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Jax is a soldier of Base One, tasked with defending the Base from looters and criminals from taking what's theirs. Though he has no idea what it is, none of the other soldiers know what it is either, and no one questions it. During a battle with looters, he meets the cute new recruit from Company Red. they try to find out what's brewing inside the impenetrable base and deal with their feelings for each other.

Action / Scifi
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Built for Battle

Jax circled his station, dazed and not expecting anything to happen like the other 289 days. he tugged at his armor, the rough fabric of the undersuit of scratching his skin.

“couldn’t they invest a little more money into these goddamn suits?” Jax grumbled under his breath.

he squat down to let his legs rest, letting his intricate gun down onto the floor. lifting his hands to unlatch his helmet, a message blared in his ear, startling him.

"attention all soldiers and training recruits, there has been a security breach, get in your assigned positions”

groaning, Jax put his helmet back on and flipped the safety off his gun and waited. In the distance, there were rovers with looters coming towards the base. they had older model guns and they were shooting at the base.

“finally some interesting shit happening here,” Jax yelled. he aimed his gun and shot the tires of the rover heading towards his station.

he almost got the last tire when a newbie came running toward him, blocking his line of sight. he was about to yell at him when he saw he was shot in the arm. he was clutching it, the bullet landed right between the give of metal and fabric.

“whoever shot that must’ve been good,” Jax murmured. He grabbed the newbie and pulled him behind the blockade.

“Why the fuck were you running in the open fire?!” Jax yelled. he flinched, cowering and sheepish, “I couldn’t find my base and bullets were raining all around me.”

Jax groaned, stupid newbies, he thought. “just stay behind the blockade until this shit is over, then I’ll get you back to where you need to go.

he ran in front of the blockade and shot the remaining looter dead, and the commotion stopped.

“woo, well that was easy,” Jax whooped. he chuckled then went over to the newbie. he saw that the newbie removed his helmet.

Goddamn, Jax thought. he was breathtaking, fluffy brown hair, honey eyes in the sunlight, and lightly freckled skin. his face was a mixture of fear and adoration. “ok let’s start this over I’m sorry I was so mean, I’m Jax.” the newbie looked surprised for a moment then smiled slightly, “I’m Torin,” he rubbed his neck awkwardly and Jax took off his helmet too, not missing the faint blush that played across his cheeks when he did.

“ok, Torin let's get you fixed up in the medical bay,” Jax said. he helped him up and made their way into the building.

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