When the Devil Calls

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If Hell is real, this is the Devil.

That is what Thompson had thought to himself when he was face to face with the man who had started all of this. Who damaged his home. His life. His future. He would never be the same. Everything that has happened up to this moment has, not only damaged his mental state, but his hope for living.

Would he live...or would he die?...

He wouldn’t know until something happened. Until something heroic or deadly happened. He is no psych. He is just a 18 year-old kid who got himself into something he can’t back out of now.

He’s stuck.

He has no where to go.

He is lost.

He feels defeated.

He has lost all hope...

A slightly rusty blade came swinging down. Thompson, eyes closed and body calm, was prepared to take the hit that would end his existence...
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