-Window of the forest -

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Chapter 5: Queen

Denji was only twelve, and I was turning twenty one. That wasn’t my happy thought into finding Denji. I just want us to have peace. I would die. “It’s not possible,” I scrunched my face. “I can’t be Queen,” Denji frowned. She held out her hand. “What are you doing,” She grinned. “You can do this too,” I tilted my head in confusion. “Do what?” She held out her hand too me. King and Alex sat in the corner. Denji led me to a field. “I will prove that you aren’t Voidian,” I sighed. “Hold out your hand, and feel the grain,” I did what she said. I held out my hand, and walked. The grain, mother, and Denji. That’s what I felt. Then, I heard it. “Faustine, whatever you do, protect Denji, she is more powerful than you think. She could save us all,” I turned around, seing nothing, but white. “Open up!” Mother’s voice came back. “Come, through here,” I followed her voice. Mother led me through another round of grain, but I opened my eyes, seing myself. But different. Dark. Black eyes. White hair. And black skin.

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