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This book is about a young girl who came from a rich a powerful family. Her name was Mara Seth. She was the heir of a proud father Victor Seth who had come into a bad dealing with some sinister people by offering her up as an experiment for a project being worked on to incarcerate the world in a global and controlled panic. The aim was kidnapping young children and exploiting their DNA for something dark and disturbing.

Action / Fantasy
Dru Berry
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The Beginning


Centuries ago, the world had been plunged into an era of devastation, devoured by non-nuclear global warfare ceasing the existence of man the world was utterly uninhabitable. Now it was only a matter of time, human beings searched for a seed of hope it had been nothing more than just existence without potential purpose, all creations alike, toiling the earth…pondering the distant future. As the years passed and new utopia was established a town called Cuamár better known as Cuabbo, where it was mentioned of a malevolent wizard known as the teller of tales once spoke of a story of a battle between 2 colonies vein 7 (the evil shadow) and the Tikas Butsu,…..waging wars, nations against nations establishing new purpose, to claim the ultimate power of uncontested dominance over mankind taking babies, men, women and children. Capturing them and giving them purpose, to join their colonies and destroy and destroy and conquer civilization. Peace no longer among the land, years past, the colonies died out, but the war is yet to be stopped. A victory is yet to be gained locked away in the deepest depths of Chinotzi the wizard withholds the greatest tale to be told, and a new purpose as now been given…

Pallestyne: (B.C) August 14, 2087

―Are we going over to the Ishumura's daddy? 'No, Mara I told you not to see that boy any more you understand? 'her father stood assertive of his words, however pleasant he may have appeared, Mara knew he was a highly appreciated and respected man throughout the city he was a powerful and wealthy man he had owned numerous companies but however focuses his allegiance into his largest well-orchestrated empire which had been his family's legacy before they had given birth to him. He was now forty-five years old, with a very short and rugged beard and a neatly trimmed mustache that was slightly twirled at the ends. His deep blue eyes that showed elegance and fearlessness, divine in his own glory, his hair was partially grey at the sides, well suited in his off-white tuxedo, and he was handsome. Mara didn't look anything like him but she had, however, his small straight nose, her divine beauty was more of her mother she was a bit more beautiful than her mother though. Her parents had been classmates ever since high school many years ago.

They now resided in the highest hills of Sheridanne (Pallestyne) in a large mansion overlooking the poverty-stricken cities of Zampersia.

―Why not daddy? She looked at him through somewhat afraid she was, ―now there's something new, you've finally managed to muster some courage as to question my authority which remained obsolete for so long that reminds me of someone, he looked down at her ―daddy Ishumura's is not like that she didn't dare to look at him this time. I know I was referring to myself' he smiled. ―Excuse me, Master Seth, would you like anything to eat? Or drink? Err, huh...no thank you, Rossi, I'll be heading out for a short while.' Mara felt a thrill of relief at the thought of having heard that, that had brightened her glum mood. "How about you little Seth, anything I can get you? ―No thank Mr. Rossi; I'm going upstairs to my room daddy ok, honey, see you when I get back, huh? Wait! Can I have a kiss before you go? ―Ahh, daddy, I'm already halfway up the stairs! She saw his face, filled with innocence and passion. That made her felt guilty, she came back down the steps and pardoned her father with a quick kiss on his cheek Mwah, love you daddy in only seconds she was up to the full length of stairs. ―My, someone is in a hurry! He looked at Rossi what have you done to her? Only that which I am allowed to sir he smiled. Well, I'm off, bye honey! I will be back before you know it he opened the door, momentarily his wife stepped out of the guest where are you off to this time of night dear? Come on, honey! It is only 6:30 pm I will be at the office for a while ok? Mwah' love you he kissed her hard but pleasant, a huge wave lustful sensation flooded her entire body, immediately he became hard and her knees were weakened, no longer the strength to bear her weight hurry back will you? Sure I will" he dashed outside, it was raining he was escorted under an umbrella by his chauffeur to the limo.

As he was being driven through the dimly lit cities overcast by the foggy weather, he glanced out at the many homes, brimmed by the overcasting shadows offered by the hills around him and he listened to the happy voices all around, he saw a few homeless persons quite less sympathetic that he was unable to conceive guilt of his successive lifestyle in comparison to those less fortunate wanderers. What have these people do with their lives...are there no opportunities? Chauffeur, less than thirty minutes okay?' Yes Mr. Seth

Ishumura, come and have your dinner before it gets cold dear to come on honey, get out of the rain! You might catch a cold! Tivéra frowned. Ishumura was a hard-working young lad; he was only nine years old and was already upholding the responsibilities of an adult. He was a very beautiful child he resembled his wonderful, loving and cheerful mother who also worked hard, she was beautiful beyond any words could possibly express she was soft, highly physically attractive, she had beautiful long red hair perfect green sparkly eyes filled with childish innocence and compassion, tolerance and love. Some of these have been passed from her father. She had soft thin lips, very large breasts, and the perfect hips. She was indeed the kind of girl one only dreams about; she was only twenty-one years old.

―Tavára San Ishumura! You get your pampered butt in here this instant! she got up from the dinner table and ran to the door ―that boy is going to send me to an early grave someday she could barely find her way through the fog, she moved slowly glanced towards ―I bet he must be in that silly tree house of his, oh well...' humph.' She grabbed her raincoat and dashed towards the distant tree house. She heard faint sounds opposite her direction. Tabatha, Tabatha is that you? The shivering puppy ran towards her and leaped into her arms ―Ahh, there...I'm sorry little pup she cuddled the puppy as she directed her way towards the tree house. “Tavára, are you up there? The puppy held firm to her blouse as she climbed her way up the tree house. Indeed she was also a wonderful climber; she sometimes climbed mountains just for the early morning exercises primarily for the thrill of adventure. She had entered the lion's den, oh, hey Tivéra...I didn't hear you come up she looked at him annoyingly "I was calling all night....oh, hello Mara? I didn't see you, what brings you by in this kind of weather sweetheart?" Mara faced her ―oh hello Mrs. Ishumura, I just thought that well, I might pay you guys a visit oh that's nice Mara, but do your parents know of this untimely visit? Mara shrugged her shoulders and turned away well, not exactly...you see, I had asked my dad but he insisted that I didn't go but he's away right now so ah, I snuck out.

―Oh, anyway Tavára dear your dinner is waiting...would you like me to get you anything Mara? Tivéra, Mara had already brought food over for both of us. Mara smiled at his mother ―Thanks anyway Mrs. Ishumura Mara gestured to her. ―How sweet, well, she glanced at Mara it is with deep concern that I may suggest you try to make it home before your dad ok? I would take you if you want. No, its ok, Mrs. Ishumura I will make it back. Ishumura motioned his mother ―Tivéra can we be alone now" "Mommy dear, it's mommy ok, I'll leave you two alone, here's Tabatha honey, she's a bit cold he took the shivering puppy ―sorry, pup. Here I'll warm you up 'roof, roof Mara touched her ―cute puppy Ishumura well, thanks Tivéra its mommy dear....mommy! she exited the tree house ―I'll goes prepare supper for you there was a brief silence amidst the room only the sound of the tree limbs knocking against the wooden tree house Ishumura was annoying, ―bye mom! ―Okay, okay I'm going already sheesh I really like your mom Ishumura, she's very special he looked at her through the corners of his eyes, and then he suddenly went blank. Yeah, she's the only person I grew to know, I never knew my father Tivéra said he died before I was even born. She came closer to him ―I'm sorry, Ishumura she gave him a sympathetic hug he pushed her away ―hey! What was that for?! ―I'm sorry, I'm just not used to that kind of thing what thing, a hug? Yeah, a hug she was amused, ―Hahaha, you're not human, are you? She laughed, of course, I am! Don't be silly! She got up and walked around examining the tree house ―I like your tree house Ishumura she turned around to admire the love of her life. He too had always found it useless to resist how beautiful she was almost as if he could he eat her. However, there are times where he had felt a bit intimidated by her divine majesty and social class. ―your mom is very hot Ishumura she went close to him he backed away ―Mara you are only seven years old, what do you know about hot? She grabbed his hand I know that she is very sexy ―Ahh, I did not just hear that‖ he held his ears. Oh, come on give it up! When I'm grown-up you won't be able to resist me Ishumura! He was almost blushing.

10:08 pm ―Coming Tavára, she quickly ran to the door, ―I was beginning to wonder when you would co—the door was open; well, err, huh, hello Mr. Seth this is quite an unexpected visit? What brings you by? Hello Tiv, well huh I was on my way back home from my office and uh well so I decided to stop by and check in on my good friend. It's raining, come in, do you want some hot cocoa or something? Something would be nice, eh, he smiled. ‗oh ah by the way you have a very beautiful boy but I'm afraid I don't really trust him as much as I would want to, but my gut won't allow me. I don't know I guess I'm overly protective of my daughter, please I hope you're not offended? Huh, no not at all, I guess I could understand, perhaps I would've said the same thing hadn't the fact that I know them well they're good friends, perhaps even best friends who knows?" Mr. Seth had fallen into an inglorious phase of overwhelming admiration; he had loved and adored Tivéra ever since his junior years in the Arts of the Fist of Wodou' Academy and After graduating high school his father had enrolled him in the school of combat before moving on to college, he had never understood the meaning of it all but he knew, however, that his father had had very good reasons. Tivéra had been attending the YomiKada Institution for girls; she was the most beautiful girl in school and had been much focused on her work and never deterred by the unforeseen mysteries of life. She had been one of the youngest among her group of monks to combat in the Fist of Wodou academy. He went closer to her and touched her face look at you, so beautiful, so innocent and young she looked away ―Mr. Seth, what are you doing? He felt that she was nervous. Something I had always wanted to do ever since the academy she looked at him in surprise ―you means—you? ―Yeah, he interjected. I was in love with you back then as I am now he tried kissing her but she pushed away Mr. Seth I love my husband he looked at her ―but he died long ago? I know, but I still love him very much, and I respect your marriage as you should too. He smiled your right, fair point she kept her eyes away from him as nervous as she was huh, it's getting late, your family is waiting for you he grabbed her hand before she managed to evade him.

I'm sure a rich kid such as yourself have better things to do than being here doing nothing, besides you should be getting back before your father does. She was upset. ―You are so typical Ishumura, I should not have bothered, and I am leaving! She got into her raincoat and went outside the tree house ―Be careful Mara he had wanted to say that however the opportunity had escaped him she was already outside. As she made her way through the rain she spotted her father's limo parked in front the Ishumura's', the chauffeur stood before the car sheltered by an umbrella, awaiting her father oh, no! What is my father doing here? ―I'm in serious trouble if he finds out! She ran straight across an open lot and around the back through the farmland where the barn animals hid safely under the shed, a few feet from the house. Tavára entered the house; the parked limo had escaped his gaze. ―Tivéra what the heck is he doing here? Honey, Mr. Seth just stopped by to say hello, he's leaving now. Good reddens he went upstairs.

I'm sorry about that Mr. Seth; I guess he's in a foul mood. Nah, it's alright I guess I deserved that anyway, well, I've overstayed my welcome good evening.....good evening Ishumura!‖ he went outside towards the limo, he had stopped just a few feet away from the parked car and turned his head in the direction towards the tree house. The chauffeur had acknowledged him is something the matter sir? No, nothing at all, just get me home.

Mara had sneaked through the opened window of her room her raincoat was soaked by the heavy raindrops; she quickly took it off, as she made an abrupt attempt to toss the raincoat when she suddenly heard faint footsteps advancing towards the door. The little girl had grown overwhelmingly nervous she almost panicked the evening could turn out eventful for her after all. Having been knocked back to reality amidst the heavy sounds of the marching footsteps she quickly tossed the raincoat under her bed and then jumped in it under her sheets. Hello little Seth, it's time for your medication okay Rossi' she got up in an upward position. ―Here you go little miss, now swallow Hugh, that's awful, it's getting bitter by the day he smiled well, it's supposed to taste that way, that's how you know it's good for you, well goodnight little one good night Rossi, she gave him a kiss on his cheek and a hug. He was a bit surprised, but a little more cheerful of the thought. He went to the window and closed it, he saw that the floor was wet and turned to look at Mara she was already fast asleep. He smiled; children' he dried up the water and then turned on her night light and exited the room. Mr. Seth had arrived home and greeted halfway to the stairs by his lovely wife. Where have you been all night honey? She asked sounding half-asleep seemed half-asleep. Oh sorry honey, I guess I lost track of time. He hugged her. ―I never knew work could be that interesting. "Come on, let's get ourselves in bed. She allowed her head to fall on his shoulder. ―our daughter is asleep ―that's wonderful to hear, hey I'll be right with you honey I'm going to check on her "don't wake her dear!' she made her way towards their bedroom and quickly crawled into bed, Mr. Seth was in Mara's room looking at his little angel sleeping. He sat at her bedside, soon you'll inherit all my legacy honey as I have my parents, you will be the future air of the SETH Empire you'll have more power and control than I ever have, and your reign will be prolonged by your wisdom and beauty. He leaned over to her and kissed her forehead goodnight' he came out of the room and the door closed behind him. Mara's eyes were half opened as she steered into her night light.

August 20, 2087: ―wake up sleepy head, your holiday cheer is almost over and you know what that means don't you? Tavára had sunk his face into his pillow at the hope of not hearing what he was about to he had never liked school the thought of having gone back frightened him. He was not a potential scholar, but he had always been average in his schoolwork, rarely participates in any school activities. Nevertheless, he had an extraordinary gift that no one had dared to imagine. I will not say though, that is reserved for you to find out yourself...who knows perhaps you already have.

Tavára you and I are going to the market ―Argh, Tivéra do I have to? He sat upright on the bed and stretched. Well, honey pie, you're the only one I have, so ah, yes, now come...get ready and let's go. He jumped out of bed and ran towards the bathroom. Do you want me to help you? ―Tivéra! I'm capable I don't need your help! He closed the door. ―Hahaha, don't need to be blowing steams honey, I was just playing with you dear she was still laughing well, anyway I'll be downstairs getting the car ready.

Moments later, Ishumura was dressed and ready, he went outside to the car ―just look at you I swear you are only nine years old and already seem like a grown-up ha-ha she gave him a big long hug and a kiss on his tender cheek. His green eyes were like his mother's, he was dressed in his favorite t-shirt that had three different colors; black at the top, a streak of white in the middle and red at the bottom, he was dressed in a black jeans shorts, a pair of white sock cut off at the ankles and his favorite black leather sandals. Yes indeed, he was ready for a long boring day at the market with his beautiful and childish mother.

Hey! Tivéra, Tivéra quickly turned around surprised she was to have heard the voice of a lost friend she had so much longer to see, she screamed ―Salomé! She grabbed her and hugged her. Hmmm okay, okay Tivéra I can't breathe' she let go. Salomé had been her dearest friend in the YomiKada institute; however, they had seen each other on separate occasions during their childhood years. Salomé was three years older than her Tivéra, outmatched by her beauty, and had always felt a little bit jealous of her friend prior to the unceasing attention that lured her way like a ticket to the grand gala. Salomé had fairly short light blue spiky hair, clear blue eyes that always seemed unreadable, her lips were a bit thin also, her nose was small and slightly pointy at the tip, she had a fairly dark complexion or perhaps of a more tanning look. She was also pretty, she was never really much on the spirit, but she was rather an enthusiastic character. My son and I are heading off to the market, want to come with us? Oh, hey little man. She rubbed his hair. I was on my way there also. Great! Hop in! The car drove off. So what brings you to these parts of town Sal, didn't you live in Tarsier? Salomé laughed at her dear friend helplessly. I still do, and its Xenosia dear, Xenosia. "I swear Tivéra, I told you that like a hundredth times already yeah well, that is a peculiar name to remember you know oh Tiv, anyway I was here on some official business, and someone had mentioned of you and that I could find you here, I'm glad I did though to tell you the truth, I missed you. Aw, I missed you too Salomé’ Tivéra motioned over to her trying to hug her hey! Tivéra! Watch the road! The car had swerved the intersection of Mahatma, upsetting the incessant traffic ―hey lady watch it, are you crazy! Sorry, Mr. Tivéra please I plan on having a child of my own someday! Salomé held on firmly to the seat belt. Hey honey, are you alright? Are you hurt? Tivéra made a quick glance over her shoulder at her son; he sat quietly in the back as if he had not realized what had happened. His face was straight, motionless as if he had blanked out you're a terrible driver Tivéra! He murmured. Her heart warmed and she smiled. ―Yep, he's alright"

Uenshin, we have to hurry and get back home before daddy gets back! Quiet, Sakiyra! I'm almost through I just need a few more groceries and that's it but we have enough big sister Sakiyra had always looked up to her sister, in fact, this had been ever since their mother went mysteriously missing three years ago. Sakiyra was now five years old and her sister was eight.

She was a sweet child, though easily intimidated, she would usually run to her big sister for her to defend her, they both have never or at least could never really rely on their opium mated father he was always drunk, he grunts and always seemed miserable as if he had given up ever since their mother disappeared. Uenshin had considered him unreliable and that he lacked the social capacity to help them develop, thus, they had to make their own mistakes. Sakiyra was a pretty child but immense depression had hampered her joyous spirits and plagued into her natural beauty. She had tall pretty, white hair almost like the color of silver, the color of her eyes was of-gold that sparkled in the dimmest light. You could once see courage, faith, and ambition in this young child but now they seemed dull, unreadable, and always appeared as if she had not slept for at least a week. She was light complexion and knew how to speak a little Spanish and many Japanese languages. Despite all her circumstances, she was always properly groomed; this time she wore her little pink blouse with a smiling bear at the front and a navy blue colored jeans skirt an inch above her knees and a pair of black Piniella shoes that had been cushioned by a pair of pink silk socks.

Uenshin had seemed a bit more relaxed, she rarely thought of her mother so as to suppress any concurrent emotions that had overwhelmed her in the past. She was a bit more abrasive, highly defensive of her little sister; she loved playing the guitar and was very good in her music classes at school. Uenshin was also beautiful, but she had never shown interest in anyone, rarely even friends and she liked it that way. She was oftentimes approached despite her age by young boys, girls on very rare occasions. She had short soft, dark hair. At least darker than the average people, she had pretty blue eyes that rarely smiled, soft thin lips she was also light in complexion and knew how to speak several languages and that had made her even cuter. She had had on and off troubles seeing properly, however, she was a bit impaired but this problem occurs only two perhaps three times on very few occasions. Another side of Uenshin was that she had a little taste in fashion but it was however unique she was dressed in a very tight-fitting black blouse, a black leather belt with white stitching and a pair of white pants with the feet torn off at the ends revealing at least two-quarters of her legs. She had on a pair of black Woudukah sandals that looked so wonderful on her. Uenshin had a very good shape for her age though she may not have acknowledged this herself.

Uenshin come on! I don't like being here Sakiyra held on to her sister's hand real tight ―okay, Sakiyra, fine I guess we have enough groceries, let's go home. They both had resided in a small town far north of Cuabbo called Bible City' it was never really discovered how it had come by that name, but the people, however, had their theories, of course, none of which is true or make any sense.


Tivéra parked her car in an open parking lot facing the Shang-nun plaza. ―We're finally here guys!” an excited Tivéra jumped out of the car. Salomé came out ―some things never change, do they? She shook her head at her. ―Um, huh excuse me, ladies, they turned around and was greeted by a short stumpy looking figure with a face as round as the moon. ―It is with humble and sincere respect that I do inform you that this parking lot is high—―oh, here you go Mr. Tivéra gave the man two hundred (Genoas). He gave her a ticket ―happy shopping he smiled and waved at them as they slowly walked away. Ishumura got out of the car and stood to face the plaza, he smiled and ran towards it ―hey! Not so fast Mr. Tivéra caught up with him, ―you should not be so hasty, and you might hurt yourself she sped off into the plaza ―Hahaha Ishumura and Salomé stood to watch as she disappeared into the plaza. They were shocked, barely able to speak ―w-what happened? "I don't know" they glanced at each other. ―Your mother is something else little man they went over to the plaza to meet a cheerful Tivéra. Hey, what took you guys so long? Salomé shrugged ―we had a hard time eating your dust ha-ha very funny Sal, now come on let's go shopping Salomé looked across the plaza, ―uh, Tivéra why don't you give me half your list and you keep half, that way it would be much quicker, your son and I can shop for these, I'll just shop for my stuff while I'm at it what'd you say "aw, Salomé I thought we were all shopping together?" "We are dear, just in ah, different sort of way, come on? Salomé swung her head over her shoulders across the plaza; her eyes searched the entire scenery as if looking for someone Tivéra thought for a moment.

Well, I guess we can, it does make it easier that way, ok here take this with you then, she gave her some money for her part of the shopping list, ―well ok. She hugged Ishumura and kissed him see you later honey, you be careful okay? Mwah ‘Tivéra! You're embarrassing me! She slouched over to him and whispered in his ear ―it's mommy dear, say, mommy. He kissed her cheek by Tivéra she got up and looked at him; she frowned. Humph! Hey Sal, you guys are careful okay? And don't let him stray too far from you okay? Salomé had saluted, ―Mam, Yes Mam! Ishumura laughed, and Salomé had joined in. They both went off, Tivéra glanced towards her direction, and her eyes had caught a well, trimmed figure, handsome in his image, at least 195 lbs. 6 ft. 1 inch tall, he had short brown hair and serene brown eyes. He was Japanese and handsomely attired in a full dark brown corduroy suit. Tivéra had realized that it was Salomé's ex-boyfriend. She smiled eh, I should've known, no wonder she insisted she went off towards a pastry shop that was between an accessories store and a restaurant. She entered. ―Hello, can I have a donut, please? The young man came over to her, why sure the lovely lady that will be only 5 Genoas she gave him and looked at the array of sprinkled donuts, neatly decorated and displayed through a clear showcase. Among those were other delicious pastries and baked bread. The young man reached for her donut huh; can I have the biggest one? He looked up at her but she looked away, she felt somewhat nervous when she thought he was not looking she turned around again that one with the hearts on top of it, please her face was red, she was sure he was looking at her. She felt a bit embarrassed. He had wrapped it in a decorated paper napkin; it was surely the biggest donut perhaps she had ever seen. ―Not a bad way to break a donuts heart he gave her the hearted donut ―please don't eat my heart out she laughed not a chance, you'd have to be a donut she walked out of the shop ―bye he watched as she left ―what a beauty! he tried stealing glances at her as she dashed towards the opening market darn it, I never got her number! Huh, excuse me! Hey kid, do you think that maybe I can get a donut before my thirty-ninth birthday?!

Now, Mara, it is strongly appreciated if you don't get mixed with this wild crowd but mother, they are just people? Yes, darling but you're not like these people dear, have you noticed all the attention you're getting? Mara could see the many people stealing away opportunities to look at her now you see Mara, that's what separates us from them, despite the fact I've decided to shop in these parts of town it doesn't really undermine our status, this place was reconstructed by your father bringing life back to what had seemed lost forever. You will continue this legacy that will be passed on to you and only you, my dear embrace all its divine glory. Hundreds of crowds had gathered on as they welcomed their presence among them. Hey, look! It's Seth's?! Yeah, that's the daughter and the mother! Mrs. Seth" Mara disliked all that drama, she didn't like all the attention they were getting, in her heart she knew they were just like them perfected, special and gifted in every way. Oh, come on Salomé give it a rest already will you, I said I was sorry? What more do you want? Salomé was angered what did you just say to me?! I don't want anything you jerk! She hurried off with Ishumura come on little guy let's go find your mom. “Hey Sal, don't call me that! Look at least let me help you with some of those bags you're carrying around don't bother I can handle them myself! Humph! there was a momentary silence, she was standing still she could the contractions in her arms as the weight builds on her, she looked over at him and abruptly pushed all of the bags in his arms ―hey, he took them ―wow, what is in these bags?!" "Okay, now how about forgiving me...Please?" ―"Are you insane? Why would I do that?" No, no way I will not forgive what you did never! ―Why am I angry with you again? He almost fell, ―err, huh because I slept with someone else on your birthday, but I was told—―oh yeah, now I remember, I knew I count on you to never let me forget! Ishumura looked into the busy streets of the market, an increasing amount of people going to their respective places. It was always difficult for his mother to get through this stampede especially nearing the end of summer. He glanced around in the hope that he might see someone, someone special to him. Who are you looking for Tavára? Salomé had acknowledged his gazes huh? No one, no one especially ―a beautiful kid you got there Salomé‖ his shallow ignorance had perturbed her. Must you be so insensitive Tichimori?! ―Arrgh! He looked at her what? What? He is my dear friend Tivéra's son, you remember her don't you? The one you had your eyes all over! Oh yeah, I remember where is she? She felt irritated oh we're doing separate shopping, she'll be meeting us soon I hope, besides I can't have you eyeballing her to death! Ishumura was annoyed by their bickering you guys sound like children! Hey, the kid is right, let's just forget about this okay? ―Fine with me, I think I can handle my bags now! She grabbed them from his hands. ―Goodbye! She walked off angrily with Ishumura. Tichimori stood watching in silence as she vanished beyond the crowd he thought. ―She'll never forgive me will she? He parted in the opposite direction. "Are you alright Salomé?" Ishumura had felt the tension in her grip. Huh? Sure, sure... the little guy she looked down at him and smiled. She knew that he knew she wasn't. "Let's go wait for your mom okay?"

Tivéra exited Pa's all variety store, her list was complete, she felt however that she was missing something, however, she was not entirely sure what exactly it was, she pondered. ―Oh, wait, Notebooks! Tavára does need a whole lot of those, I can't believe I almost forgot them, Tivéra you silly girl. She walked off hastily ―I'll just gets one of my favorite Tenshin San comic books while I'm at it she dashed towards Li Hung's all variety store, a place where an old friend of hers owned. He was always nice to her, he had known her when she was only a year old, and he was now sixty-three years old. He had been a very good friend to her parents. He also had a granddaughter around thirteen years younger than Tivéra was, but she lived in Towoia and rarely ever visit him only on a few stolen chances. Upon entering the store she saw Mara exited, accompanied by her mother well hello Mara, what's up? I must say I'm glad to see you here hello Mrs. Ishumura, happy to her mother interjected Mara, the chauffeur is waiting by the car, go! She walked over to the parked car, adjacent the open road facing the plaza, she was waving Tivéra goodbye. Both Mrs. Seth and Tivéra were both standing between the opened doors; Mrs. Seth looked at her scornfully, Tivéra had felt the rising tension between leaping on her shoulders like a wild panther, she leaped, she suddenly felt a bit of guilt swarming her, she wasn't entirely sure why. Perhaps her sub consciousness had thought it might have had something to do with Mr. Seth being at her home flirting with her and had allowed him to touch her.

She was very anxious as none of her theories seemed logical this case, had she known? She thought. Mrs. Seth had noticed how uneasy she was. Mrs. Seth was a woman of divine intuit, she had a very commanding voice and always seemed to be serious about everything, now more than she had ever been, she had pale yellow curly hair and dark blue eyes. There were small signs of wrinkles at the corners invading her natural beauty; her nose was straight and pointy at the tip. And her lips were thin and beautiful with a cherry-flavored lipstick. Her parents were Jewish and had been very strict in raising her. They ensured that she had everything she needed for life so that someday she will grow up to rule and conquer her country. But this proposal was too much for her so she ran away from home abandoning her parents and their corrupt dreams and was ready to start her own life at 13, undisturbed by this silly and meaningless and irrational idealism. She stole her last glance at Tivéra and then walked away towards the waiting car. Tivéra watched as she was being escorted, she entered the store, ―hello Mr. Hung, what's up? Mr. Hung dropped his mug; he was startled as he made slow glance over the counter there stood before him an angel of beauty. She smiled at him ―Tivéra! Tivéra it's you! The ecstatic old brute somersaulted over the counter. Tivéra stood and watched in surprise as she saw that the old man could still fetch a cup of tea. You still have life left in you yet my good friend they both laughed long life my dear Tivéra, long life it's been quite a while since I've seen you, I know you were a beautiful girl when you were only a little girl but, now you turned out beyond perfection. Even more beautiful than your mother had been' she smiled. So tell me, dear child, what brings you to these parts of town? Well, I was doing some shopping and I decided to stop by an old friend's store for some accessories for my little boy you have a son? Li Hung hugged her, he was never much on height, his face was buried between her breasts ―but, and, look at you, and you’re so young? How old is he? ―Oh, well, he's nine years old now, will be ten in October she smiled. Where is the young lad? Huh, well he's with my friend Salomé, their supposedly on their way by now, well, actually I'm supposed to meet with them shortly. “Oh, well, in that case, let me get what you came for she hands him a shortlist ―oh ah do you have the new Tenshin San Comic books? Can I have a few of those, please? He laughed I tell you Tivéra, the years sure do fly' she saw the expression of her friend. ―They sure do, don't they? I remember making your life very miserable Mr. Hung, my friends and I would usually sneak by after school and throw tomatoes on your windows and ran whenever we thought you were coming, and I would hide myself behind the barrels and watched as you cursed while cleaning them, Hahaha, that had always brightened my day.

They both started laughing, Mr. Hung suddenly became quiet and she had noticed this. Well, here you go, my dear, he handed her a huge bag of supplies. Thank you, Mr. Hung, she hugged him, this time he held her breasts as he prevented them from suffocating him. Hey, Tivéra maybe you could come again sometime and talk more about the old days, you and me and I hope you would bring your son too? I sure will, Mr. Hung' as she stood before the open door she glanced at him one last time, ―bye, take good care of yourself okay? Haven't I been?' she smiled then walked away ―hey Tivéra! Catch! She turned around, he had tossed a tomato to her, and she caught it. ―Maybe some other time huh? She smiled at him then looked at the tomato ―sure my friend‖ she almost vanished in the distance take care of yourself' she thought. She felt that he was sad, ―a wonderful child she is, so high spirited as if not a care in the world, humph‖ he went back around the counter and sat down and before him, he saw his face in the shattered mug.

I wanted to say hello to Ishumura, mother‖ Mrs. Seth looked at Mara and saw that she looked a bit sad through the reflection on the window of the car door as she looked outside. She shook her head and didn't bother to respond as she glanced through the opposite window, upon exiting the Old City Market she saw Ishumura and Salomé standing by the parking lot. ―He is a beautiful child isn't he? Mara looked at her mother and saw that she was looking at Ishumura. She suddenly shouted with a bit of energy ―Ishumura! she called as the car sped past them, she waved, Ishumura had seen her, Salomé had noticed, AH, so you WERE looking for someone weren't you? I bat that was her too. She looked at the vehicle as it steadied in the distant traffic.

They heard shouts hovering over the crowded streets, Salomé could hear the tussle followed by a loud uproar of the busy people, and thus a particular voice had caught her attention. ―Huh, excuse me! Coming through! Pardon me!‖ Tivéra was fighting her way through the barricade, she could've felt that she was being grabbed at; two strong arms had emerged from the crowd and grabbed her breasts. Arrgh! She yelled and bit the stranger's hands he screamed ―Ahh, ouch! She pushed her way through and another hand had grabbed her butt ―leave me alone! Stop that! She finally emerged from the stampede and caught up to Salomé and Ishumura, they were laughing at her, and she had noticed ―humph! We knew we heard your voice, anyway can we go now, Tivéra? "Sure sweetheart" Salomé interjected; ―well huh, you guys go on ahead I'll head back home nonsense Sal, we can take you to come on― "no, really no thank you Tiv I'm alright, besides you've done enough for me already she winked at her. ―Huh, how do you mean? Tivéra was puzzled. ―You paid for half my groceries, what more could a friend ask for? Ha-ha, chow!' Tivéra frowned, ―Hey! Come back here! Salomé vanished beyond the crowds; Tivéra looked at her son ―did you hear that honey? My dearest friend ripped me off! they went over to the car and got in and started driving towards the exit of the parking lot, she came to a stop as she saw a huge bold figure advancing her direction ―ticket please, Mam the security guard stood just a feet from the car door to her side, here you go, sir, she sounded cheerful, the security guard removed his dark glasses, behind them were a pair of dreadful, heart-piercing eyes that just tore straight into her soul, her heart leaped. He closely examined the ticket; is this some kind of joke? he waved the ticket in front her face, she then realized it was a fake ticket; there was a smiling yellow face on it and below it was an inscription; thank you, have a nice day' Tivéra got out of the car. I'm so sorry Mr. Security man, sir; you see there was this guy wow! The security guard interrupted her, well, you should pay more attention to what you get these days, a lot of persons had pulled off that stunt before just to get parking space she nodded but in the meantime, and he suddenly entered voice; rather soft and casual. You're a very beautiful girl' he had his eyes on her hips steadily. Good stuff' he thought. He rubbed the palms of his hands hey tell you what, I'll excuse you on a warning to be more careful, not many guys like us gives away chances like these especially if it meant a few extra bucks Ishumura was annoyed Tivéra can we go now? I'm starting to feel car sick yeah, hey, give me a call will you, maybe we could hang out more, get to know each other‖ he stole glances at her huge breasts, he felt the rush of adrenaline as his mind went uncontrollably by deep thoughts of fantasy, he could've almost touched them sure okay, I guess’ she took the ticket and jumped back into the car and drove leaving behind in the distance a cheerful security guard.

Tivéra had the ticket in her hand and turned it to look at the number. ―Hey, honey do you think—Tavára? She looked around and saw an angry motionless boy that just sat there, looking out at the world through the car window. What's wrong sweetheart? Are you okay?' ―Do I look okay to you Tivéra? Well, no not exactly' she drove slower, she had then realized, just take me home now. Okay, sure honey she placed her hand on the outside door of the car and held on to the edge. She was quiet and suddenly started smiling as they drove towards home, towards solitude and peace. And out in the mid-air, the ticket blew, still afloat the heavy winds it carried it away, far from the city and far away from her mind.

Bible City/Odhaii:

The two burden bearers had finally returned to their hometown, they were greeted by some of the happy faces hard at work for the new season. ―Hi Uenshin, I see you and your little sister just came back from a long day of shopping? The gentleman looked at them, Uenshin did not want to respond as she was sure that this conversation would somehow leak to their father by this chatterbox that always wants to know what's happening. Where's your father, is he home? No actual—Uenshin covered her sister's mouth ―yes he is actually, he sent us out; we must be going she waved her little sister onwards as they quickly hurried home ―bye Mr. Yenma take care children' he waved as they vanished before he could say anything else. Uenshin and Sakiyra crossed over a small wooden bridge a few feet above an angry river dividing the two cities. They momentarily arrived home among the distance, a two-story house with the top half-finished, it had around 6 rooms, 4 bathrooms 2 kitchens the dining area, living area and a guest area on the lower level. The house badly needed renovation; the years had aged the walls of their home. Their father was a once-wealthy man, over the past years he had squandered all away his wealth to opium, barrels of wine and Chinchou cigars also spending late nights at bars and clubs.

They were home, and suddenly felt a relieved at knowing they had arrived just in time before their father had arrived. The air was not stained liquor nor were there any trails of burnt cigar residues, yes they thought; perhaps they have been spared from an eventful evening after all. "Well, I'm going prepare something for you to eat little sister" "Okay, big sister, I'll help you—no its Sakiyra, please get some rest, watch television or something" Sakiyra looked at her exhausted sister "okay, Uenshin" she jumped into the couch. ―Huh, could you watch the other television upstairs okay? And turn it up a bit so I can hear it.' Uenshin had sensed that their father was coming, she watched her little sister dashed up the flight of steps and into an adjacent bedroom next to the stairway. ―I'll be up with your breakfast in a little while okay Sakiyra? she unpacked the bags of groceries and placed them in an overhead cupboard facing her. She quickly got started on a large meal for her sister, just then the door flew open; and a pale looking figure stood at its entrance, half awake and yet half asleep, it was their father. Before he had been reduced to this level of indignity consumed by oppression, he was once a very nice, loving and caring guy and husband and had spent a lot of time with his family. Now, he was only thirty-seven years old and useless. Uenshin had a slight resemblance to him, he had short black hair, dark blue eyes that seemed seldom and empty most times, his nose was narrow and straight and his lips were thin. He was very tired and had already retired from a leading organization; he had given up control of the Macao Odhaii ever since his wife's sudden disappearance. He glanced towards the kitchen and saw his beautiful daughter preparing breakfast, the aroma made him more conscious of what was actually happening the scent had aroused him, and he began to ponder on the last time he had ever eaten. Hello Uenshin. Her head slightly turned to acknowledge his father. Something sure smells good, can I have some? Sure, you perhaps need it.' She wanted to say no, she had only prepared enough for her sister and herself. He sat on the couch; she slowly approached him with a dish of deliciously baked sandwiches, enough to slow his adrenaline to keep him resting for a while with a cup of Cinueed tea. ―Thank you, honey, she turned around and did not respond, he held on to her hand before she could manage to walk away from him. ―Where's your sister? Uenshin seemed relaxed as she turned to face him "she's upstairs, watching television...father oh—okay, Uenshin where were you today? I tried calling the home but no one answered and where did you get all this stuff? I didn't give you any money? Her father's queries caught her off guard she seemed hesitant. She felt a violent tension in his grip as he closed it in on her hand she quickly pulled away and turned to face him; he was upset, he pushed aside the sandwiches. ―You should drink your coffee; while it is still useful for you. He got into a rage and grabbed her hand. Answer me darn it! She pulled away violently "you're hurting my wrist!" ―Leave me alone and go and have your coffee she left him standing, writhing in his fury. She went upstairs with her sister's breakfast. Mr. Sato sat back on the couch and drank his coffee, it was hot; Arrgh! Damn it! Hmmm, he looked up the stairs where Uenshin had been. Sakiyra, Sakiyra are you in here? Oh hey, big sister, I was just in the bathroom, did I turn the T.V. up too much?' No, it's alright Sakiyra here's your breakfast yeah, breakfast! Thank you, big sister! 'Uenshin was quiet, she handed her the breakfast.

Here you go I made some hot chocolate for you, but cool it first okay? She smiled. Wow, this is too much for me to have Uenshin, where's yours? She looked at her. ―Huh? Oh, I had it already she smiled at her little sister. ―Come on eat up, you seem a bit weak, eat you need all the energy you can get‖ Sakiyra was eating her breakfast, though the whole time she kept her eyes on Uenshin. Hey, I'll be outside playing my guitar for a while okay? Okay, Uenshin, be careful' Uenshin kissed her cheek then sprung to her feet and went downstairs. Oh, by the way, my father is here he's downstairs in the couch” Sakiyra looked around at her, and then she sighed. She turned to face the television. Uenshin grabbed the guitar from her room and went through the back door before exiting she stood in the doorway and glanced over her shoulder. Mr. Sato was asleep on the couch, before closing the door she saw his pale looking face, it was sad and tired. She almost felt sorry for him....almost. Then the door closed. Out into the fresh air, she went where she enjoyed being most reflecting amidst the freedom around her. She usually sits on a piece of the old wood log a few feet from the house among the tall overhanging trees with the limbs outstretched and suspended. She would listen to silence being the high walls and then played her guitar and closed her eyes and would dream.

Wednesday, August 25, 2087 B.C

Daddy, I want to spend the rest of the holidays with grandpa‖ Mr. Seth smiled. That sounds excellent sweetheart, I will get your stuff huh, daddy that is it?! No buts or anything? Why would I object Mara, you love your grandfather, besides I will love the chance to focus without worrying about you too much he smiled. I have needed to see how the old guy is doing anyway her face changed. ―Do you mean to focus on your work? She turned her face away, she was overwhelmed by her own impatience to get away from this power-crazed family of hers. She had failed to see the characteristics of her grandfather in her father. Her grandfather was a very sweet, kind, humble and loving old man; he was very rich and powerful in his time, he was a combatant soldier and had resorted in becoming a martial arts master of the Fist of Wodou' he had fought and survived many battles and unending wars waged against his colonial legacy and the anti-republics. His wife had been slaughtered in the heroic attempt to capture and slay the Black Legion. He had given control of his empire to his younger son; Victor Von Seth, since the tragic death of his first son by the Black Legion colony. They had now crossed the new lakes of Persia going north-east of Zampersia and headed straight into the high hills of Pallestyne. They were home. Good, we're here, now go get ready and I'll go inform your mother Mara jumped out of the jeep and ran towards the opened door. She was greeted by Rossi ―Ahh, welcome home little Seth, may I get you something to— "no thank you, Mr. Rossi, I'm going to grandpa's." she hurried towards the stairway and leaped up the steps. That's wonderful, little one.' Some few minutes later Mara was all ready to go. Her mother came down the steps to greet the anxious child. Now Mara sweetheart, I want you to have fun and don't give your grandfather any trouble okay? Don't worry mother I can't afford to let that happen to my grandpa or else I'll never be happy again' she smiled at her mother. ―What's that supposed to mean?! "Nothing mother" Mara ran outside towards the waiting vehicle. Rossi accompanied her towards the car with her packed suitcases. "Are you moving little Seth?" Do I have to bid you farewell? Mara looked at him and laughed. ―No silly‖ he returned a smile. Mrs. Seth was still standing in the doorway looking out at the happy little girl eager to get away from home. Her heart leaped, she thought that Mara had seemed happier spending time with her grandfather than her own power-hungry family. She heard Mr. Seth's voice a little distant from where she stood. ―I swear, money seems to be leaving my account for some strange reason, hmm he closed his laptop and went over to the door. ―Bye honey—Mwah he gave a long kiss on her lips. By the way are you aware of the fact that money seems to be leaving our accounts? What do you mean dear? Mrs. shifted her head facing him. Exactly what I said—have—have you been shopping again? No, of course not! That's a bit extreme don't you think? That’s what I thought too, Well, anyway he kissed her on her cheek. See you in a while honey he dashed out to the jeep accompanied by his chauffeur. He quickly got into the jeep and drove away. See you, hmm Mrs. Seth was still standing between the opened doors, deep in her thought.

Tichimori, I can't believe you, bro, why do you waste so much time chasing after that Salomé girl? What did you say?' Tichimori leaped at his friend. Look Tichimori man, you already had your score man, what more do you want? Give it a rest already—you know, I saw you two just a few days ago, well I must say you two do look wonderful together. But life isn't what u expect it to be, it's just what you have to deal with Tichimori looked at him. ―Thank for those words of wisdom Nathan, on behalf of your own risk assessment background you're right I know I'm right I am glad you finally caught up to your senses, besides I can't have my buddy sabotaging our club's reputation he laughed. Tichimori momentarily began to laugh.

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