Eldritch falling

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Cthulu took over earth and everyone has transformed into grotesque monster like beings A old eldritch god awakens in response to this and as they explore their surrounding they find a house Eli. Someone who survived by staying inside protected by his priest parents blessing Eli request to join natashi and natashi reluctantly accepts Now they are on their way to take down The Great One

Action / Fantasy
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One day the eldritch god cthulu rose

And the sheer power of him spread across all around the world turning people into horrible grotesque eldritch people further mutated by any negative thought or emotion

The world has been sent into apocalypse

But within a few weeks a eldritch god of death had risen

Going by the name of natashi and standing at 7 foot

He was created to keep watch of cthulu

Out of the grave rises the god In a black hood who’s body was not visible from inside all that was visible was the scythe he was holding

Around him he saw many brick buildings together

A apartment complex

He was immediately attack by multiple crows who had grown twice the size their jaw had widened by five times and was dislocated their eyes were red and blood was pouring out of its eyes wings and mouths

These crows rush at high speeds at natashi only to be cut to pieces in one swoop

Natashi scoffs “earth wasn’t able to protect itself . As strong as cthulu is after so many years of advancement I’d expect atleast over a week . Wait I sense something “ he teleports to a nearby pure life source fading into black and reappearing outside the room . He touches the door . A complex blue design appeared over it

A blessing

It protected from cthulu but it seemed to let natashi in

He stepped in to a dark room

He looked around to the left was a kitchen with a open fridge And the kitchen connected to a laundry room

To the right was a living room

It seemed normal

In the living room were three doors

Natashi opened the first one ...

A master bedroom

Completely empty

Second ...

A bathroom


As he slowly creams open the third he hears a faint sound of explosions

He opens the door to see a teenager around the age of 17 5’7 with headphones on playing a game on his tv

Natashi sighed and tapped the teen with his scythe

The teen soon turned around and backed up as he muttered “I may be absolutely terrified of you but I won’t hesitate bitch”

Natashi sighed “I’m not here to hurt you I’m a eldritch god to keep tabs on cthulu and I’m on my way to kill him . I sensed a human and cake here “

“Why should I trust you “ the teen muttered under his breath . As he was turned to natashi natashi could see his messy brown hair and bright blue eyes along with his long sleeved sweater and shirt under it along with his shorts

Natashi sighed “the fact I got past the blessing “

The teen nodded “good point . My parents were priest . They went out to get food but never came back . I mean we had a few weeks worth of food anyway . Names Eli by the way “

Natashi nodded“very cool”

Eli sighed “can I join you ? “

Natashi tilted his head “if you want to fight why are you hiding in here “

Eli sassily remarked “tell me whenever you see anything eldritch being fighting capable. Plus can’t you give me some like boost ?”

Natashi nods “good point and yeah. I can cause you to be at your current potential . You could always get stronger but it’ll be much easier and you’ll be generally faster and more durable . Granted don’t get cocky your still fucked without me . And in terms of weapons take these “ out of his cloak dropped sawed off double barrel . Some belts of ammo. And a old ancient looking sword with carvings in it . It also looked rather dark

Eli tries to pick them up he’s just barley able to carry the sword

Natashi touches his forehead “potential unlock “

Eli finds the sword somewhat lighter going from really heavy to a gallon of milk heavy

He takes the shotgun and put it in the weapon belt given to him

Natashi stares down Eli with a intensity only achievable by a eldritch god nothing visible but his glowing red eyes as he grimly but balatantly speaks with a grunge “you better be prepared to die “

Eli’s light blue eyes match natashis as he smirks “you bet your ass “

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