Magnus Black

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Magnus is only pawn in a chess game,but pawns are very key players in any game especially if they can reach the other side of the board,Will Magnus finally reach the other side of the board to become more powerful to control the game himself?

Action / Thriller
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Chapter 1


It was already six o’clock in the evening and a lone figure sat exhausted in his office in a tall commercial building overlooking the thames river in the center of london as he pored over the day’s newsapaper.Magnus Black,ceo of Echo Indusries,looked up from his Friday’s copy of The Standard when the trio of three,two men and a woman, enterd his office led by his secretary Pauline Bakers.Memories of last night flashed momentarily as they held eyes and he couldn’t wait to see her beautiful body under him again tonight.

“Excuse me, Mr.Black,you have some viitors.”

“Thankyou Pauline,you may go home now,” Magnus replied smoothly as he stood from his seat and welcomed his and offered them to have a seat.He eyed his visitors and could tell they were lawyers by their suits,briefcases and the way they carried themselves with an air of authority. What bothered him was why anyone would come calling at his office at this time of day.

“What can I do for you ,lady and gentlemen?“Magnus asked with a weak smile as he inspected the lady infront of him and her male colleagues.He immediately started to construct a mental profile of her.

She was about thirty-seven or thirty-eight years,approximately six foot three ,weight 120, give or take five pounds,black wavy hair with no indication of gray.Skin darkened with exposion to the sun for long periods of time.Eyebrows dark and slightly bushy.Straight,narrow nose,full sensuous red lips.Wearing a Dolls and gabana suit with a pale blue blouse.Good taste but not ultraexpensive,probably purchased at Saks rather than a plush ’women’s ’store.No rings or jewelery,only an old fashioned rolex watch.

And she was stunningly beautiful.

Sandra field could see the inspection they were going through in his eyes and she became uncomfortable to be under such immense scrutiny that she was immediately over aggressive.She could not believe that the handsome man with beautiful green eyes infront of her was capable of crimes she had heard he had comitted and escaped imprisonment.However,looks could be deceiving as she had come to learn through her course of work.

“Good evening,Mr.Black.I’m only going to take a small amount of your precious time,“she said sarcastically,

“my name is Sandra Field and these are my colleagues from Will Brothers.We are the lawyers that are representing Mr Will in the case against your company regarding the illegal smuggling of oil outside the country and threats issued to Mr.Will if he dared to take you to court among other crimes including those against human rights,“Sandra said with a tone of defiance.

“Look here,Mrs. Field,I would advice you to lay off the case,you and your colleagues and drop the charges.The matter poses a high security threat for the country and publicising the matter in a court would only jeorpadize national security including yours,mine and everyone involved in the matter.”

Sandra stood up angrily and her colleagues knew what was coming.

“We will not drop the charges and I think you’re only giving phony excuses so as not to bring to light your criminal activities you do in the name of national development.You are a criminal,Mr.Black, and you will pay for your crimes sooner than you think!”

Magnus looked in her eyes and could see the anger and determination in her eyes to bring him and all he stands for to ruin.

“Is that what you think?“Magnus asked calmly with a huge smile on his face as if what she had said had no effect on him.

“Yes,and alot of other things that I did not say.”

“Good luck with that,Mrs Field,but I seriously ask you to consider on what I have said.Allow me to explain......”

Magnus was rudely cut off by Sandra’s remark.

“I don’t think I’m the one to explain things to,Mr.Black!You will explain that to the judge.We will show ourselves out and goodbye.we will meet in court.”

Everyone stood up and the tension in the room could be felt.Sandra looked defiantly into Magnus’ green eyes that momentarily swayed her.The guy did not seem bothered by what she had said.She found him annoying to be calm .She regained her composure and walked calmly out of the room.

“I hope your agency will not need my assistance in the future,Mrs.Field,“Magnus told the retreating figures.

Pauline walked into the office as soon as Sandra walked out and could see the exhaustion in Magnus’ face when she looked at him.A feeling of pity mixed with an overwhelming urge to show him love overcame her.She walked toward him,sat on him and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him long and hard on the lips before letting go.

“Hey,you don’t have to work so hard to keep everything together to save the ass of your bosses in washington,″she told him.

Magnus pondered her words and even as he wished it were as easy as she made it seem,It was not a small as it looked.It was a tornado that started small and soon grew out of control within a short period of time with deadly consequences later.He was stuck in quicksand and there seemed no way out.Everything pointed at him and his bosses would be as happy to have him as their scapegoat.

“I wish it were that easy ,Pauline.I guess you have seen the papers today and you know what they are saying .How Echo I ndustries is used as a front for murder,smugggling and other hideous crimes.They are even blaming me for going against human rights.How can I just walk away as if nothing has happened?My life and everyone’s working under pay of Echo Industries is on the line and I can’t just toss them to the wolves just like that.“Pauline loved Magnus just for this reason.

He was kind in a subtle way and thought of everyone before he thought even of himself .She could not believe the reports in the news she heard about him and crimes he was accused to be guilty of.She could not deny that he was somehow ruthless in his own kind of way that made people not want to fall into his bad side and he soon made friends with anyone who tried to see past his hardened exterior.They locked up and headed to the parking lot where Magnus’ black Porsche was parked .

When Pauline had come to work for Magnus as his secretary,she had been heavily prejudiced against him by the rumours she had heard about him that he was cold to everyone even those working forhim,that he was a murderer and cared nothing for the families whose members he killed.

They had said that he would stop at nothing to gain more money.Pauline had been the best sudent in her secretariat course and she had been proposed to a working contract as by Echo Industries to be the personal secretary of the same man whose guts she loathed.Pauline had come to work for him for she needed the money badly for her mother was sick in hospital and all the family funds had been used up to pay for her medical bills.Their father had left them years ago when her brothers had been born and they had no one to take care of them.

She was now their only family left to take care of them.Pauline Baker had come to work promising herself she would quit as soon as she made enough money to take care of her family and her mother’s medical bills.Working for Magnus Black had lifted the veil of whom Mr.Black was really was.

Being his personal secretary,she had more time than anyone to see whom he was.She could now read him like a book and discovered he was different than what people say he was.She even did not know where he came from but she kept the thoughts aside.Soon,she had fallen in love with him and now she devoted her whole self to him.Magnus too could not be left out.He could not see a beautiful flower under him and not be enchated to pick it up for himself.He had become infatuated with his secretary and because of their employer and employee relationship,kept off her with an iron will that was tested to the limit every now and then.

Pauline made him coffee exactly the way he liked it,she understood him when he was mad and did not quit under pressure,he liked the way her blonde hair fell over her shoulders when she released her ponytail.She had even talked back at him when he had once become overbearing-that had been a surprise to see somebody step up to him for the first time-everyone acted subdued whenever he was around .Their affair had started when one day Magnus had been bombarded heavily with news reporters over the death of justice officials and disappeareance of key witnesses over a case involving alleged land grabbing by Echo Industries.It had been one of the worst days for him and everyone involved with Echo Industries.When Pauline had come unanounced to his office to say she was going home for the night,she had found him at the window deep in thought.She saw he had not heard her and moved closer to tell him.

Her lavender perfume had drawn him from his reverie and he stared at her for a long time before dropping down his head and kissing her hard on the lips.His iron will had finally been broken .Pauline was taken by surprise by the intensity of the kiss that she did not immediately respond.

Magnus lifted his head with confusion and looked into her mesmerising blue eyes for an answer.Pauline by then had recovered herself and saying nothing ,wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back with the longing she had held back for so long.They let go of everything that held them back and added the longing and passion for each other in the kiss.This resulted into the kiss being intense that it melted Pauline’s inside with pleasure and delight and the feeling of being loved.They stoppped to get a breath of air and Magnus’ head was reeling with heavenly bliss.

“I want you,“she had said breathlessly.



He drew her to him, pressing against her body, and kissed her again. Then he broke away from her.He unbuttoned her blouse and lightly touched her breasts.

Then they made love as the traffic rumbled over the roads below.

Pauline remembered all this as they got into the car and the memories made her tearful.Magnus reached his hand to her and asked what was wrong.She said she was okay and told him to take them home.She could see that her answer had not satisfied him but she offered no other explanation.His keen eyes,though tired as he was,picked out a man seated at the passenger’s seat in a black mercedes across the parking lot from him taking pictures with his camera.Magnus coughed up the engine and drove out of the lot before he joined the traffic and sped for home as his head why the man in the car wanted to see him.

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