The Alphas Are Mate's

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Cassandra has been the alpha of the Bloodmoon pack since she was 14 when her father died and now she's 23 and needs to find her mate. Caleb is the alpha of the Bluewater pack and is 25 years old still without his mate and his parents and siblings are all dead. will Cassandra be able to break through his ice cold heart and make him trust her and be accepted by her mate

Action / Romance
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The Meeting

Alpha there are people of the bluewater pack here to see you and discuss the territory deals that your father was supposed to discuss with them. Ok Lucas take them to my office i will be there in five minutes. Yes alpha.

And with that I was finishing getting ready and heading to my office in the pack house. Do you smell that cassandra my wolf Clara said. Yes I do it smells like pine trees and honey. Mate I hear Clara scream in my head I know I told her just calm down.

Do you smell that i asked my beta and third smell what caleb. That lavender and cinnamon smell. MATE chase said out loud and everyone heard and stared at us. Cassandra I believe we have more to talk about than just territory deals yes caleb.

Let me get one thing straight with you you will call me alpha and show me respect cassandra understand and if you dont you will be punished yes alpha.

Now thats a good girl let's get down to the business now.

Yes alpha.

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