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Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: The Juaj

Northorn Ireland, 1877

“Oi, Soarem,” I herd a yell from the back of my head. “Look, lad,” I touch my cheaks. “I don’t do ads,” He followed. “I just wanted you to-,” I gave him a look that could send em’ back to last week. He stopped and murrmerd. “My name not Soarem by the law,” I giggled. I trotted with my horse, back to the X-Juaj.

“Take your cloak off, lad,” Said Ski. I ignored. “Ski, do you think my parents could see it?” She turned towards me. “See what?” I trotted infront of her. “See it comin, they ought to have known that the humans were comin’,” She frowned. “I was only 900, how do you think that?” I grinned. “Because everyday they would say, ‘No matter what, dont go over that plank’ And I didn’t, the end,” She laughed. “You’ve got the wrong subjective, mate,” I heard a rattle. “She’s right, Elite, this place isn’t the place to go to be alone,” I pulled out an arrow and bow. “Put it down lad,” I said. She pulled out a gun. “Known you for a few days. Shouldn’t be that hard to kill ya,” I saw humans poking with guns. “Don’t do it,” Bang! She shot the arrow and bow from my hands. “That makes it easier,” I took off my cloak. Showing my long violet hair with a streak of grey. And long black wings the size of two men. I grinned. “What? What are you doing?” I pulled up my hands showing surrender. The men and Ski pulled up there weapons to kill me. Then I counted, 1,2,3. Shwee. Ski was speechless. She should be. She’s dead. I sliced the head. The men stood up and prepared to fight. I just smiled. I hopped off my horse. “I just need the scroll,” the men shivers in fear. I grabbed my scroll and got on my horse. I gently trotted down the hill. Men speechless at this point.

My name is Faustine Kadann. I’m a eagle half Human. There are a lot of those in Ireland. And humans hate them. But there are different breeds of these creatures, Angels, Half breed, and Voidians. I’m a Void. They are darker and more like a nightmare. They represent all nightmares. But it’s hard to know if I’m a half bred. But I look much different than others. Elite says I’m charming. And that I must be half siren. I lur people. But the thing is, I’m much different than other Eaglings. I have this strange Witchery gift. And want to find answers...

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