Total drama island

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22 campers battle it out for one million dollars

Action / Drama
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Episode 1

Today the campers wake up to a crazy challenge. In this challenge is done in three parts. In part one campers must jump off a one thousand foot high cliff into the water, which is infested with crazy man eating sharks. In the water there is a small safe zone for campers to jump into with no sharks. Campers that do not jump must wear a chicken hat for the remainder of the day. The team with more jumpers receive four wagons to help in part two. In part two teams must take four crates to camp and open them with there teeth. In part three with the supplies they got from the box they must build a hot tub. The worst hot tub will send one of there teammates home!Sadly screaming gophers lose and as that they choose to send Duncan home he rides the boat of losers to loser island. Also getting 22nd place out of 22.

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