Making My Choice

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Two guys fall in love in-between a war. Both are fated partners; one has a moon tattoo and the other a sun tattoo on their right shoulder both. Everything was painted beautiful and it was full of pure innocent love; or that's what they thought. What happens when one learns that his partner is a spy for the enemies army. He suddenly becomes cold and rejects his own soulmate. In order to escape his rejection the other flees only to land in the arms of a handsome man who is inevitable to fall in love with. As these two strangers begin to develop feeling for each other, the other fated partner is in search of his soulmate. He wants him back no matter the cost. what will the partner with the moon tattoo do? What will be his choice?

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Our Beginning


I ran as fast as I could.

By the time i reached the pond my breathing got harder.

I put my hands on my knees to help me breath a bit.

I suddenly hear footsteps and shout behind me again.

I started running again like my life depended on it which it did.

My feet where screaming for me to stop but i couldn’t.

My head had a throbbing pain but i couldn’t stop. My arms and legs were severely scratched and bleeding out but i couldn’t stop.

My clothes were dirty smelly and wet but i could are less about my clothes. Right now i wouldn’t even risk taking a sip of water.

Not if he was tailing me.

I continued running until i reached the waterfall.

By that time it was already night so i quickly swam across the waterfall for precaution. When i reached i slowed down until i was walking.

The shouts and footsteps had diminished a long time ago. I looked back with my chest going in and out quickly.

I saw no one in the distance.

Still i couldn’t be sure. He lies most of the time. He was nothing but fake.

I suddenly heard a twig of a branch break which interrupted me out of my daydream.

I looked towards the thing that made the noise then a figure suddenly revealed itself.

My body froze in terror and my eyes widen in horror at the man standing before me.


What was he? When did he? Why was he?

Every question i asked myself i couldn’t finish.

He was grinning at me wickedly.

He started walking towards me slowly and i subconsciously started walking towards him.

My mind was screaming for me to stop walking but my body was reacting by itself.

My mind was begging for me to stop walking but my body reacted on its own.

He took out a dagger out of his pants pocket and i wondered how it was still there since we were under on water still.

But i was hypnotized by those intense purple eyes that each time i look at them they pierce in to my soul.

His soldiers surrounded us but i was unaware of my surroundings because of him.

Suddenly i slipped into the cold crystal water. i emerged again and saw he was coming towards me.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and sliced my both my shoulders and my wrist.

After he was finished with me he did the same thing to himself.

He ripped of his shirt and wen tot do the same thing to me.

His body was the definition of perfect.

Handsome face.

Slender body.

Eight packs.

Perfect Jawline.

Beautiful Purple eyes.

I didn’t understand how the moon goddess and the sun god thought we were perfect for each other.

My thoughts were abruptly interrupted when i felt someone licking my bleeding wrist.

I looked up and saw Felix doing this.

I was amused at first but suddenly my mother’s words came back to me.

The old tradition of soul bonding was by blood to blood. When that happens it doesn’t matter how far you are your partner will still find you. One becomes immortal while the other one is the essence of the others life.′

I got scared and got the courage and finally asked Felix,

′ What do you really want Felix?′ he looked at me with a confused look then smiled at me.

’I don’t want your love nor nothing that belongs to you! I will only use you to achieve my goals .I want immortality! then i won’t need you anymore!′ he finally concluded.

His word hurt but by now i should be used to it.

But it seems like he didn’t know what it took to do this. He would be the only one that would be suffering.

unlike the other one that would become immortal, the other one that is the mortal could fall in love with anyone but the one that is immortal will have it worst. Because like i said before his essence of life will be his partner ONLY!′ said my mom grinning.

Those were vague memories of my deceased mother.

i looked up at Felix and he was smirking at me.

i didn’t even realize that he had completed the soul bonding.

Suddenly i felt my head become light weight.

My body felt numb.

I felt weak and began falling.

I would have preferred to drown in the water were we were but Felix caught me.

I took one last look at him and that beautiful eyes of his which i fell in love with.

Finally, i fell into a deep slumber.

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