Wanted By The Devil

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“Xavier, Mr. Xavier, is nice to meet you in person, looks like we are destined together.” She whispered into his ear. He stood petrified and for the first time ever, he was left with no words.

Action / Romance
Zirsh S.
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Rainy days and cold, windy nights were typical of where I lived.

It was the middle of the night and I could hear loud thunderstorms which prevented me from falling asleep.

I was lying on my bed comfortably, scrolling down Instagram since I had not done it due to exams.

I left a like on almost every post not really paying attention to what it was until I came across one that captured my attention: a screenshot of a chat between two people.

I clicked on the user's name and scrolled down his profile.

It was a fan page of the 'Vampire Diaries' more specifically of Niklaus Mikaelson. All posts were edits of the series except the one I came across a few seconds ago. I went back to it and read it carefully.

It was a screenshot of a chat, the person had with someone named 'Mega12' I read it out loud.

Mega12: 'so you are a dom? Now I get what's with that attitude'

Him: 'Funny how you're old enough to know what's a dom and a sub, you twelve-year-old, idiot kid. Go back to Kindergarten and stop wasting my time.'

Mega12: 'Alright Alpha, you win, I give up'

Him: 'Look, all you do is bother me. I am not your fucking Alpha. So, go, fuck off.'

It left me shocked, I looked at the caption but there was not any, just a smirking emoji.

I instantly texted the user without thinking twice;

'' If you are a badass guy then I will follow you and like your posts.''

Then I put my phone on charge and closed my eyes, trying to sleep.

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