When the Devil Calls

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Set in the year 2056, two teenagers are fighting for their lives as anarchy and survival of the fittest is the name of the game in Calpoldous, New York (previously Queens). They are soon met face to face with a mysterious figure who needs a helping hand finding out the cause of all the violence and terror in this city. But not only will they go through deadly encounters, they will soon find out that not only is their journey deadly, but it will leave them with a question: will we survive or will we meet the Devil himself?

Action / Thriller
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Please note that this is my first attempt at writing a decent book. This is all from my creative mind and my love of science fiction movies. The main inspirations for this book are Terminator, the Star Wars franchise, Blade Runner, and the Mad Max franchise.

If all goes well for this project, I will be sure to make more if you so desire.

So, without further ado, I introduce

When the Devil Calls...
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