The Soloist

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Jorma Laurila is a Finnish soldier who, in response to the invasion of his homeland in 1939, slaughtered scores of enemy troops while acting on his own behind Red Army lines, then went on to join a Waffen SS brigade in order to personally wage war deep inside Russia. Now, in December of 1944, he is in Manhattan, sent by Nazi Germany to pave the way for an operation which, if successful, will claim the lives of tens of thousands of Americans. While Germany’s purpose for the mass killing of civilians on American soil is to leverage the Roosevelt government into truce talks aimed at stalling Allied advances in Western Europe after Normandy, the battle-hardened Finn is privately on a mission of his own. Driven by an intense hatred of the United States for what he views as its ongoing support of Russian efforts to crush Finland and bring it under Soviet control, he devises a murderous, retaliatory plan and, once established in New York, secretly sets out to implement it. In doing so, he uses his skills as a solo operator to adapt to a menacing environment, evade capture by the FBI, and brutally eliminate anyone seen as an obstacle to his violent agenda.

Action / Adventure
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The Soloist

A Nazi Collaborator’s Deadly Mission Against the City of New York

Donald Gates

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