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Melody had never been the same after three heartbreaking moments happened in her life. She went from being a sweet innocent woman to a b...h. Elijah has only ever cared about one woman after he met her at a party. Now he has a chance to protect her and get her to care about him too. Do you think they will find happiness through all the ups and downs that happens in their lives?

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

I never thought I would have to run for my life at twenty-four years old. I watched the man kill my father right in front of my eyes. Now the man that killed him are after me. My eyes are adjusting to the light and I don’t know where I am. My body feels weak and I’m tied to a chair with two guys I never met looking at me. “Who are you? What do you want?”
The guy on the right in the black shorts and blue shirt says, “The boss is on his way. He’ll explain everything to you.”
I looked at him and before I can say anything; we heard the door slam against the wall. All I could see from over here is the figure of a man looking at us. When he walked closer, I saw that he isn’t that much older than me. His facial features are like the other two men. His hair is a lot shorter, and he has a tattoo on the side of his neck.
The two guys moved aside for him to stand in front of me. “William, Ben, I told you to tell me when she’s awake?”
“Who are you?”
“My name is Elijah Luciano,” he says with a straight face. I quivered at the sound of his name. It rang like a doorbell in my head. Elijah Luciano, my father’s last word. Fear ran up my spine, my knees felt weak. If I was standing, I would have lost my balance.
“You’re the leader of one of the most powerful mafia groups.”
He laughs and says, “Yes, I am. But you shouldn’t know that.”
“My father told me to look for you right before he died.” I took a shaky breath as I looked at him. “Why am I here?”
He sighs as he looks at me. “You’re here because I will protect you.”
He looks down at me. “Your father asked me too.” Before I can say anything, he put his hand up. “I wasn’t there. He asked me to protect you, before he turned himself in. He knew that he would die that night, so he planned everything ahead of time.”
“What day is it?”
“Friday,” he says.
“How did I get here?”
I watched as they looked at Ben. “We drugged you.”
William cuts in and says, “I think he used too much, because you didn’t wake until today.”
“So, you drugged me, tied me to a chair and I bet you expect me to trust you too.”
I watched as Elijah started laughing. “You don’t have to trust us. But I will protect you even if you don’t want me to.”
“I didn’t say that I don’t want you to.”
I heard someone laughing, but I didn’t look away from his eyes. William says, “Elijah, you just met your match.”
He looked away. “Shut up, William.”
“Are you going to leave me tied to this chair?”
Elijah looked at me and he says, “Are you going to trust us?”
“Trust has to build, it’s not given, and I don’t know.”
I saw William and Ben bite their lips to stop themselves from laughing. Elijah smiled at me. “You’re smarter than you look.”
“I get that a lot. So, are you going to untie me?” I looked him in his eyes and I couldn’t see any emotions at all.
He sighs and says, “William untie her.”
William bent down in front of me, and he started loosening the rope. “I like you and it will be a lot more interesting around here.”
“Thank you.”
He laughs and says, “Your welcome.” After he took off the last rope, I got up from the chair. I almost lost my balance, but Elijah caught me. I looked up into his eyes and I saw that they are light brown.
“Thank you.”
“Your welcome.” He looked down between us, and I looked down. My breasts are pushed up against his chest. He let go of me, but he held onto my shoulders. “Are you okay to walk?”
“I’m fine.” He nods as he let’s go of me.
Then he turned around and started walking. “Follow me.” I followed him out the door and up a flight of stairs. We walked through the living room, past the kitchen and down a separate hall. When he opened the door, he turned to me. “Ladies first.”
I walked into the office, and I could tell that they are staring at me. I turned around and looked at them. “My eyes are up here.”
I looked at him as he walked over to me. “Have a seat.” He walked around his desk, and he sat down. “Ms. Rose.” I looked at him, and I saw a smile on his face. “Staring already.”
“I’ve seen better.” I heard William and Ben laugh, but they said nothing.
I sat down in the chair as Elijah says, “I have my work cut out for me, don’t I?”
“That depends on what your work is.” I looked down at my hands as I thought about my question. “My life will change now, won’t it?”
I looked up at him, and he ran his hand through his hair. He looks at me for a few minutes. “Yes, it will.” I nod at him, and I looked down at my hands. “Ms. Rose.”
“Call me Melody.”
I looked up at him. “Melody, I need you to trust me or this will never work out.”
“I never said that I didn’t trust you."
He laughs and says, “You also never said that you trust me.”
“I will let you know.” He nods at that. “I have a question.”
“I may have an answer,” he says, and I looked at him.
“Will I be able to call my Mom?”
He looked at me, but he didn’t say anything. I watched as he moved his chair back, and he pulled something out of his pocket. Then he moves his chair back to his desk. “Your phone’s connected to mine. I’ll be able to see all of your messages and hear your phone calls.” He pushed the phone to me, and I picked it up. “My number is in there too.”
I looked at him, and he looked behind me. I heard the door open and close. I looked down at my phone, and I called my Mom. I put it on speaker and she answered it when it rang the second time. She says, “Melody, where are you? Are you okay?”
“Mom, I’m fine."
She cuts me off before I can say anything else. “Where are you? I got a call from the police and they told me that your father is dead.” I knew that she was trying to control her emotions.
I looked up at Elijah and he whispers, “Tell her you’re at a friend’s house.”
“Mom, I’m at a friend’s house and I got a call about Dad too.” I closed my eyes as I tried to control my breathing.
She sighs and says, “When are you coming home? We need to arrange his funeral.”
“How long will it take to arrange it?”
I heard her move around as she says, “Maybe two weeks, but if I have to do it alone, it will take longer.”
I looked at Elijah. “Mrs. Rose my name is Elijah and I am Melody’s friend. I will help her plan the funeral for you and you won’t have to do anything.”
I heard my Mom hesitate for a second. “Thank you, Elijah.”
He says, “You’re welcome.”
“Melody, when are you coming home?” I heard her sigh.
“I might stay here for a while, but I’ll see you at the funeral. I have to go.” I felt the tears I was trying to hold back run down my cheeks.
She blew her nose as she says, “I love you, baby.”
“I love you too, Mom. Talk to you soon.” Before she can say anything, I hung up the phone. I dried my eyes. Then I looked at Elijah, and he gave me a napkin. “Thank you.” He nods at me as he got up from his seat.
“Any more questions?” I looked at him.
“Where are we?”
“We are in my house.” I watched as he shifts from one foot to the other.
He walks over to me. “Chicago.” I looked at him, but I said nothing. “Come, I’ll show you where you will be sleeping.” I got up from my seat, and I followed him out the door. We walked through the hall, past the kitchen and through the living room.
Then we walked down another hall to a staircase. When we got up the stairs we walked past three bedrooms and he stopped at the last two doors. “This is my room on the left and this is your room on the right.”
“Why is it across from your room?”
He laughs, and I looked at him. “It’s easier for me to keep my eyes on you.” I put my back against the door as I looked at him. I noticed that he’s at least 5′6" which makes him 1 foot 8 inches taller than me. We looked at each other for a few more minutes and he cleared his throat. “Goodnight Melody.”
“Goodnight, Mr. Luciano.”
He laughs and says, “Call me Elijah.”
“Goodnight Elijah.” I saw his body language change the moment his name left my lips, and he turned around. He walked into his room and closed the door. I went into my room and the moment my head hit the pillow I fell asleep.
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