-Window of the forest -

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Beginning-middle-and the end.

“You look great,” I looked at Angel. “There gonna kill us,” She gave me a face. “I know,” I walked over to my horse. “Hya!” Angel following behind me. We walked down the human streets. People, children, staring. I saw one child. I grinned. She smiled. I grinned back with my eyes. I then saw a kingdom. I started loping. “Is it?” Angel said. “It is,” I answered.

When we walked in. I decided not to eat, since they would always put copper in the food. Then, I saw it, the general. He smirked. I was seated at a large table. I only sat there. “To all, I present, Faustine. The great assassin,” I stuttered. I thought the people must be paid to like me. They clapped and hollered. My mouth dropped. “We need to leave,” He stopped me. “We have a dance!” I frowned. Then I yanked his hand. I ran to the corner of the room. All the men grabbing my hands. I ran to the other side. Finding a door. I ran inside. I locked the door. I sighed.

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