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5 tragedies. 10 Perspectives. One ending. Welcome to 2020. A Year They'll Never Forget.

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Chapter 1

Why, hello there.

It is I!


Anyways, now that that’s out the way...Let’s get to the important stuff. This book is meant to speak on this year from many, many perspectives.

Warning: You may cry.

I understand some of this content will be controversial. And beforehand, I want to say that while I support expressing an opinion, I do not support expressing ignorance.

I also want to say that certain geographical details and such may be entirely incorrect. Some of these events happened far from home for me and creating a story line from it may be a bit wobbly. Please, bear with me. Feel free to correct me in the comments too :)

And lastly, please do not copy my work. I work really hard on every single thing I write.

I’ll be your biggest supporter if you try something of your own. Trust me, you get better.

Anddddd, that is all.

I hope y’all love me right now. I tried to keep this intro short.

UNIXIS is out!

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