No it was my birthday yesterday, it’s already 2 a.m. It’s the only day in the whole year, I get to myself. Without any one interfering in my life. I turned 23 yesterday and yet I don’t feel that it’s my real age. My parents still treat me like I’m a small child who can’t make their own decision, but expect me to behave like a well-mannered adult.

My padre, Alverez Delgado, is the head of the Spanish mafia in the united states. And everything in my life has been planned to the point ever since I was a baby. I don’t even know why they’re so strict with me. It’s not like I’m ever going to rule the mafia. My brother, Frankie, is next in line. I’m just a fucking show piece, who has to do everything it’s told. I have a degree in chemical sciences, but it’s not like that matters. All those pinheads think about is how they can become stronger. That’s why I’m being traded off to the Mexican mafia like a peace offering so they can join forces and be ‘unstoppable’.

No, Lisa tonight you’re free don’t let these thoughts hold you back. I scold myself. I know I’m not getting an opportunity like this anytime soon, so I just let loose on the dance floor. God knows I need it. The alcohol is taking over my senses and I let it. There is no point in remaining sober anyway. When you’re sober all your responsibilities suffocate you. And I don’t want to be responsible for tonight. On the dance floor between all the grinding bodies I’m not Daleyza Delgado, the Spanish mafia princess, I’m just another girl who wants to have fun. No one cares that my bodyguards are right outside the club. No one gives a damn. Everyone is just enjoying, and so should I.

After a while I feel my buzz wearing off so I walk up to the bar to order more drinks. I was waiting for my drink when I felt someone standing close to me.

“A gorgeous lady like you shouldn’t be alone in a club like this.” I heard a husky voice right beside my ear. I could feel his lips moving on the outer shell of my ear and his breath against my cheek. I checked him out from the corner of my eye and smirked. He looked very handsome. Maybe he’s just the distraction I need for tonight. The bartender handed me my drink and I downed it in one gulp. I turned to him so we were pressed together. His intoxicating cologne mixed with the alcohol and cigar scent just turned me on more.

“And how do you know I’m alone?” he smirked as he took a sip from whatever he was drinking.

“No man in his right mind would leave you to wander alone like this. You never know what can happen when you’re not looking.”

“Is that so? Then why don’t you keep me company.”

“You shouldn’t want my company.”

“Why? You don’t think you can handle me?” I challenged him staring straight into his grey eyes.

“Owh baby I can handle you alright but you don’t want to play with fire.”

“Playing with fire is my hobby.” He offers me another drink, instead I grab the glass he was drinking from out of his hand and drink from that. Putting it away I drag him to the dance-floor.

“You don’t want to do this.” He says near my ear.

“You’re the one who approached me. Why are you backing out now?” I challenged him. His arms go around my waist as our bodies start moving to the rhythm of whatever song was playing. His touch burned my skin even through the clothes I was wearing, I could feel his excitement against my back and I teased him some more.

Suddenly I felt his lips on my neck. I turned my head and captured his lips. I could feel his chest vibrating as he growled. He picked me up and started walking to the exit.

“I wasn’t done dancing yet.” I pouted like a small child, trying to get out of his grip.

“I don’t care. No one teases me and escapes. And anyway the night has just begun.” He smirked.

Placing me in the backseat of a car he sat beside me. I straddled him as soon as the car started moving and captured his lips with mine. His hands rested on my hips keeping me still on his lap. A short drive later the car stopped in front of a hotel and we went straight to the elevator where he pinned me against the wall. I let out a moan as he sunk his teeth in the skin of my neck and felt him stiffen in my arms hearing that.

He looked down at my neck with a satisfied smirk. I knew he left a bite mark. The elevator pinged and we exited as he lead me to what seemed like a penthouse. He didn’t waste any time, once we were inside he slid my poor excuse of a dress off. His eyes darkened as he drunk up my half naked state. He attacked my lips pushing me against the door as I slid his shirt and pants off.

I could see him losing control and he took me right there against the door. He sucked the skin above my collarbone and my hands went through his raven black hair pulling it. He growled picking up his pace making me lose control. I was getting closer to my climax when he let out an animalistic growl in my ear and I felt him finishing off triggering my release.

Gasping for breath I opened my eyes only to find him staring lustfully at me with a smirk on his face. I knew this was just the beginning.

“My name is Ace.” He said as he carried me to what I think was the bedroom.

“Yeah so?” I asked breathlessly.

“The next time you moan I want to hear my name coming from those luscious lips.” He bit my earlobe.


I felt a soft surface behind my back as he attacked my lips again. He started teasing me and when I let out a moan he bit me harder than necessary. “My name.” he growled. And I complied. From there on the whole night was just an ecstasy filled blur.

My eyes flickered open the next morning as I held my head. Taking a deep breath I searched for my clothes. I need to get out of here before he wakes up. Leaving the sleeping hot stranger in his bed I go to the front door to get my dress. I went into the bathroom, put my clothes on and washed my face. I exited the bathroom and tiptoed around the room trying to find my phone. My eyes landed on the guy peacefully sleeping on his stomach. All his back muscles were on display and the tattoos just enhanced everything. How come I didn’t notice them last night?

Because you were focusing on something else. My subconscious mocked me. My eyes finally landed on my phone which was on the night stand. I wondered how it ended up there, but shook those thoughts away. I grabbed it and was about to leave when one of the tattoos on his shoulder caught my eye. I let out a curse and covered my mouth with my hand immediately, hoping I didn’t wake him I quickly exited the penthouse.

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