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Today was a special day for many , 13 year old tynaki ran out his house and towards a dojo, every few years this dojo accepts people to learn from some of the strongest masters how to perform elemartial arts and rise the ranks Sadly Or maybe not even sadly It won't be easy And tynaki isn't the only one giving it his all

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Today was a special day for many , 13 year old tynaki ran out his out and towards a dojo, every few years this dojo accepts people to learn from some of the strongest masters how to perform elemartial arts. He ran around the medieval japan town friends and moms waving and cheering on him and others

Eventually everyone came to a huge dojo larger than a bank and stretched two football fields across , the dojo immediately filled with hundreds of people , infront of them stood 5 old people in black kimonos.

The one in the middle spoke “I shall take the process of explaining exactly what elemartial arts are, there are five elements , fire water lighting earth and air, each with their own base fighting style, fire is more brute , water is more counter attacking and tactics , lighting is about relentless attacks either combos or just keep attacking , earth is more about being defensive and landing strong blows , air is more about elusive dodging and landing blows every chance given , air is the hardest but the highest skill ceiling , fire and lightning are the easiest to learn and can get pretty strong , earth is pretty hard but can be pretty powerful , water is one of the other hardest ones but also has one of the highest skill ceilings , now keep in mind the descriptions aren’t exact so there are probably hundreds of for example fire users who fight different. Now to unlock the element you must became very skilled in the martial art and you’ll slowly be able to manipulate the element , now choose your element you want to train under”

All the way to the left a seemingly very disciplined female had a gust of wind surround her , only three went to her , a woman in a white dress , a skinny and tall man and a girl in a black leather suit with determined mind

Then a man who seemed pretty buff for his age had earth rise around him a decently sized group of people went to him

The woman in the middle who seemed very peaceful and kind made water flow around her , 30-40 people went to her , then a very disciplined looking man had fire rise around him , 50 people went to him , and then the last one a very open looking and aware old man had a lightning aura and th last 30 chose him , including tynaki

And this is how a story starts , of not one legend but the rising of multiple

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