Drinking is Good

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I started drinking when I was five.

Action / Adventure
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I already told you

What happened was.

The ADHD had already kicked in and i couldn't find my beer.

Lost in a maze with no escape but drunkenness

I still had my whiskey

Cheap scotch is always better than cheap whiskey. Maybe that would help, i thought.

But I'm still many hours away from my next cigarette, unless... I cheat. Hmmm

The wife doesn't like me to go out at night. A common housewife paranoia. There's no prostitutes anymore, what's the harm, I ask. Bad move.

But she's not the housewife anymore. I do the laundry and... some of the dishes. I clean, ok? I think some midnight riding is in order.

Lesson: chill more beer, be prepared, like an eagle scout. Now where's that chicken?

I haven't had dreams in months. Maybe I should roll the dice with an extra nicotine patch.

What I really need is some mescaline, mushrooms, or tequila. Any two would do.

I'd protected and saved my brain from enough harm over 45 years of- whatever the fuck this is.

I've been drinking on and off for 40 of those years. It's time to shake things up.

Always start with vodka, I'd learned from the best. My father, a drunk, not an alcoholic.

Even my grandfather on my mother's side, a less skilled alcoholic, knew that. But he never moved on. Until it was too late, then he bailed. Dementia and all that. Two dead wives from stupidity and derangement both.

Gin without enough tonic. Vodka with too much vermouth. Gag.

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