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Ariel is a seventeen year old girl in her senior year of high school. A popular boy flirts with her even though he is taken. His girlfriend sees them and assumes Ariel was the one flirting with him. While walking home in the afternoon, Ariel is confronted by the girlfriend. Though Ariel admits, he was the one who initiated the conversation, the girl does not believe her. Punching to her face, she instructs her group of boys and girls to hit Ariel.  They all begin to beat her up. Unable to escape and hopeless to do anything, someone steps in to help. Easily stopping the group from further hitting her,  everyone is shocked. Saving the day, the group is afraid of the new hero. He easily takes them down with Jeet Kune Do, a very cool fighting style. Ariel did not know someone was filming the entire thing and posted the video to YouTube to ridicule and make fun of her. The school does not want to get involved, as they receive donations from Lydia's father. The principal will not hold Lydia accountable for anything and says they can do nothing about the incident since it was out of school grounds.  Impressed by his techniques and saving her life, Ariel wants to learn how to defend herself. She does not want this incident to repeat. Join Ariel in this adventure of high school and martial arts, as she learns from the best. High school will never be the same again for any of them.

Action / Adventure
A.I Medina
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Chapter 1

Ariel was a beautiful, red-head girl. At age seventeen, she was athletic, loved playing volleyball, but was also a bit nerdy. Having long straight hair she was constantly called, “the little mermaid” by her friends and almost anyone around her. This was mostly due to a strong resemblance to the character.

Ariel hated being called that and always wondered why her parents had named her after a Disney Princess. Ariel’s parents were both well educated, but did not spend much time with their daughter, even though she was on only child. This was partially due to both working long hours. Her father was a businessman always away on trips. Her mother was a doctor who worked at a well-known hospital.

Sometimes, Ariel would see her parents in the morning and occasionally have a small chat before heading off to their jobs. They reminded Ariel how much mom and dad both loved her so much. Knowing her parents were always giving their best, Ariel made sure to dedicate the same to her studies, homework, schoolwork, and her extracurricular activities.

Ariel was not always a popular girl, as you may imagine. She hanged out with the geek squad and some popular people too. High school can be harsh. If you do not fit in somewhere, you are an outcast, but even an outcast has their own group. Ariel also liked to read a variety of books. This made her much smarter than the average girl.

At the beginning of her senior year, Ariel’s life was going great. She qualified for the volleyball team. Her grades were in the upper 90′s. Her team was winning many games. Ariel’s life would come to a change when a boy came up to her one day. To her, he was a handsome fellow. He showed interest in Ariel and decided to talk to her.

“Hello Ariel. I saw you playing last night’s game. You were awesome by the way.”

“Thank you, how do you know my name?” Ariel asks.

“How can anyone forget the name of the girl who scored the winning point by spiking towards the opposing team. Oh, sorry. My name is Gil.”

They both laugh, which causes Ariel to smile.

“Say, Ariel. If you are not doing anything, I would like to ask you, if you would like to go on a date.”

Surprised to hear this, Ariel did not know what to answer at first.

“What day in particular? Today or the weekend?” she asks.

“Well...whenever you are available,” he responds.

“I will think about it, and I will let you know. I do have so much homework to finish. Being in AP classes is not as fun as I thought it would be,” Ariel responds.

“Great, I would love to hear from you soon. Well, I guess I will be on my way.”

As the boy leaves, Ariel smiles happy knowing that someone showed interest in her. He did not seem like a bad guy. Perhaps, she could give him an opportunity. First thing is first, finish lunch, and get to class.

Little did Ariel know that someone was looking towards them. Staring from the far, she has a look of anger and jealousy. The girl carefully studies Ariel, as she seems to be scheming something in her mind. Smiling wickedly, she knows exactly what to do.

Later that day, after school was out. Ariel usually walks home by herself. Putting on her headphones, while choosing music from her playlist, she puts her backpack around her and begins walking home. Just another normal day. To get home, she must walk through the park, but that is normal for many of the teens. She is not the only one from the neighborhood. Once near her area, you begin to see houses all around. As Ariel walks on the sidewalk, she is humming along one of her songs, when suddenly, she is pushed from behind.

What the heck? What is their problem? Ariel quickly turns to see who it is. She sees the girl, recognizing her instantly.

“What’s your problem, Lydia?”

Lydia McKay, only the most popular girl in school. Her father is a famous lawyer known around the city, as well as a raging democrat. Always giving money to charities. Apparently, looking like a good person, but he was cunning, and knew how to bend many rules without getting caught. He manipulated even his own work environment. Aside being a rich man, he always gave his daughter whatever she wanted, without even working hard for it.

“You are the problem! I saw you talking to my boyfriend. You were flirting with him,” she says as a group of boys and girls gather behind Lydia.

“Excuse me, he sure did not seem like he was taken because he was asking me out on a date,” Ariel responds.

“You little slut! You think just because you are famous you can have any guy you want. Well guess again, tramp!”

Lydia slaps Ariel extremely hard across her face. Stunning her for a bit, Ariel regains her composure. Attempting to hit back, Lydia instantly counters with blocking techniques used in boxing. However, she does not stop there. Lydia punches Ariel to her face a couple of times, which causes her to lose balance and fall to the floor.

What the hell did she do to deserve this? The guy came to her. This was never her fault. Gil was the one who showed interest in Ariel, not the other way around. These are some of the thoughts she reminded herself in her mind.

Slowly getting up, Ariel realizes she is bleeding from her mouth and her nose.

“You should be kicking your boyfriend’s ass for being an asshole. Not me!” Ariel shouts.

“You were always stealing my boyfriends, ever since we were younger,” Lydia replies.

“Get over yourself. Your boyfriends left you because you were an arrogant bitch,” Ariel responds.

Once again, Ariel is soon punched to her face. While she tries to defend herself, Lydia intercepts with strong blocks which cause Ariel’s hands to hurt. Ariel does not know how to fight. Lydia has the advantage.

Lydia’s group of friends cheer her on to continue pounding Ariel into a bloody mess.

“This is what happens when you mess with me or my boyfriend,” Lydia says. “On hundred dollars each, if you kick her ass with me right now.”


The friends all cheer and begin to beat up on the defenseless Ariel. She is kicked to her stomach, head, private area, punched by both boys and girls. A barrage of attacks come at her from everywhere. She cuddles herself into a ball, crying, and wanting to cry out for help. Unable to, she can only hope this ends quickly.

There are other students around, but due to fear, they do not interfere. And people wonder why the world is in the mess it is in today.

“Hey, stand her up,” Lydia commands one of her friends. “You, punch her pretty little face.”

Before the boy even gets his hand ready. Someone holds his fist with his hands, grabbing him by his arm.

“I would not do that if I were you.”

Trying to break free, the boy gets scared, as he is unable to do anything. The boy struggles again. As he pulls himself out, the mysterious stranger releases him, causing him to fall to the ground and land on his butt.

“See, that there was your own fault. It does not feel good does it?” he says looking towards the group.

“Fuck him up, whoever beats him, gets $500 dollars from my money. He won’t hit a girl, now will he?”

The boys each attempt to hit him, but he quickly dodges their attacks. Moving out of the way just in time, he can outmaneuver them. The boys struggle to hit him. Getting angry, they end up hitting themselves due to him using their momentum against them.

Getting back up, the boys get serious now. They get together to charge at the stranger. He instantly begins shouting, “Ohhh!” and “Waaattaaah!” and “Aaaataaah!” just like Bruce Lee. Delivering kicks and punches to their stomach and faces, the mysterious stranger kicks these boys’ asses easily. Striking them down with ease, they are hurt and in pain. The girls from the group attempt to hit him too.

He shouts very loud, “Ohhhaattaaahhhh!” pretending to strike them.

This scares the girls away the instant they hear him shout. Soon, the group takes off running leaving Lydia behind.

“Wait, come back! Remember the money,” Lydia says.

Upset, Lydia tosses Ariel to the grass not caring if she lands safe. Using her boxing techniques, she attempts to outwit the stranger. He knows better and knows her fighting style is limited. Blocking her attacks, he leads Lydia back to the grass. Out of anger, she steps close to him believing she will finally strike him. Quickly, the young man dodges her, as Lydia suddenly trips over a rock, landing on a pile of fresh dog shit.

The dog who was taking his crap gets frantically scared, as it takes off running. I hope this never happens to you.

Lydia’s face, now covered in dog poop, is even angrier than before. With no one to help her, she gets up trying to cover her face, and makes a great escape. There were many students who were recording the incident. Rest assured, this will be an epic clip in a montage of an online video in the Funny Fails section or something similar.

The stranger comes to Ariel’s aid.
“Hey, are you all right.”

Unable to respond, Ariel loses consciousness. She may have gotten a glimpse of him, but everything went blurry after everyone attacked her.

He picks her up and takes her into his arms. Rushing to his car while holding her, he opens the front seat, sits her down, buckles her up, and gets in the opposite side to drive off to the nearest hospital.

She may not have realized it, but he just saved her life. Thanks to him, Ariel was protected.

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