-Window of the forest -

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Was it a bad dream? Or... “No, Alex, we shouldn’t. She could be working for the humans like Ski,” I sit up. “Who are you?” I said. A tall man walked towards me. He had White hair. He had and English accent. “Kingst, call me King,” I looked at him with luring devil eyes. “I like you.” He grinned and walked off. Who do you think you are? I saw black, scard up wings. Pitch black. I started to get up. “Ugh,” I looked on the back of my wing. I saw half an arrow sticking out. “We couldn’t get it out all the way,” The girl That the man called Alex walked up to me. “I’m Alexis,” I held out my hand. “Faustine,” She shook my hand. “King thought you were working for the Shoi Tribe,” I grinned. “Mind getting this out?” I pointed to the arrow. “Yeah, I don’t,” She looked like a twelve year old. She started to pull. I squinted a few times. “There,” I looked

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