Vengeance Will Be Mine

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Young and sweet he was, happy with his mom until tragedy stuck that night. He was scattered to a billion pieces but lucky his sister was there to support him during this rough patch. One thing he didn't know, he was betrayed by his own. The uncle his mother trusted passing resulted into his mother's executor. Alex was the name of this sweet young, muscular fellow but all that changed when he found his mom killer. Read to find out how Alex avenge his mom and in doing so creates a lot of enemies.

Action / Fantasy
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"Mom!" I screamed out as a guy in a black mask thrusts a sword through my mother's heart. Dashing towards him with my sword in hand covered with my blood red anti-magic aura I attempted to slash him only to be knocked to the ground.

" You're too weak"he said laughing manically and taunting me to fighting. He removed his mask revealing to me that he's my uncle. Lying on the ground in agony I could only utter the word why out of my mouth.

"She betrayed the family and paid for it with her life and if you want to follow her come at me and I'll send you on your way"

My heart and body ached as I tried to avenge my mother who lay dead on the ground.

"I'll kill you Uncle" I shouted but no matter how I tried my body was paralyzed in fear. Shooting a lightning orb at me he send me flying back onto the wall.

He gave me a fierce and stern look before slipping on back his mask.

" If you want to kill me and the rest of the family then hate and resent us , live your life for vengeance and when you are powerful enough then come look for us pathetic nephews,"he said as he disappeared in a flash.

The last words he left us left a mark on my heart to fulfill my wish to kill the bastards that killed my mom.

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