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Chapter Three

(Aunt Kelly's perspective)

I received a text as I drove home from the store. Everyone knows it's bad to text and drive so I let it be. As I pulled up, a young boy was standing by the porch. I backed into the porch, checked my phone. It was a text from Melony I replied "Hi. Yes I was out shopping. I am home now please help with the groceries. -Kelly" before I got out of my car before speaking with him. "Hello, dear. You must be the you must be the young lad that inquired about the job." I said. He seemed to have a strong figure perfect for helping out around the ranch. "Yes, ma'm. I am Cason Latenga. " he said as I walked up and offered my hand to shake. "Well let me show you around, I am Kelly. I own this ranch, I have a young niece somewhere around here. I'm guessing she is about your age. How old are you exactly?" We walked as we talked. I learned that he is 17 same age as my niece, he lives near by. He moved here this summer because his dad needed to be closer with his family. His ancestors and grandparents have lived here since they were born. We stopped by the old office. I showed him the pictures of my niece and her mother. " This is my late sister, she died in a fire when my niece was 8." I showed him the medal " My late sister won this at a barrel racing event, all the other medals are from when she had won the barrel racing, trick ridding, and bucking contests. She used to be such a great ridder. When she and her husband died in a electric fire I took in her daughter,Melony . Someday I want to turn this back into an office and create a---" Just then Melony stormed in I could tell that she was mad. "Hi sweety." I said " Hi. What are you guys doing in here?" She replied "Oh dont be rude we were just talking Cason might be our new ranch hand." I said before she replied" ok. That explains what hes doing here. But what are you doing in my moms old study?" I replied " Relax. I was just showing him around and some old photos" She replied angrily " I- I this is- was my mommas study. She used to be a trick rider but now that shes gone. Your probably thinking of making this into a new study. Sorry I didnt think that you were gonna use it. " I tried running after her but she took off on one of the horses, I thought she hated horses. As she rode off I turned around and ran back inside. " I am so Sorry for that incident and for cutting this short but I should probably go find her" I said as I grabbed a saddle. He looked at me and replied " I can help look I know this town like the back of my hand. My family lives on the outskirts of town. We will help find her " I was shocked but I didn't want someone else to go thru the trouble so I told him " No it's quite alright. Thank you. " He cut me off " I insist. Let's go find her. "

The horse stopped in its tracks, I sat up and looked around. It froze just then I saw a wolf in the grass peering out at us. The horse got up on its back legs and neighed loudly before taking off into the woods. I almost lost my balance but I regained it shortly after it started to run. As it ran I saw the trees practically flying past us. "Horses aren't so bad after all" I whispered to myself. I held my arms out as the horse thundered thru the forest . A few minutes past when all of a sudden I had gotten thrown from the horse. Last thing I saw before black in out was the black wolf standing above me as the horse ran past. "This may be the end" I thought as I blacked out. As I was blacked out I remember seeing the moon then a ghost like horse running past as a group of ghost like wolves howled and slowly came towards me.

(Time jump to 5 days of sleeping later)

I felt a sharp pain in my side as I awoke. I took a deep breath before sitting up and looking around. It looked like the inside of a.. . teepee?

Confused I scratched my head before attempting to place my feet on the floor. "Careful, shhhh. " I heard a voice that sounded smooth yet strong.

I layed back down as I looked up. I heard the words saying shhh before blacking out again.

I awoke again this time when I sat up there was a native American man mixing something near my bed. "Careful there, Young one. You have a wound on your side. You wouldn't want to hurt it worse." I groaned as I sat up. "Where- where am I? " I said. The man's voice wasn't the one I heard the first time I woke up. " On native American land, you had been thrown. Lucky for you my nephew had brought you to me. You could've died if he didn't find you" He spoke, he must of been at least in his 70s. Where is my aunt? Is that the guy I heard earlier when I awoke? How long have I been out? " I was about to ask another when he spoke " All in due time. Don't worry. Your aunt knows where you are. She is at work we made her leave because we wanted her to go rest. She had stayed with you for the first few days you were out. You've been asleep for five days. You will be able to leave in a few days once your healed" I looked around before he asked " Are you hungry or in any pain? " I looked up and I put my hand on my side " Shockingly I don't feel any pain. Yes I am hungry. I feel like haven't eaten in a week. " he nodded before leaving. I tried to recollect my thoughts, a few minutes passed before. Carson walked in, I sat up even more. It hurt to sit up more so I groaned as I did so. He rushed over and placed a hand on my back " Easy now. You where thrown-" he said before I cut him off " I know the native American guy told me. How did you get here? " I asked he pulled a hair out of my face before looking at me " I live here. I'm the native American guys great nephew. He is my uncle, Calm owl." He said I looked at him and said " Your making that up your don't look native American. You probably just made up the name 'calm owl' ? " I said just before the native American guy walked in. "Indeed it is my name and that is my nephew." My mouth hung open as he turned to Cason " Cason go tell your father that she will heal within 3 days time. " He said before handing my a wooden bowl and a spoon. "Eat gain your strength. It's elk stew." he said I ate hungrily until the bowl was empty. " Would you like some more? " He said. I sheepishly nodded and thanked him.

(one hour later)

After about an hour of eating multiple bowls and talking with Calm Owl. He told me to sleep. He left as I layed down and gave into rest.

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