Princess normal life 1

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A girl who is a princess..who want to live normal life like the other kids.. Her name was Clarie Marie Themmopaleth Renaldi...let's see her in the story

Action / Romance
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Princess normal life 1

There was a kingdom far far away.... The name of the kingdom is Garresa... And there was a Princess. Her name is Clarie Marie Themmopaleth Renaldi... Her father was a king and her mother was the Queen of Kingdom Garessa.. Princess Clarie really want to have normal life like the other kids... But her parents don't like her to be like normal kids.... But Clarie's grandma always encouraged her .... When she is sad...And one day she asked her parents again... She said,"Mom,Dad can I go to normal school and live a normal life like others... But her parents refuses her request.... And Clarie cried.... And her parents don't really want her daughter to be sad... And they go to her room and they said to her,"Honey,you can go to normal school and live a normal life but there will be bodyguards guarding you..... And after Clarie heard these words ... She's so happy until she cannot stop hugging her parents ...

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