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Paris,city of love as they call it,the Eiffel tower mocking the scar on her face,touching it made her remember it all,the love,lies, betrayal,most people get it wrong when they say time heal wounds,but that's just a big blatant lie because six years hasn't done justice to the big gap in her heart....Time huh.....Family is everything,they always say,fools who says it doesn't know know they can either make or break you,in her situation family made her the one eyed beast as they called her,but she wouldn't call them rumors because they were true,she was a beast and a one eyed one at that and she is happy she got it her weakness turned strength,the anger that pushes her each and every time she looks at herself in the mirror.She is coming for them each and everyone of them.Revenge is best served old. Turning to her right hand man, understanding the nod he turned made her smirk....oh Marcelo how time flies.

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