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Action / Mystery
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Raktam Singh:

Who- The male protagonist. One of the best spy in the world.

Works for- one of the biggest agency JSS.

Love intrest- Never seen with a girl.

Born- India.

Dream- to die serving his country.

Languages known- Hindi, English, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Spanish, Franchise and many other regional language.

Behaviour-Is said to be serious all time for his work.

Personality- People had made many speculations about his face, because he never shows his face to anyone, always wears mask, sunglasses, a baseball hat and seen wearing a oversized black hoodie with blue jeans and boots.

Post- captain in JSS. Right hand of the JSS chief.

Family- Still not known.


Who- the female protagonist of the story.

Love intrest- Rumoured girlfriend of Raktam.

Born- Seoul, South Korea.

Dream- to live with her better half in india. Believes in the fairytale of a prince saving the princess and is waiting for her prince.

Languages known- Korean, Chinese, English and Hindi.

Family-Parents died in a car accident when she was 16 and her sister was just 10 years old.

Anushka Singh:

2nd female protagonist of the story, who became a very good friend of Jinnie and calls Raktam thing(brother in Korean). Fluent in Korean, and also was a personal docter of the very famous boy band BTS for 2 years. A girl of 26 years and the 2nd child of the JSS chief. JSS lobes her more then anything. By nature she is a very calm, shy girl. Many people find this strange how can the daughter of the chief be so calm and someone who can be easily scared.


Shivaay Singh Oberoi also called as SSO or Shiv is the son of the multi millionaire Shakti oberoi. A businessman by profession. Expert in many fields. Don't like to be close to girls that's why most of the people working for him are male. It was several times rumoured that he is Rakam because of his behavior so like Ratlam. But he always denied to such rumoured.


Jai singh, is the chief or you can say the commanding officer of JSS. A cold hearted man as seen from outside is actually a very decent man and loves his family. He can't stand any one harming his family.

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