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Chapter Three

This part is through Cason's eyes starting from the Saturday before Melony ran.

I woke up as usual but now my thoughts were consumed by Melony. I had gotten ready for the day before heading downstairs. "I'm going for a drive be back in a bit" I said to Jason after scarfing down some food. I got in my truck and drove into town. As I pulled into the parking lot I saw that the assholes from school were there. I paused before getting out and I jumped out of my truck. I went inside to go buy a beef jerky and some water. As I purchased the items I saw them laughing. I walked outside as I heard them yelling " Hi Cason. Ooh Cason are you listening? I want to have a chat. " I tried my best to ignore them as I went outside. I put my stuff in the front seat before getting in the front seat. I pulled out then drove to the forest. As I locked my car and threw my keys in my pocket, ugh I glanced over. They followed me, I saw them and they saw me. I leaned up against my truck. "What the heck do you want? " I asked as they walked over "Oh you know just to chat with our favorite looser" he said as he threw a punch. I looked up at him as he said "what are you gonna do call your little friend or maybe your pathetic twin? " I was getting mad, they can make fun of me but not my brother and definitely not Melony. I looked up at him as I punch him then kicked him in the gut. "Shit" I thought to myself I was shaking which meant one thing. I was starting to shift. I started throwing punches and before I knew it they punched me in the gut. I looked up at them pissed off just as I was about to throw a punch they yelled "shit. What the fuck are you? Some kind of demon" They backed up and ran to their cars. As they pulled away they yelled "freak" At me. I stood up as I glanced at the mirror my eyes where blood red and my hands where already claws. I ran into the woods as fast as I could. I paused as I started shifting I groaned. I tore off my clothes before shifting. I ran through the woods feeling the wind in my fur. Then I paused, Melony. She's here. I crouched down, she was taking a picture of a stag. I must of scared it because it took off running. She looked right at me then booked it up the boulder. I tried my best to act like a wild wolf so she wouldn't guess. She stood up on the boulder and packed her bag. Well time to act I started scratching on the boulder, I finally gained footing and started to attempt to climb. She reached for a tree branch I watched as she cautiosly grabbed onto a thick branch that was hanging just below the top of the boulder. She climbed onto the tree and sat on the thickest highest branch she could get to. "Is she part monkey? " I thought to myself as I continued to claw on the boulder. I fell, tried once more, and then gave up. I sprinted into the distance, built I paused under a bush. I watched as she finished a snack then climbed down, she thought I was gone. I watched as she left then I made my way back to my truck. I scooped up my shredded clothes as I ran back. As soon as I reached my truck I checked for people then shifted as I got back in my truck before getting dressed. I check the time, I was gonna be late for my job interview. I drove to Melony's house, Kelly gave me the address yesterday. I drove up the dirt road and parked by the barn. Before knocking on the door. No answer great what if I'm late. I paused and waited just then she pulled up.

-Time skip past the interview and runaway because I covered it twice already. ----

She ran away. Melony was obviously mad about what her aunt said, I hated to see her mad. I got in my truck and drove back home. After telling my parents about what happened. I went back to her place. Thankfully Kelly wasn't there. I picked up her scent at the edge of the property and followed it. After tracing it back to the store then to the woods I decided to park near my place and shift. I ran thru the woods tracking her scent, she is my mate I would hate to see her get hurt. Then I saw her on a horse. The horse walked carefully and slowly thru the woods, it paused as it saw me. The horse was off like a bullet in a split second. She appeared to hold on for dear life. I chased them, following them thru the woods. I paused the horse stopped in its tracks as it saw me. It took off again as I chased them. I decided to take a short cut in an attempt to cut them off. I saw them coming near me, when the horse threw her. She landed in front of me. She was still awake but she looked up at me. I looked up at the horse as it took off leaving Melony. I looked down as I saw her looking wide eyed at me. Then it happened, I imprinted with her. I looked into her eyes as I started to shift back as she blacked out I hugged her. As I carried her back to my tribe I whispered in her ear "I will take care of you my little mate. "

I ran to my tribe but I hid behind a bush as I yelled "Jason! " He looked over, "Cason? What the heck is going on? " I looked down at her "get me some shorts and I will explain" He sighed as he went to go get me some clothes. While I was waiting I stroked her arm with my thumb as I watched her sleep. She looked so peaceful. I set her down cautiously as he handed me some shorts. I put them on and I picked her up. We walked over to my father, the chief. I held her close to my chest as I walked up to him "Father. " I said as he turned around and looked at me shocked "who is this? " I looked down at her "this is Melony she's injured, her horse threw her. Please help her. " I looked up at him beggingly. He saw the blood on her side and he ran to go get my Uncle. Shortly after bringing her to the medicine teepee, my Uncle told me to wait outside. As he was stitching her and taking care of her. I paced back and forth. Hopefully she isn't to bad.

(time jump 20 minuets of pacing later)

He walked out and looked at me "she will live don't worry. She just needs to rest as long as your quiet you can go in." As soon as he got done telling me about the extent of her wounds I rushed in and sat beside her. I stroked her head and watched her sleep.

(Time jump to 5 days later)

Over the next few days I stayed home and offered to help her in any way I can. I stroked her hair as she slept and I watched over her protectively. When she started to stir as her eyes opened I told her " Careful, Shhh" she layed back down and fell asleep. I stayed beside her sleeping and watching over her. Every now and then my uncle came in to check her bandages and assist. She slept for about 5 days I was told to leave her alone every now and then but I didn't want to leave her. The first time I left her side after her injury was about a day after she blacked out and my uncle made me leave. My dad told me to go get changed then he wants to talk. After changing I walked over to him "who exactly is she? " I told my dad every thing as I told him about the imprinting his eyes got wide. "She's your mate?! " He asked I nodded looking down. My entire family and my tribe are all werewolves. After we talked for a while, I headed back to her to resume my position. Thankfully my brother already called

(time jump 4 days)

I walked in and stayed beside her the entire night when I awoke I decided to go get some food. When I came back she was awake. She tried to sit up, she groaned as she did. I immediately rushed over and placed a hand on her back " Easy now. You where thrown-" I said before she cut me off " I know the native American guy told me. How did you get here? " She asked, there was a hair in her face so I carefully pulled the hair out of her face. I looked up at her beautiful brown eyes " I live here. I'm the native American guy's nephew. He is my uncle, Calm owl." I said but she didn't seem to believe me as she said " Your making that up your don't look native American. You probably just made up the name 'calm owl' ? " She said just before my uncle walked in. "Indeed it is my name and that is my nephew." Her mouth hung open as I just watched her reaction before he told me " Cason go tell your father that she will heal within 3 days time. " I guess I was busted. I complied and left her. I told my dad but just as I was about to rush back to her when my dad told me to go help hunt. After hunting I rushed back to her and fell asleep by her again. When I awoke I left to go get food. When I returned she sat there awake as I walked over and said "Hey." she answered "Hi" I looked at her and asked"Need help? " She looked up at me as she nodded. I took her arm and helped her stand up or rather she tried. She held on to me as she stood up. I helped her stand as she took a step, I held her waist tightly making sure she wouldnt fall. After taking a few steps with me holding onto her. She looked up at me, I wanted to kiss her so badly. "I want to try walking on my own" She said before I slowly and reluctently let go and backed up a step. "Ok but I'm right here if you need me" I replied as she slowly took a step, then another. She asked me as she looked up "what did your uncle say was wrong? " I looked at her then into her beautiful eyes "you had a deep cut to the side probably from a branch something. Also a minor cut to the head along with a sprained ankle, you were throw from your horse. " She looked up at me curiously"Ho-how did you find me? " She said, crap I looked down at my feet as I came up with a lie" I was walking thru the woods near my home when I heard a horse. I followed the sound until I saw it running off into the woods. I sat by you as you blacked out. I brought you here, I knew my uncle could help you and he was closer than any hospital." I looked up at her as she walked back to the bed, I hate lying to her. She looked up at me" I would like some time to go over what happened by myself" I hated leaving her by herself but she wanted me to so I left. I went to my dad and talked with him. When I went back to check on Melony, I saw the note and money immediately I shoved over some furniture. I took off after her after shifting, she had only left about an hour ago. I tracked her for hours before reaching the edge of the woods. She went into town. I sat there waiting for her it felt like years passed but it had only been two hours before she returned to the woods and rode thru the woods crying. I hated seeing her cry. I followed her thru the woods attempting to lead her home. She stopped and they saw me before taking off. I followed them back and stopped at my home. After shifting back and getting dressed. I stayed at home and waited until school. Tommarow is Monday. Which means I can see her at school. Luckily they let me take religion leave days, I had gotten caught up on work for the days I took off but I stayed in school for the most part.

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